Heady Fragrance

It’s spring and the sun is brighter for it. Life can bring disappointment, but the Month of May dances in to save the day.

It was 82-degrees and gentle today. A light rain showered us in fine mist for 15 straight minutes at 5 o-clock in the late afternoon. Or is that early evening? The sun shined on, despite the clouds moving about, so the whole thing looked like diamonds falling from the sky.

And then, it was gone. The squirrels resumed their scampering, birds went about their business and people reemerged from their house-hiding.

And then…what is that? The sweetest response to the short rainfall: the lilacs effused and the slightly moist air became heavy with the heady fragrance of springs most generous bouquet. *deep, long inhale…Yes, the air was filled with the lilacs’ full and glorious scent and I may or may not have become somewhat intoxicated.


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