Wedding pictures!

No, sorry.  I can’t show them.  Tredessa and Ryan are honey-mooning and we have to wait.

But I took a few.

But it was barely any at all.  I cannot believe it.  I am a picture nut.  I must have been busy!  But here is a sneak peek into the final few hours before the I-do’s.”  This is a little of my day…just a few days ago.  Exciting times!

The runner gives good marriage advice.  It was on artists’ canvas and will be stretched for wall art for the newlyweds.

Yes.  I actually grew succulents for the bridal bouquets.  And corsages and boutonnieres.  In my kitchen.  For 2 months.  I am so silly sometimes, huh?

Mia and Mairin are lifelong family-friends.  Their mom, Lisa is my most cherished friend in life.  And out whole family is deeply attached to the whole Bierer family.  They came from Minneapolis and jumped in and relieved me of all stress.  I love them!

At this time I am taking a deep breath of joy.  Looking around, remembering what I forgot and realizing: it doesn’t matter.  My little girl is about to get married.  There is nothing I forgot that even matters at all.  It will be beautiful.

Family China was mixed in with the caterer’s China.  Embroidered dresser scarves from Grandma were mixed with embroidered linens.  Vintage enaml-ware and small antiques adorned tables with dusty-greens in vases (Tredessa is not a big flower girl).  It came together.

Mairin and Mia set the desserts.  I walked up and breathed a sigh of relief.  Had a cake disaster (more on that later).  Smiled.  Put on lip gloss.  And walked in to the church at 4:15, right on time.  Lovely, lovely, lovely day.  Seriously.  Really.  Lovely.

1 thought on “Wedding pictures!

  1. Wow! I would have liked to been a mouse living in that barn; what great crumbs there must have been! hahahah
    You are a truly gifted and talented person. Can’t wait for more pictures.

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