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Happy Birthday, Dave Powers!

The firstborn married so well.  Tara got Dave Powers!  So we got him, too.

Only I still love to remind her that I knew before she did…kind of.  There was this early morning God-speaking-to-me kind of dream that involved Tara’s wedding day and all of dancing joyfully – just head-over-heels happy with the man she’d married.  I can still hear God saying, “You’ll love him like you birthed him yourself.”  I could not comprehend that, but it turned out to be true.

That night, after this vivid and beautiful dream from the Lord, quite serendiptiously, I actually met Dave Powers for the first time.  Coincidence?  No way.  And just for another fun fact: he was born the day my husband proposed to me 31 years ago.  Like God was getting Tara and me both set up!  *Ahem!

Happy Birthday, David Michael Powers.

Thanks for hanging in there and hanging on.  Thanks for bringing things to this family we didn’t even know we needed.  Mostly thank you for marrying, for covenanting with my baby girl.  Thank-you for fathering Hunter so extraordinarily.  It is a blessed sight to behold.

This year, I have been taking a look back and re-reading  the things I have written about each of you, mi familia, on your birthdays.  It has been cool to see all God is doing, how He is moving in and through you each.  So, for you, here is what I was reminded of today:

2011, the word-picture-DP.  Man on Fire.

I crammed as many things onto a jpg as I could.  Each one: true and heartfelt.  I especially still love “spiritual iconoclast.”  And “received.”  You are.  Both!

2010, true confessions

“For I am of the persuasion that the children we get are as much used by God to form us and train us as we are in their lives,  And you, son-of-my-heart, are a shining example of it.  You are courageous and bold and have invited to me to go places I never would have gone, didn’t even think I wanted to go and sometimes have been crazy-uncomfortable.  Most of it, I wouldn’t trade.  Some of it I am waiting for the day I can say, ‘Oh we can laugh about that now…’  Haha”

Will you ever quit challenging me???

2009, 28-things I LOVE about DP

And I could add 31 more at the drop of a hat.  #28, still, really one of the main ones!

2008 and the Indiana Jones movie clip

Because Psalm 121 told me what to expect…for you.

Happy Birthday, Dave, son-of-my-heart.   Happy birthday to a man who is both steady, worthy of trust and wildly abandoned and pliable and in the hands of God.   Happy day to some one who is youthful and adventurous, with ears to hear the Spirit of God and eyes to see what God is up to on the earth.   Happy and blessed days to an unassuming  guy who holds the keys to the very heart of God, as well as to our own hearts.   I don’t think people can know just by looking, perhaps not  until they have been in a room with you – the depth of character and the strength in spirit you carry…

And on your birthday, I want to tell you what a good son you are.   I want you to know that we see the spirit of sonship in you toward your earthly fathers, spiritual fathers.   And we see that you have submitted your heart to the Father as a son who welcomes the training and discipline that comes with that.   That is why, today and all your days, you will walk in the inheritance of the Father.   All He has is yours.   And I wonder if your anointing might not pull some earthly fathers back from the brink, out of bondage?

2007 – reflecting on what you brought

You walked in and re-ignited some lost passions and time-weakened dreams and became one of us, as if we’d never known a time before you.  You consecrated our new home with worship and your voice from those early days continues to echo in my memory – the many weekends you’d spend here, your time off from the ministerial internship, guitar in hand…We could see God’s hand and blessing on you so clearly, we felt honored to offer this man of God our couch and a blanket.  You did drive me a little crazy with all the questions and inquisitiveness, but you drew me back out of a self-imposed exile and honored me by receiving what little I had to offer.

Happy Birthday, Dave.  You have brought a lifetime of joy and love and adventure and vision to our lives – in just 10 years!!  So many years to go.  Soon, for a baby of {as yet}mysterious origin, you will be a daddy again.  And for this child, known well by God, planned and protected by His hand, you will be the  miracle so needed.  And you will do it well.  I know this, because you have done it for us.  For me.

You make us happy.  We think you are wonderful to watch, to know, to love.  Happy, blessed day!  Love you SO much.


Dave & Tara – tonight at Rez in Loveland (4 pm and 6 pm) and tomorrow at both services (8:30 am and 10:30 am.  With Kim Walker.  Dave is speaking.  It will be amazing!

Song for a Sunday: Yes!

Omygoodness.  I LOVE this song!

Dave and Tara introduced me to this song the summer of 2006.  I had just left a busy (crazy, heart-pounding, wreck-of-a) church position and I was in rough shape.  They were about to embark on this new thing called Worship and the Word Movement, where they could travel and sing and lead worship and infuse local churches and ministries with much-needed resources for worship – all for just the invitation, no $$ required.   Missionaries.

It was a summer night.  In a barn east of Brighton and the Holy Spirit was pre~sent!  O my.  And they started singing it and every person in the place had their faces turned heavenward with their arms raised singing, “Yes, yes – yes, yes!”

And I was standing there begging God to show me what was next, to give me my next assignment – something to prove He wasn’t actually finished with my life in light of the loss and the pain of the months just passed.

And you know when you hear from heaven and know it is really God because you know you would never have heard those words from your own heart and mind – you know that kind of hearing?  I heard like that and He told me, in spite of the fact that the words of this song are amazing, sweet, and about simple surrender (and have a decidedly early 70s R & B flavor, which is so me),

“Do not sing this song.  There is nothing for you to say ‘yes’ to.”

And I am serious.  Because He was serious.  He absolutely would not allow me the honor of singing this song.  I looked around that barn and just like the wounded heart I was, spewed out, with hot, stinging tears, “Why do they all get to say ‘yes?!'”    He reiterated:

“There is NOTHING for you to say yes to.”

Settled.  KILLED.  Just broke my heart.  I had thought He meant forever.  I couldn’t comprehend He was looking out for me, making sure I was safe before we ventured further…

Many times since, I have asked Dave and Tara why they don’t do that song more because I love it and God lets me sing it now. **happy face** :)

Flash forward:  A Sunday morning (today).

I try to slink unnoticed in to the church.  I am immediately greeted by 2 of the HF familia who will not let me slink by.  Oh no.  I just want to come in, sit in the Whitewater dark and sing a little (along with my son, Rocky, who is leading), hear the sermon and leave like I came: over-worked, over-wrought, over-tired, all my own fault.

Rocky and Jovan are about to step out as missionaries themselves.  6 years later, we are here again…He has a dream to build a worship team that goes out into the highways and byways, even into bars.  He wants to actually worship the Lord in the dark places.  He and Jovan want to write and produce music that will bring healing where the wounded live.  And today, omygoodness – it reminded me of that little white barn with Dave and Tara 6 years ago.

And he dusted off the too-little-used song, “Yes.”  And I am tired.  And I am a bit beaten down by working without resting, by fearing man rather than God, by all the things I should know better than to allow…But sitting there (in the Whitewater dark) I realized, the thing is, I can say yes now.  God is asking me.

“Do you want to do this?” I hear Him ask…

Yes, yes.  Yes, Lord, yes.

And I hear Rocky lead out with strong resolve:

From my heart I say Yes

From my soul I say yes

All my life I say yes, yes…..

So that is my song of the day.  Maybe the month or the next 60 days, I don’t know.  It just really washed over me.


GOTTA get a camera that can handle the sound and low-lights.  The vid is low-quality.  But I am sharing it anyway, because if you’re trying to decide something right now, see if these words and this melody will fit.  And if it helps you say what you know you already want to say anyway…

“Yes,” led by Rocky Rhoades (my beloved son in whom I am so pleased.)  Words and music by Dave Powers (c) 2006 (my other beloved son in whom I am also very much pleased).

Get your lyrics and chord chart here: Yes- E (CD)

Monday’s Most Interesting Pinterests: Festival Graphics

When Felix started re-branding Heaven Fest for 2012,  I threw a Pinterest board together to show him things I like.

We are simplifying the look a bit.  Think Mac.  Cleaner.  Pure color (not grayed over, nor muted, pul-eeze).  But putting the Pinterest board together was just bringing various things that struck-my-fancy to one spot, my fancies (not Heaven Fest’s ,necessarily).   When I think festival branding, these things all have a tiny piece of it in my collaged-head. You can see the whole board here:




(CLICK ON IMAGES to go to source)

I spent years liking muted color (think antiques, think Starbucks-coffee-house colors).  And while I still appreciate sort of the aged sophistication of those colors, I have increasingly been drawn to pure, bright color.

Blue and yellow apparently draws my eye, too.

I was a young girl during the birth of the Jesus-People Movement.

During 7th grade, I got to board a psychedelic-painted church bus and travel downtown to Christian Coffee Houses where the “One-way” chant became our cry.  Songs reminded us there was only one-one God-one book “and that’s the Holy Bible” to get us to the promised land!  There was a zealous passion of Jesus during that time.  The media took notice.

My dad made me come out of my room to watch 3 televised days of Explo ’72 in Dallas.  I was hooked after 5 minutes and it was the first time I realized I was part of a huge move of God in the earth.  I wasn’t alone, just a little Christian girl in a small church in my small city.  People everywhere loved Jesus.  It was there I first heard/saw:  Give me a J…give me an E…Give me an S…Give me another S….what’s it spell?….J E S U S….the crowds would yell, over and over.

Heaven Fest was being birthed in my heart in those days.  I secretly want to lead a Jesus chant.  Shhhhh….

Woodstock.  Started it all.

For Heaven Fest 2013, I so wish I could use this poster.

Except it would be “One day, one stage, one purpose.”  See how it is all coming together?  :)

Oranges are a draw for me.

I am not sure why I wanted the Vertigo poster on my Festival Graphics Pinterest Board, but I think it is amazing design.

Why – it is Heaven Fest!

I found this recently and have dubbed it “Heaven Fest Hair.”

I hope some one really does this and I get to meet them.

The difference between my Pinterest Board and my actual mind?  The thoughts, ideas and images in my thoughts swirl in a colorful collage of layers.  Think of photos, stacked, overlapping, constantly moving.  That is my actual Thought-Collage.

Happy Monday!

Joy @ Christmas

S W E E T ! !  And sweets.

Baking day was Sunday.  Just the girls, for the working part.  Then the boys for the chicken tacos (and beef, too).  Extra salt, please.

  1. Minty Cake Balls with Green Mint Icing (Gemma)
  2. Peppermint Brownies with crushed candy topping (Guini)
  3. Hot Chocolate Truffles (Guini)
  4. Peanut Butter Cookies, gluten-free and totally flour-less!  (Averi)
  5. Chocolate Chip Cookies (Tara)
  6. Peanut Butter Balls (Tredessa)
  7. Puppy Chow (Jovan)
  8. Dipped and Decorated Pretzels (the little girls)
  9. Turtle Pretzels, with Rolos and Pecans and almonds (Stormie)
  10. Candy-Kiss & M & M Pretzels (Jovan)
  11. Ritz Thin-Mints (Tara)
  12. Hidden Valley Ranch Oyster Crackers (Tara & Stormie)
  13. Homemade Twix (Stephanie invented with mini-wafers, caramels and chocolate for dipping)
  14. Christmas Crack (Stormie).  The name implies your absolute inability to quit eating it.  It involves sugar and butter becoming caramel, being poured over saltines and topped with rich chocolate chips, cooled into crispy-sweet-savory succulence.   Yes it does.  You’re hooked already, aren’t you?

Plus?  There are cupcakes and sugar cookies and chocolates and Cutie oranges.  There is hot chocolate and spiced tea and banana bread and pumpkin bread.  o-my-goodness.  Suagr-shock!


After baking and dinner, we watched Nativity! on the “big screen” in the living room.

We used the “vintage” movie screen and a way-modern projector.  Rent it.  Stream it free from Netflix.  Whatever.  You will like it.  It is cute and sweet and British and funny.

Trace Bundy was over-the-top incredible at the Heaven Fest Christmas Party.

He did a 2-guitar thing in D-minor and D-major called, “Joy and Sorrow,” or maybe it was “Sorrow and Joy.”  I can’t remember.  But JOY wins.  That I do recall.  Because it does.  It is actually a huge part of what Jesus is all about!

Luke 10.21 Jesus, full of joy…

Luke 2.9-11 …the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.”

John 3.29 [Jesus speaking] That joy is mine and it is now complete.

John 15.11  I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.

John 16.22   I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.

John 17.13  I am coming to you now, but I say these things while I am still in the world,

so that they may have the full measure of my JOY within them.

His joy, in us.  The hope that keeps me going…

PS //  I “ran into” Heather at WalMart and Marilyn at The Dollar Tree yesterday!  Happy surprise!

Slightly amazed that I know people as wondrous as these.  Got to see Candi and Amy Jo and Patrice at the Christmas Party.  Missing my Pearly-Q.  Might have to plan a reason to bump into her!  ;)



Good Morning, Snowflakes!


It’s snowing.  Now re-read that like Alvin said it to Dave on the classic Chipmunks’ Christmas album.  {Look, Dave – it’s snowing!}  Did you insert you very own Chipmunk voice there?  I hope so!

The morning snow delights and surprises.  Yes, even though they told us on the news it was coming.

I come downstairs to a fresh pot of coffee and Bedford Falls glowing softly, ready to thrill the grandbebes for Christmas.  Snow is falling with white, fluffy enthusiasm and the timing is perfect as now (after all the wedding excitement) we can begin to fully embrace this most joyous of seasons and do our decorating.  This is the weekend for it.

Today is our first “official” day in the office for future ministry stuff (to be announced shortly).  Meeting our new and most-amazing intern, Emilee, there too.  She could not be dissuaded from driving down from Fort Collins even for snow.  We will be working on The Christmas Party* (PLEASE COME! admission is canned goods for families in Joplin still struggling to rebuild their lives after the tornado in May).  And looking ahead with anticipation.

Then home to unveil the Santa collection, I hope, and perhaps start putting up the family-tree, the one with handmade ornaments and bits and pieces of an enduring family life.

Naturally, Dean is in my head.


*The Christmas Party~

Professional photographers will be on hand to snap family photos  and the variety of artists and talents represented is the best show in town!  Put it on your calendar and plan to be there!

Celebrate with J O Y …

Leviticus 23 . 39 “‘So…celebrate the festival to the LORD for seven days…40 On the first day you are to take branches from luxuriant trees—from palms, willows and other leafy trees—and rejoice before the LORD your God for seven days. 41 Celebrate this as a festival to the LORD for seven days each year… 43 so your descendants will know…I am the LORD your God.’”

LOVE my Heaven Fest familia! www.heavenfest.com

170-round-the-clock Hours of prayer and worship starts TONIGHT at Rez in Loveland – right across the road from The Ranch in Loveland!



Robert Liparulo & Dave Rhoades: LIVE @ Heaven Fest!

Check it out at the VOX STAGE @ Heaven Fest! July 30 at The Ranch in Loveland!   www.heavenfest.com

Best-selling author, Robert Liparulo (YA series The Dreamhouse Kings and thrillers such as Germ and Comes a Horseman) and  newcomer/author and my husband, btw, Dave Rhoades (Altar and soon-to-be-released Road Rage) will appear 3 times at Heaven Fest 2011.  They’ll talk about writing, sign autographs and sell books.  Check out the line-up schedule for times and plan to stop by and meet them!!  I am very proud!  :)

HF LINE-UP: click!

Les Celébrations d’Anniversaire & etc

Whew!  We made it.

In 3 months (the less-than-90 days between March 23 and June 19), we’ve had Dave-the-husband’s birthday, Amelie’s first birthday, Stormie’s quarter-of-a-century birthday (plus moving her into her first house-she is a homeowner!!), Tara’s super-early-30sbirthday and Mother’s Day.  We had Stephanie’s birthday, Gemma’s birthday followed closely by Gavin’s lava’d birthday, Guini and Hunter’s Kindergarten graduations, Wrex’s birthday, Tredessa (28) and DP’s  (30th) birthdays and Father’s Day.  There have been 2 major Heaven Fest dinners and a couple of big-HF-family-meetings with all the trimmings and even Luka had a bday


Gavin’s Volcano “cake” at his breakfast party


The first grandson turned 8 and we all gathered for a happy-Saturday-morning breakfast-party.  I used strawberry Jello for the “lava,” but even though in the trial run the actual liquid didn’t ooze out, but rather just red Jello-bubbles travelled slowly over the sides, no one wanted me to put more Jello in, afraid the donuts would be drenched in it, ruined for consumption. PLUS my dry ice melted down to 2 tiny slivers overnight.  Guess I need a lesson in dry ice!!?  Gav and I will have to try it again sometimes when there is no Jello-sogginess-concern.  With LOTS of dry ice.  A red explosion!!


Gavin’s dinosaur cake when he turned 4, I think, was sort of the beginning of my “cake adventures.”  He keeps making life fun.  Love that boy!


DP turned the big 3-0


Wrote about his birthday:: H E R E. We did a double-celebration for him and Tredessa with a big Rhoades-family-Mexican meal.  Cilantro rice and carne-asada steak tacos plus pulled pork green chile tacos and all the things that go with those.  Dave wanted strawberry shortcake for his birthday.  Tredessa had Lazy Peach Dessert (see below) for hers.  Naturally Wrex performed a song for Dave and noted all his “famous” phraseologies (i.e. o-my-hinkin’-harry, bro-ham-and-cheese, etc) and even mentioned his penchant for v-neck tees.  Stef is a master lyricist!  Dave got the blessings and encouragements from the fam and Tara played him a most appropriate Brad Paisley song, “It Did.”  [see here]


Tredessa was serenaded by her lover-boy for her birthday

And she had a lovely birthday with him.  I wrote her b-day blog:: H E R E.  Then the double-celebration with DP.  She got a song from Wrex and it was a little on the ornery side, which Wrex believes brothers should do.  It was hilarious.  It fit right into the tune of “Take Me Home, Country Rhoades,” if you can imagine.  She is an amazing woman and in love, which we like.

Lazy Peach Dessert by Jane Hagelstein

From the October 1988 issue of Family Ties (the monthly newsletter of New Life Church of God in Norfolk, NE).  But I actually have the handwritten recipe card Jane wrote it on.  Beloved and quite in shambles.

My best advice for this in Colorado:  wait until the western slope peaches are ripe and juicy and cause you car to drive itself to a roadside market where the scent and taste literally scream: DELICIOUS!  Yeah.  They just aren’t quite right, yet, these California peaches.  Huh-uh.  Nope.

Shortbread crust:

Combine 1 cup oleo*
1 3/4 cups flour
2 tablespoons sugar
dash of salt

Lightly pat into glass cake pan (if you push it in hard, it will be tougher and less light and pastry-ish and amazingly wonderful).  Bake it for 15-18 minutes in a 350-degree oven.  Cool.

Peach sauce topping:

2 cups sugar
2 cups water
2 tablespoons corn starch
2 3 oz packages peach Jello
1 tablespoon oleo*

In a saucepan, blend and cook water, sugar and cornstarch until thickened and clear.  remove from heat.  Stir in Jello and oleo until dissolved.  Cool.


Slice or chop 7-8 ripe peaches (sometimes I make them all beautiful and perfectly uniform.  Unless they aren’t great peaches anyway…like this batch).  Distribute over the top of the crust.  Pour over the sauce.  Put in the fridge for at least 2 hours (overnight is best).  Cut into 12 servings.  Top with whipped cream.

You may also make this dessert with canned peaches, Jane Hagelstien noted (so Nebraska) or use fresh strawberries and strawberry Jello.

*Oleo, for my dear children, was another name for “margarine” back in the day.  Just use REAL butter instead and all will be well!



WREX had a birthday, too.

Complete wih a custom song for him by Dave and the girls to the “Wolfcreek Pass” soundtrack.  Love this guy.  There is not a more genuine, giving and generous man than Wrex.  His parents did a great job, but if he were ever in the market for new parents, we’d apply for the job.  He is just a cool guy.  That is why God blessed him with the gorgeous Stefane and the two of them with the loveable kiss-kiss, Princess Sawyer.  LOVE them all!


Dave’s Father’s Day Worship set


Dave chose his fav worship songs. We sang along to guitar accompaniment, all the current favs, but it morphed in to pulling out all those old songs from the years the kids were growing up.  Pretty hilarious.  Songs you never really want to sing ever agin, but in this context were pretty fun.  “Lord, I lift Your name on high.  I’m so glad to sing your praises…”  Haha.



Artwork by the grandbebes, found the next morning.  Mixed media:: chalk and stickers on concrete.  Intrigued by the block that say, “Aim for the head,” and the stick figure identified as “dad,” albeit backwards, with a huge bunch of snot coming out of his nose.  Haha.

E t c . . .

NEXT UP:  Summer starts June 21!  Today! YEAH!!

Time to relax a bit with some lollygagging in the garden and floating in the pool and you know, a little thing called Heaven Fest.  www.heavenfest.com

We made it!