Monday’s Most Interesting Pinterests: Festival Graphics

When Felix started re-branding Heaven Fest for 2012,  I threw a Pinterest board together to show him things I like.

We are simplifying the look a bit.  Think Mac.  Cleaner.  Pure color (not grayed over, nor muted, pul-eeze).  But putting the Pinterest board together was just bringing various things that struck-my-fancy to one spot, my fancies (not Heaven Fest’s ,necessarily).   When I think festival branding, these things all have a tiny piece of it in my collaged-head. You can see the whole board here:



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I spent years liking muted color (think antiques, think Starbucks-coffee-house colors).  And while I still appreciate sort of the aged sophistication of those colors, I have increasingly been drawn to pure, bright color.

Blue and yellow apparently draws my eye, too.

I was a young girl during the birth of the Jesus-People Movement.

During 7th grade, I got to board a psychedelic-painted church bus and travel downtown to Christian Coffee Houses where the “One-way” chant became our cry.  Songs reminded us there was only one-one God-one book “and that’s the Holy Bible” to get us to the promised land!  There was a zealous passion of Jesus during that time.  The media took notice.

My dad made me come out of my room to watch 3 televised days of Explo ’72 in Dallas.  I was hooked after 5 minutes and it was the first time I realized I was part of a huge move of God in the earth.  I wasn’t alone, just a little Christian girl in a small church in my small city.  People everywhere loved Jesus.  It was there I first heard/saw:  Give me a J…give me an E…Give me an S…Give me another S….what’s it spell?….J E S U S….the crowds would yell, over and over.

Heaven Fest was being birthed in my heart in those days.  I secretly want to lead a Jesus chant.  Shhhhh….

Woodstock.  Started it all.

For Heaven Fest 2013, I so wish I could use this poster.

Except it would be “One day, one stage, one purpose.”  See how it is all coming together?  :)

Oranges are a draw for me.

I am not sure why I wanted the Vertigo poster on my Festival Graphics Pinterest Board, but I think it is amazing design.

Why – it is Heaven Fest!

I found this recently and have dubbed it “Heaven Fest Hair.”

I hope some one really does this and I get to meet them.

The difference between my Pinterest Board and my actual mind?  The thoughts, ideas and images in my thoughts swirl in a colorful collage of layers.  Think of photos, stacked, overlapping, constantly moving.  That is my actual Thought-Collage.

Happy Monday!

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