Patrice’s Pantry

My wonderful friend, Patrice Wilson, catered Tredessa’s wedding.

This is Patrice (my friend!!) a few hours before the wedding behind the photo booth.  Yes, she was busy.  But she stopped and let me snap her picture.

Here is what I love about Patrice doing the catering:

  1. She is a fantastic cook. She is always coming up with new ideas and delsicious dishes and wowing us.
  2. She brings peace. Patrice is one of those people who doesn’t get riled.  I am driven and freaking out at big events.  She is the calm saying, “It will all work out.”  She is right everytime.
  3. She can cook fancy or comfort or casual or elegant or anywhere in between.
  4. She is so servant-hearted.
  5. But best of all? She is Holy-Spirit-gifted with hospitality.  So not only does she provide the spread, she warmly feeds your soul, too.  When I started wrokig at New Hope almost 8 years ago now,  she was one of the first people I noticed because hospitality and welcome just oozed from her.  And she fed us good stuff.  And I have loved her like crazy ever since.

And you?  Should hire Patrice for your next party, big or small.

You’ll get great food, awesome service and peace for the day, all included in the price!

The wedding menu, in case you are wondering:

A delicious garden salad – a tomato/cucumber salad – hot rolls and butter – tilapia in a lemon-butter sauce – rice pilaf – chicken cordon-bleu – whipped potatoes – beef wellington, a tender steak with mushrooms in a flaky pastry wrap – garlic green beans – rotini with steamed vegetables in garlic butter – coffee – tea – water.  Mmmmmmm……

THANK-YOU, Tricie.  Love you.  Hugs and kisses to Linda.  And Jack, too!

1 thought on “Patrice’s Pantry

  1. Patrice is amazing. She catered my sister’s wedding a couple of years ago and did a fantastic job as well. She is also my friend. One of my favorite people is the whole world. She lights up a room with her smile, and you just want to be near her. I love Tricie. She is a woderful baker, cook, caterer and woman!

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