The grand-dog


At only 11 weeks, Tuppy (Steph and the kids’ Christmas surprise from Tristan), has become a spokes-model for PetSmart and Martha Stewart products.  I am not sure if you will see anything cuter than this today.  Or for the rest of the week, for that matter.  Ay-yi-yi. CUTE!

And my daughter is pretty ravishing, herself.  Gorgeous and successful in everything she does.


See more at (comment to win!)


Plus-see a sneak peek from a Christian film in production right now.  Know anybody??

O wait. What is this?? Another one of my nerdy fly-over movies? Ok, yes. What about it??

2 thoughts on “The grand-dog

  1. Kudos to Dave. We knew you when. lol

    Fly over movies. hahahaha….in the south we say….Bless her little heart. You are a nerd. But I’m sitting here smiling cause you are a fun nerd. Love ya!

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