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Monday’s Most Interesting Pinterests: Festival Graphics

When Felix started re-branding Heaven Fest for 2012,  I threw a Pinterest board together to show him things I like.

We are simplifying the look a bit.  Think Mac.  Cleaner.  Pure color (not grayed over, nor muted, pul-eeze).  But putting the Pinterest board together was just bringing various things that struck-my-fancy to one spot, my fancies (not Heaven Fest’s ,necessarily).   When I think festival branding, these things all have a tiny piece of it in my collaged-head. You can see the whole board here:




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I spent years liking muted color (think antiques, think Starbucks-coffee-house colors).  And while I still appreciate sort of the aged sophistication of those colors, I have increasingly been drawn to pure, bright color.

Blue and yellow apparently draws my eye, too.

I was a young girl during the birth of the Jesus-People Movement.

During 7th grade, I got to board a psychedelic-painted church bus and travel downtown to Christian Coffee Houses where the “One-way” chant became our cry.  Songs reminded us there was only one-one God-one book “and that’s the Holy Bible” to get us to the promised land!  There was a zealous passion of Jesus during that time.  The media took notice.

My dad made me come out of my room to watch 3 televised days of Explo ’72 in Dallas.  I was hooked after 5 minutes and it was the first time I realized I was part of a huge move of God in the earth.  I wasn’t alone, just a little Christian girl in a small church in my small city.  People everywhere loved Jesus.  It was there I first heard/saw:  Give me a J…give me an E…Give me an S…Give me another S….what’s it spell?….J E S U S….the crowds would yell, over and over.

Heaven Fest was being birthed in my heart in those days.  I secretly want to lead a Jesus chant.  Shhhhh….

Woodstock.  Started it all.

For Heaven Fest 2013, I so wish I could use this poster.

Except it would be “One day, one stage, one purpose.”  See how it is all coming together?  :)

Oranges are a draw for me.

I am not sure why I wanted the Vertigo poster on my Festival Graphics Pinterest Board, but I think it is amazing design.

Why – it is Heaven Fest!

I found this recently and have dubbed it “Heaven Fest Hair.”

I hope some one really does this and I get to meet them.

The difference between my Pinterest Board and my actual mind?  The thoughts, ideas and images in my thoughts swirl in a colorful collage of layers.  Think of photos, stacked, overlapping, constantly moving.  That is my actual Thought-Collage.

Happy Monday!

Wa s’up, Ichthus!??

“Wa s’up, Ichthus!??”

That is what every MC and all bands seemed to yell to get a cheer from the crowd in Wilmore, Kentucky for Ichthus’ 40th Anniversary Festival.

pictured: DP praying with people after a break-out session

pmp_1485 pmp_1616

They so graciously allowed us (Dave, Tara and Hunter, Tredessa, Luke and his wife and son, and Kyle and myself, along with the techno kings) to attend, hang out backstage and ask questions of their leadership.  Their generous sharing of insight and wisdom is a priceless blessing to us.

ich_1410 ichthus_1409

  ichthus_1463 ich_1523

pictured: Dess and Hunter and me; TP + DP; Tre and her “birthday man”; Hunter and Kyle.

Kentucky was wet, very wet…and muddy (we don’t get much mud here), but very lush and beautiful, too.  There is great community there and really good food!  I had lunch across the table from Shane Claiborne, and just a few tables away from Delirious  (although Dave and Tara actually got to “hang” with Martin Smith while Hunter played games on Martin’s phone), enjoyed some awesome worship at the New Song Cafe with Brenton BrownSkillet did a killer show (pictured below, right).  Israel Houghton is the all-new Andrae, incredible show and back-up dancer/singers!  Seriously, when I get to heaven, I better be able to dance like that!

pmp_1101 pmp_1884

One of the great highlights was Kyle and me facing backwards in the golf cart (Tre was riding shotgun) hanging on for dear life while Alpha-2 madly drove the hills explaining security measures to us.  Everyone he busted gave Kyle and me the looks.  It was like an hour on your favorite carnival ride.  Hilarious!

img_1493 img_1522

pictured: Tim, John and Dj DC (the rest of our Coloradan constituency) at the techno stage where the party continued until the wee hours…; Dave and Tara and Hunter with Jenn, Stevie (youth pastors at the big Alliance church in Lexington, where DP & TP did ministry on Sunday morning following Ichthus) and their daughter

And unless we end up promoting Delirious in October here in Colorado (which is still on the possibility-table), I got to see them perform as a band for my very last time and they are just.so.stinking.cool.  I L O V E Delirious!  They changed everything in the mid-90s, everything!  They were the final main stage show, a great end to a great festival.  I felt very hippie-ish and Jesus-people-early-70’s-ish.  (I wrote about Explo ’72 last summer) I was that sweaty and dirty, too.

img_1427-ichthus ichthus-hunter-6-11-091 img_1507

We stayed in a town home on the Asbury campus and daily passed this house with a “garden” in the gutters.  My hair was fuzzy-crap the entire time.  Hunter ran himself (and maybe his mommy) totally ragged.  We celebrated Tredessa’s birthday there, walked a lot, slept little, ate lots of funnel cakes and onion blossoms and had a pretty great time, all in all.

ichthus_1460 ichthus_14611

Our thanks to the kindness and hospitality of Jeff James and everybody at Ichthus.  We have so much gratitude for getting to learn from the best!