Good Morning, Snowflakes!


It’s snowing.  Now re-read that like Alvin said it to Dave on the classic Chipmunks’ Christmas album.  {Look, Dave – it’s snowing!}  Did you insert you very own Chipmunk voice there?  I hope so!

The morning snow delights and surprises.  Yes, even though they told us on the news it was coming.

I come downstairs to a fresh pot of coffee and Bedford Falls glowing softly, ready to thrill the grandbebes for Christmas.  Snow is falling with white, fluffy enthusiasm and the timing is perfect as now (after all the wedding excitement) we can begin to fully embrace this most joyous of seasons and do our decorating.  This is the weekend for it.

Today is our first “official” day in the office for future ministry stuff (to be announced shortly).  Meeting our new and most-amazing intern, Emilee, there too.  She could not be dissuaded from driving down from Fort Collins even for snow.  We will be working on The Christmas Party* (PLEASE COME! admission is canned goods for families in Joplin still struggling to rebuild their lives after the tornado in May).  And looking ahead with anticipation.

Then home to unveil the Santa collection, I hope, and perhaps start putting up the family-tree, the one with handmade ornaments and bits and pieces of an enduring family life.

Naturally, Dean is in my head.


*The Christmas Party~

Professional photographers will be on hand to snap family photos  and the variety of artists and talents represented is the best show in town!  Put it on your calendar and plan to be there!

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