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My Birthday Wishes for the Treasured & Deeply Beloved S-I-L, Dave

dp guitar

To celebrate the anniversary of your birth, I have words…

Of course, I do. Many words. Still, some 12 years since we met, I am so grateful you married our daughter and became a son to us. She wasn’t the only deliriously happy person about that, you know. You were an answer to prayers and a fulfillment of hope and Tara’s dream come true.  :)

If for no other reason than that you chose my firstborn and love her so deeply (and have blessed us with two spectacular grandsons), I’d think you were extraordinarily smart and wonderful.

dp with tara

But there are many reasons I love and admire you and my heart is tender towards you.

There have been incredible times since you became one of us, since the early days when we could suddenly be in the room with you: you, so well-liked, so sought after and admired and we could know, beaming with pride, he’s one of ours. You married the beautiful Tara and got the bunch of us, foibles and frailties and all. As mother-in-laws go, too many times, I haven’t been the one I had planned I’d be and for that, I apologize. I hope for all the times I have failed to encourage and bless you and for all the times I may still let you down in this winding path called life, you can find it possible to forgive me.

But I hope you do realize that I love and admire you and my heart is tender towards you.

Thinking about you turning 33 has had me reminiscing {of course}.

dp kickball

Three sweet memories on your 33rd birthday

1//  I remember years ago, when your hair was longer, some person(s) started referring to you as a surfer-dude, which was a totally erroneous label just because you have the ability to adapt immediately to culturally distinct people groups, one after the other, rather effortlessly. But was a silly summation.

Because, like Paul the Apostle, you can be Greek to the Greeks and a Roman to the Romans, skater to the skaters, or mighty man of prayer among the intercessors. You are fluent in joy-speak and compassion-mixed-with-mercy is a native tongue for you.  Because you’re able to adapt and flow as easily among Christian-magazine-produced minister’s meetings as you are with well-known rockers-saved-by-grace backstage at festivals, an old-timer mistakes you for merely a surfer-dude, with no offense to surfer-dudes.

It may have never bothered you a bit, but it irked me that you might be boxed in.

Because the point was and is – the apostolic anointing, the call. You fit. You have what it takes to be part of many groups and streams and situations. I so very much admire your courage and ability in this.

dp baseball

2//  I was also remembering a late summer night in 2006 in a barn east of Brighton. It was a night of ordination, really, doors open wide and the warmth of God’s smile permeating the atmosphere. The sun dropped slowly giving way to twinkling stars signifying God’s good pleasure as rich worship rose heavenward. I watched as you and Tara, in almost a second wedding ceremony of sorts, the sacredness so palpable, became wholly united (one voice, one heart, one mission), stepping out from the safe into the holy wild. Worship and the Word Movement revealed.

And those of us in that barn that night, the small group of us privileged to stand on that holy straw-strewn ground, were witnesses to divine oil poured out from heaven. We were the yes and amen as we watched this man and this woman courageously say YES with everything they had and we stood in agreement and echoed from our hearts,  yes, so be it, Lord.

You had already gathered the familia around your table a month earlier and we’d spoken blessing and prayed over you, then, for this movement-to-be. But the barn night, it was a night of nights, as we all watched you emerge, your voices blended, such power pulled from deep places of humility. You could practically hear a thunderous “This is my beloved Dave and Tara, in whom I am well-pleased.”

It was one of the most amazing and powerful nights I’ll live, I guess. I was so honored to get to be there, watching, pondering, treasuring the beauty of God’s call on you both, as one. So grateful I got to witness the birth of something of this magnitude, so full of favor.

Philippians 1:3-6 – “I thank God every time I remember you. In all my prayers…I always pray with joy…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

dp and hunter

3//  Then there was this festival we did together.

Man, those years meant so very much to me. In case I ever forgot to tell you or if time and circumstance has obscured the telling, thank-you for letting me be a part. I mean – God gave me something to share there, but how many men would be brave enough to let their mother-in-law be that close, anyway?

I love how God prepared me ahead of time {I still love the memory of the surprise of it} and you had the discernment to recognize and receive that and welcome me there. I will ever be grateful for that. It was the time of my life.

A blessing for you as we celebrate your life and look ahead this year…

And now, let me bless you and pray over you a little and impart some things I want you to remember. Is that ok? Let me assure you: I have asked God to edit me and I promise to do my best on letting Him! ;)

 “Dave, may the Lord bless and KEEP you. May He make His face SHINE upon you and BE GRACIOUS to you; may the Lord turn His face toward you and give you PEACE.” (Numbers 6:24-26).

I bless your life, David Michael Powers. I bless the days He has planned for you and I thank God we get to be included in your fascinating so-many-cool-things-to-come story. How very wonderful for us! I bless the days we have known you so far {of course I do!} and all the ones we have left!  You were uniquely crafted and specifically designed for God’s great purposes in these particular days on the earth. And to be in our familia. Now that is the coolest part!

I know God rejoiced when He was fashioning you in the secret place, and could not wait to celebrate and boast when you were born. Your parents both beam with delight when they are around you. I know they are soaking in the love of God in you, on you and through you! So I bless you to know {really know} the height, depth and breadth of His intense love for you – not for what you do or have done {as fantastic as it all is and will be}, but for who you are, as a man in his image and after His heart.

dp with tara

I bless your marriage to my lovely Tara-girl. She is the best thing I could ever give you. And we did so gladly present her to you at the front of that church as the setting sunbeams blazed through stained-glass windows but couldn’t hope to match the bright light of love passing between the two of you! There was not hesitation on our part in seeing her be joined to you, become one with you.

We raised Tara to be your wife, to love you, to walk in covenant with you. And we stood as witnesses that day to your marriage union and so we continue now to bless and pray protection over your marriage. We recognize what God has joined together and we pray that you are ever increased in love and oneness and laughter and mystery and discovery and romance and passion and friendship and rest.  I pray that the wife of your youth will bring you joy and delight all the days of your life.

I bless you as a dad to the two magnificent grandsons you brought into my life {and God bless Hunter and Malakai!}. I pray that if there is any special grace or anointing or gift or heavenly blessing on my family of origin or me, that it be poured out on you and Tara and that through you it would be generationally passed on to Hunter-Magoo and Kai-Kai. Just the good stuff, though!  :)

May each of your beautiful boys provide the opportunity for you to impart and teach and discipline and love and advise and find understanding about God’s heart towards you. And I pray you’ll have the wisdom to know how to bring them up, individually, to become the men God created them to be and that your ministry in your household will remain foremost in your heart.

And is it ok to say I am praying for increase and another blessed bundle of sweetness for you, too? Well, I am. Please do not refuse the gift of God in this area, and in fact: work for it!  ;)

dp with his sons

Worship. I bless your song, your music, your worship. I bless the psalmist in you that brings pleasure to the Father and Peace into the room.  Your song opens many doors to many rooms and the song of the Lord, well, it is enemy-defeating, battle-winning treasure.

Word. I bless your leadership and pray you’ll be bold and humble and settled. I pray you’ll complete the things God started in you and through you. You have influence through your words of understanding. I remember seeing a glimpse in February 2003 and saying, “One day I’ll say ‘I knew him when..'” These are those days and I bless the work of your hands, the words of your mouth, and I pray that all the things you do and say in His name will bring God all the glory.

Movement. I bless you as a man of God, a man’s man, strong enough to be gentle. You have everything you need for the next step, the next rooms, everything. Hebrews 13:20-21 – “May the God of peace…equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.”

Finally ~ May you live securely and have full supply (full!). And may you be filled with the measure of all the fullness of God (can you even fathom what that will look like?). I pray your joy is full as you walk the steps God has ordered for you, that you are satisfied and content. But also challenged and surprised!

I pray these things with abandon, I bless you with all I have which is so limited, but also by all He is and all His promises, which are so limitless.

2 Timothy 2:1 – “You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.”

And the birthday guy sings…

He’s one of my all-time favorites. Ever!

I started cautiously liking you from the time we met (May 2002, Could he be for real, I wondered?). Then, very quickly, my admiration grew and I loved you deeply. I still do and my heart is very tender towards you. Always will be. On the occasion of the celebration of your birth {Happy Birthday!}, just wanted to say so. {mom}

Happy Birthday, Dave Powers!

The firstborn married so well.  Tara got Dave Powers!  So we got him, too.

Only I still love to remind her that I knew before she did…kind of.  There was this early morning God-speaking-to-me kind of dream that involved Tara’s wedding day and all of dancing joyfully – just head-over-heels happy with the man she’d married.  I can still hear God saying, “You’ll love him like you birthed him yourself.”  I could not comprehend that, but it turned out to be true.

That night, after this vivid and beautiful dream from the Lord, quite serendiptiously, I actually met Dave Powers for the first time.  Coincidence?  No way.  And just for another fun fact: he was born the day my husband proposed to me 31 years ago.  Like God was getting Tara and me both set up!  *Ahem!

Happy Birthday, David Michael Powers.

Thanks for hanging in there and hanging on.  Thanks for bringing things to this family we didn’t even know we needed.  Mostly thank you for marrying, for covenanting with my baby girl.  Thank-you for fathering Hunter so extraordinarily.  It is a blessed sight to behold.

This year, I have been taking a look back and re-reading  the things I have written about each of you, mi familia, on your birthdays.  It has been cool to see all God is doing, how He is moving in and through you each.  So, for you, here is what I was reminded of today:

2011, the word-picture-DP.  Man on Fire.

I crammed as many things onto a jpg as I could.  Each one: true and heartfelt.  I especially still love “spiritual iconoclast.”  And “received.”  You are.  Both!

2010, true confessions

“For I am of the persuasion that the children we get are as much used by God to form us and train us as we are in their lives,  And you, son-of-my-heart, are a shining example of it.  You are courageous and bold and have invited to me to go places I never would have gone, didn’t even think I wanted to go and sometimes have been crazy-uncomfortable.  Most of it, I wouldn’t trade.  Some of it I am waiting for the day I can say, ‘Oh we can laugh about that now…’  Haha”

Will you ever quit challenging me???

2009, 28-things I LOVE about DP

And I could add 31 more at the drop of a hat.  #28, still, really one of the main ones!

2008 and the Indiana Jones movie clip

Because Psalm 121 told me what to expect…for you.

Happy Birthday, Dave, son-of-my-heart.   Happy birthday to a man who is both steady, worthy of trust and wildly abandoned and pliable and in the hands of God.   Happy day to some one who is youthful and adventurous, with ears to hear the Spirit of God and eyes to see what God is up to on the earth.   Happy and blessed days to an unassuming  guy who holds the keys to the very heart of God, as well as to our own hearts.   I don’t think people can know just by looking, perhaps not  until they have been in a room with you – the depth of character and the strength in spirit you carry…

And on your birthday, I want to tell you what a good son you are.   I want you to know that we see the spirit of sonship in you toward your earthly fathers, spiritual fathers.   And we see that you have submitted your heart to the Father as a son who welcomes the training and discipline that comes with that.   That is why, today and all your days, you will walk in the inheritance of the Father.   All He has is yours.   And I wonder if your anointing might not pull some earthly fathers back from the brink, out of bondage?

2007 – reflecting on what you brought

You walked in and re-ignited some lost passions and time-weakened dreams and became one of us, as if we’d never known a time before you.  You consecrated our new home with worship and your voice from those early days continues to echo in my memory – the many weekends you’d spend here, your time off from the ministerial internship, guitar in hand…We could see God’s hand and blessing on you so clearly, we felt honored to offer this man of God our couch and a blanket.  You did drive me a little crazy with all the questions and inquisitiveness, but you drew me back out of a self-imposed exile and honored me by receiving what little I had to offer.

Happy Birthday, Dave.  You have brought a lifetime of joy and love and adventure and vision to our lives – in just 10 years!!  So many years to go.  Soon, for a baby of {as yet}mysterious origin, you will be a daddy again.  And for this child, known well by God, planned and protected by His hand, you will be the  miracle so needed.  And you will do it well.  I know this, because you have done it for us.  For me.

You make us happy.  We think you are wonderful to watch, to know, to love.  Happy, blessed day!  Love you SO much.


Dave & Tara – tonight at Rez in Loveland (4 pm and 6 pm) and tomorrow at both services (8:30 am and 10:30 am.  With Kim Walker.  Dave is speaking.  It will be amazing!

Song for a Sunday: Yes!

Omygoodness.  I LOVE this song!

Dave and Tara introduced me to this song the summer of 2006.  I had just left a busy (crazy, heart-pounding, wreck-of-a) church position and I was in rough shape.  They were about to embark on this new thing called Worship and the Word Movement, where they could travel and sing and lead worship and infuse local churches and ministries with much-needed resources for worship – all for just the invitation, no $$ required.   Missionaries.

It was a summer night.  In a barn east of Brighton and the Holy Spirit was pre~sent!  O my.  And they started singing it and every person in the place had their faces turned heavenward with their arms raised singing, “Yes, yes – yes, yes!”

And I was standing there begging God to show me what was next, to give me my next assignment – something to prove He wasn’t actually finished with my life in light of the loss and the pain of the months just passed.

And you know when you hear from heaven and know it is really God because you know you would never have heard those words from your own heart and mind – you know that kind of hearing?  I heard like that and He told me, in spite of the fact that the words of this song are amazing, sweet, and about simple surrender (and have a decidedly early 70s R & B flavor, which is so me),

“Do not sing this song.  There is nothing for you to say ‘yes’ to.”

And I am serious.  Because He was serious.  He absolutely would not allow me the honor of singing this song.  I looked around that barn and just like the wounded heart I was, spewed out, with hot, stinging tears, “Why do they all get to say ‘yes?!'”    He reiterated:

“There is NOTHING for you to say yes to.”

Settled.  KILLED.  Just broke my heart.  I had thought He meant forever.  I couldn’t comprehend He was looking out for me, making sure I was safe before we ventured further…

Many times since, I have asked Dave and Tara why they don’t do that song more because I love it and God lets me sing it now. **happy face** :)

Flash forward:  A Sunday morning (today).

I try to slink unnoticed in to the church.  I am immediately greeted by 2 of the HF familia who will not let me slink by.  Oh no.  I just want to come in, sit in the Whitewater dark and sing a little (along with my son, Rocky, who is leading), hear the sermon and leave like I came: over-worked, over-wrought, over-tired, all my own fault.

Rocky and Jovan are about to step out as missionaries themselves.  6 years later, we are here again…He has a dream to build a worship team that goes out into the highways and byways, even into bars.  He wants to actually worship the Lord in the dark places.  He and Jovan want to write and produce music that will bring healing where the wounded live.  And today, omygoodness – it reminded me of that little white barn with Dave and Tara 6 years ago.

And he dusted off the too-little-used song, “Yes.”  And I am tired.  And I am a bit beaten down by working without resting, by fearing man rather than God, by all the things I should know better than to allow…But sitting there (in the Whitewater dark) I realized, the thing is, I can say yes now.  God is asking me.

“Do you want to do this?” I hear Him ask…

Yes, yes.  Yes, Lord, yes.

And I hear Rocky lead out with strong resolve:

From my heart I say Yes

From my soul I say yes

All my life I say yes, yes…..

So that is my song of the day.  Maybe the month or the next 60 days, I don’t know.  It just really washed over me.


GOTTA get a camera that can handle the sound and low-lights.  The vid is low-quality.  But I am sharing it anyway, because if you’re trying to decide something right now, see if these words and this melody will fit.  And if it helps you say what you know you already want to say anyway…

“Yes,” led by Rocky Rhoades (my beloved son in whom I am so pleased.)  Words and music by Dave Powers (c) 2006 (my other beloved son in whom I am also very much pleased).

Get your lyrics and chord chart here: Yes- E (CD)


 I {actually}  have plans for Saturday night!

Patrick’s Vimeo page…couldn’t keep hold of the embed, for some reason?

Guess where I’ll be?  I am directing the first-ever fundraising dinner for SkateMinistry led by Uriel Leubcke.  It has turned in to quite the event, almost double in attendance to our projections.  My bestie, Patrice of Patrice’s Pantry is serving Beef Wellington (I’m in!), Chicken Cordon Bleu and Gluten-free Vegetarian Lasagne.  This cool video by my friend Patricko (I added the “o”) will kick off the program.  The evening’s festivities will end with a professional Skate Demo and Uriel preaching it up in case any of the guests don’t know Jesus.  The music will be Christian reggae and the vibe?  Nothing less than super cool.

CLICK FOR VIDEO:  Skate Ministry:: The Story of Uriel Luebcke from J Patrick Kennedy on Vimeo.

Running a fundraiser is kind of like doing a wedding (I did 5 last spring).  There’ll be 200 at this one.  There is venue, vendors, music, decor.  You have to make seating arrangements, hound people about RSVPs, print prgrams and fill packets.  There are catering issues (like we are double what we thought so we need more ovens) and rentals and making sure the parties involved are dressed correctly.  The PowerPoint loop during dinner to inspire, and a video that will cause chills…Lighting and candles and pens that work are big deals in a fundraiser.  Making sure to thank everyone appropriately and give gifts is important, too.  Weeks of prep com down to one crazy-event-filled evening.  There just isn’t an emotional bride given to teary outbursts with a fundraiser.  Oh, wait…that is me in this scenario.  *sniff, sniff

Can’t wait to spend a Saturday night with my new bunch of great friends {a lot of whom have crazy-amazing balance and unbelieveable endurance…AND love Jesus!}.

How did we get here?


I got the coolest e-mail (well, I was one of 4 recipients which included DP and Tara and Tredessa):

I’m sitting here reflecting on everything right now. We’re 12 days away. Things are really starting to come together. We have an amazing team we nearly had to kick out last night because it was getting late! We’re on a crash course to have [more than 35,000] people. This year we did better on our vendors, our sponsorships, our donations, our materials, our volunteers. Tickes sales are through the roof and climbing…

I guess I’m just grateful to be in this with you guys. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine getting to this place. Love you guys!


The thing is?  Luke painted a picture we could see.  He was a young guy (DP’s lifelong friend) who came weekly to eat leftovers at my kitchen table and would tell us the story of what Heaven Fest could be.  And believe me – getting on board that dream was a defined and specific call of God.  I had no desire to fund and produce a festival for the masses, but somehow there, in those summer days of 2007, we decided to say yes.

Dave, Tara, Luke and I “went public” in September of 2007 (Tredessa joined in the spring) and Heaven Fest was born July 26, 2008.  Oh, but conceived so much earlier.

The 2010 Leadership Team at the final training July 18, 2010.  Crazy visionary, Jesus-loving, self-sacrificing, mission-minded, giving, praying, worshipping, enemy-defeating, gifted, talented, called and appointed people!  Oh, I am in awe! {By the way – do you see how Luke is trying to self-promote  and be seen in this picture?  Yeah.  I didn’t think so.  Because he doesn’t.}

And I never could have imagined what God would do or the people He would send who are just so unbelievably a-ma-zing!  But I feel especially honored to get to work with Luke.  He is one unique individual, a true-hearted, authentic visionary and I am so glad I got to hitch my wagon to his star.  It is a crazy fun ride.

Totally love you back, Luka.


The Convivial Occasions of October

Last year I said October is Orange.  And it still is.  My church turned orange last fall, too.  I do love my house-of-worship-advertising sweatshirt with the bum logo (thank-you, sweet Katie!).

This October is craaaaaazy-busy-fun and occasion-filled!

Like, we have three family birthdays in October (mine, Hunter’s and still-to-come: Jovan’s!).  I turned 50 (shhh…there is no need to think about this, nor mention it aloud) with dinner at Cinzzetti’s~

outside Cinzzetti’s

entrance flambe2

october-a-031 october-a-032

Pictured: Me and my baby, Stormie;  Patrice is telling me right at this very second that she is pregnant with their 3rd child!  Me, Pearl and Marilyn.  I screamed immediately following

october-a-052 october-a-037

DP nearly ate Cinzzetti’s out of mussels; me and the 5 grandbebes who were well-contained in our private room.

I have sweet friends (almost every single one of whom is younger than me, I noticed), and a lovely family.  Thank-you, everybody for celebrating my life even if I could have gone without noticing the new decade.  I am blessed.

Hunter and the wheels-in-motion cake and fun-on-wheels party for himself and 25 of his closest friends:

october-a-091 october-a-1101

Hunter turned “The Garage” into a speedway.  There were trikes and bikes and skateboards and more.  Kids zoomed one way and then the next.  It was crazy loud and speedy.  Hunter got the chocolate fudge cake he wanted in the shape of a “5” and when, the other day, he reminded he really, really, really wanted some lightening bolts, too, in honor of his current favorite movie, Bolt, I whipped up a strawberry cake at the last second to cut out and ice some lightening bolt shapes for flanking the main cake.

But, oh my goodness, it is what I did with the cut-off-cake crumbs that needs to be mentioned.  Into a bowl:  leftover chocolate-fudge cake, the rest of the fudge filling, a block of cream cheese, a can of cherry pie filling.  Mixed well.  Cookie-scooped onto baking sheets and thrown into the freezer until they were just firm enough to coat with melted white chocolate.  Chocolate-Cherry Cake Bites, o yeah!  To. die. for.  Yum.  Seriously!

october-a-103 october-a-134


Poor Magoo ended up very, very sick at his own party.  He conked out, but the fun held up.

There was a Worship and the Word Movement PSTeam (prayer-support team) potluck at the MadCap Theater (a great  improv place-you should totally go!)

october-a-003 http://www.madcapimprov.com/


Last night there was a Seek and Soak with TOM EWING (a man DP called a general in worship ministry).  Here is the kick-off song featuring Tom, Sing to the King

In the video, left to right: Rocky Rhoades on guitar, Tom Ewing, Tristan on drums, Stormie on bass, DP on lead guitar (and leading the whole Seek and Soak), Lewis Brown (a.k.a. Proxy), and Lewis Brown, Sr. on sax.  It was an amazing night.  Musical worship, the Word of God, 3+ hours of encounter-worship, about 100 people entering the Presence, even Baptists! :)  Smile, Emily!  That was for you!

Let’s see…what else?

Jovan and Rocky will find out if it is a boy or a girl at their next appointment.   Goody!

There is the celebration of Amy Jo’s baby-to-be this Thursday night.

And Saturday night I get to go see the final Delirious concert in Colorado ever as they are on their farewell tour.  This band changed everything in the 90s and they are still such a class act, men of integrity who love Jesus and are soooo talented.  They changed the sound of worship and people around the world  go deeper worship via the songs of the Lord they introduced.  Got to see them at Ichthus and now here.  I love them and how they have influenced my own children to become History Makers.

Also ~ Dave will play the lead in the Platte Valley Player’s community theaters’ presentation of “Suspenders,” a musical comedy, as part of the grand opening celebration of Brighton’s newly restored/renovated armory as a community arts center/theater in Brighton’s “downtown.”  He’ll be performing in it over the next few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.  I’ll be attending the very first performance on Monday the 19th (an event for which I bought a dress!!).  I am somewhat divided in my joy about the fact that Dave is also painting the backdrop for the show and there are 6 giant 8′ x 4′ canvases in my living room at this time.

Family Time!

I will be going to spend a week with my mama et papa in Springfield, MO, where they wrongfully and stubbornly retired a year and a half ago and now wish to leave to be closer to any of us that they know (do you know of anyone house-hunting in Springfield??  Help!).  They will spoil me rotten and my brother Joe is meeting me there, too.  We will visit Branson, about a half hour from them, for the express purpose of giving my mother her dream-come-true in visiting the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Museum before it closes its’ doors for good this December.

harvest_fest_headerI am already working on church Christmas decor.  In October!

Upon my return, I will enjoy the grandbebes playing dress-up for the church’s annual Harvest Fest and then, as they have all requested (informing me that it is a tradition, one I must have started unknowingly), all will gather at our home for broccoli-cheese soup (because I make incredible zuppa).

Life.  It can wear you out!

Dave is sick and they are checking him for H1N1 tomorrow morning, though they have already started him on antibiotics.  What in the world??  Who has time for this?

Just trying to keep up…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Loosen up some time in November and December.  Right.

What do you see here?

NOTE:  I am having trouble getting comments and the thumbnails aren’t working since “the crash” a few days ago…will try to get it corrected asap!

My son-in-law Dave knew instantly!  What do YOU see?


What about one of these views?

pearls-painted-branches-copy-2 pearls-painted-branches-copy-3

Answer ~ ta-da!:  these are pale-blue painted branches (glittered) which are on top of a blue tarp.  Soon, they will be part of the centerpieces for the Vision-casting Fundraising Dinners for Worship and the Word Movement and Heaven Fest.  Pearl and Bryan are creating the ambience or the two nights, to held at The Stonebrook Manor (we love Bill & Candi!) and Pearl took the pictures of the branches you see above after Bry had been hard at work.  I thought it was the coolest image and almost unidentifiable, even though I knew what it was.  But the son-in-law immediately saw “a tarp.”  he’s good.

See also a hand-sewn and painted “backdrop” Pearl has been hard at work on.  It isn’t finished yet, but you can see how cool it will be.

backdroptake2-copy invite-almost-final-copy invite-almost-final

And the invites Stormie created for us (these were the almost-finished drafts, and they match perfectly-front and back, 6″ x 9″).  They were mailed out in translucent blue envelopes, THE invitation of the year to receive!


And hey, if you’d like to hear about Heaven Fest and how you can be a part, I happen to be (*ahem) the Dinner Director.  Though seating is very limited, I could get you in! :)

I am surrounded by creative people and the beautiful!…Jeanie

really-interested in attending?  jeanie@worshipandtheword.com

Cry for the Children

My family (children and MJP) has been going to The Home of Refuge for several years.  The kids have raised countless dollars and helped teach, preach and build playgrounds and remodel kitchens and have just carrried the torch for this particular orphange.  Heaven Fest and WWM has made the Homes of Refuge a major focus in ministry and giving.

A few days ago, the government took the property over and bussed the children off.  We have been praying for the children.  It has become clear that there is an enemy assignment against the leaders of the ministry and the orphange there.  The government has threatened this for years, but is finally carrying some things out.

Below is an e-mail from Mary Jean Powers  that I just got today with the most recent news of Tony and Rosa and The Home of Refuge in Venezuela.  We have been weeping over the children.  Join us in prayer, please.

Hey Everyone ~ I realize that this is the first news some of you have received regarding the recent attack on Home of Refuge in Venezuela. I will make this as brief as possible because I cannot include all the details that I just got from Rosa by phone. I will be sharing everything at a prayer meeting tonight (Monday December 15) specifically for HOR and Tony and Rosa. The prayer meeting will be held at  611 Pheasant View Dr. in Frederick, CO at 7 pm.

Here are some details and a correction: First of all, the orphanage in Honduras WAS NOT ROBBED. HOR Honduras is doing great.

 It was Home of Refuge in Venezuela that was robbed at gunpoint last Monday, by 4 men who were hired to kill Tony. Tony was not there. 

Three government agencies came to the orphanage the following Thursday to take over. They have taken possession of the property, and sent almost all of the children away on a bus – we do not know where they are. They have forbidden Tony to come to the property, at the risk of being imprisoned.

Four of the most severely handicapped children were left behind at the facility. Big Luis and Yesica were at school; they are safe. Gabriel, Lillie and Carla, Edixon and a 5 yr. old new kid are safe, as well.

Right now, Tony is at the airport in Caracas, trying to fly back to Miami. He went to the Ven. National Guard for protection, and they advised him to leave the country asap because there is a price on his head.

As I said, I will give all the details tonight. Please do your best to keep these details accurate as you pass them along to other intercessors. I was able to pray with Rosa today, and I believe that God is raising up an army of intercessors on behalf of these orphans. One intercessor said that she had a dream of Jesus praying for our kids at HOR! Please pray what Jesus is praying!

OK, here is the most important thing to pray about (besides the obvious protection, etc. for the children):

  • PRAY DIVINE PROTECTION FOR TONY’S LIFE. These hired murderers will stop at nothing.


Peace on Earth,  Mary Jean

pictured: Tony & Rosa