30.687 years and counting

Married to my Valentine.  Lucky, lucky, lucky girl.

This is my dedication going out to you tonight – with a house full of grandbebes (the fruit of our lives and love) and “Gilligan’s Island” too loud on the TV and Star Wars guys strewn all over…dedicated to the one I love:



There’s no, no looking back for us

We got love sure ‘nough, that’s enough

You’re all I need to get by…

All the joys under the sun wrapped up into one

You’re all, you’re all I need to get by.


2 thoughts on “30.687 years and counting

  1. Oh honey thank you. Valentines Day can be a mystery for some. What to get? Chocolate? Roses? Those overpriced Teddy bears? But Valentines is a tough one. How can you sum up the years of babies and diapers, tears and financial struggles, laughter and movies that make you reach for each other’s hand, life and death, being together and short times of being apart, ministry and duty and comforting others in time of devastation, and now the patter of grandkids feet across a kitchen floor? All of this and all that went with it is not appreciated with a dozen roses. But this is: I would do it all again with you. For another 31 years. I love and live for you. Xxoo

  2. Of course if you like teddy bears it’s okay :) They just seem to always end up in the playroom after I’ve gotten them for the kids, that’s all. I still think they’re overpriced though :)

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