Happy Birthday, Dave Powers!

The firstborn married so well.  Tara got Dave Powers!  So we got him, too.

Only I still love to remind her that I knew before she did…kind of.  There was this early morning God-speaking-to-me kind of dream that involved Tara’s wedding day and all of dancing joyfully – just head-over-heels happy with the man she’d married.  I can still hear God saying, “You’ll love him like you birthed him yourself.”  I could not comprehend that, but it turned out to be true.

That night, after this vivid and beautiful dream from the Lord, quite serendiptiously, I actually met Dave Powers for the first time.  Coincidence?  No way.  And just for another fun fact: he was born the day my husband proposed to me 31 years ago.  Like God was getting Tara and me both set up!  *Ahem!

Happy Birthday, David Michael Powers.

Thanks for hanging in there and hanging on.  Thanks for bringing things to this family we didn’t even know we needed.  Mostly thank you for marrying, for covenanting with my baby girl.  Thank-you for fathering Hunter so extraordinarily.  It is a blessed sight to behold.

This year, I have been taking a look back and re-reading  the things I have written about each of you, mi familia, on your birthdays.  It has been cool to see all God is doing, how He is moving in and through you each.  So, for you, here is what I was reminded of today:

2011, the word-picture-DP.  Man on Fire.

I crammed as many things onto a jpg as I could.  Each one: true and heartfelt.  I especially still love “spiritual iconoclast.”  And “received.”  You are.  Both!

2010, true confessions

“For I am of the persuasion that the children we get are as much used by God to form us and train us as we are in their lives,  And you, son-of-my-heart, are a shining example of it.  You are courageous and bold and have invited to me to go places I never would have gone, didn’t even think I wanted to go and sometimes have been crazy-uncomfortable.  Most of it, I wouldn’t trade.  Some of it I am waiting for the day I can say, ‘Oh we can laugh about that now…’  Haha”

Will you ever quit challenging me???

2009, 28-things I LOVE about DP

And I could add 31 more at the drop of a hat.  #28, still, really one of the main ones!

2008 and the Indiana Jones movie clip

Because Psalm 121 told me what to expect…for you.

Happy Birthday, Dave, son-of-my-heart.   Happy birthday to a man who is both steady, worthy of trust and wildly abandoned and pliable and in the hands of God.   Happy day to some one who is youthful and adventurous, with ears to hear the Spirit of God and eyes to see what God is up to on the earth.   Happy and blessed days to an unassuming  guy who holds the keys to the very heart of God, as well as to our own hearts.   I don’t think people can know just by looking, perhaps not  until they have been in a room with you – the depth of character and the strength in spirit you carry…

And on your birthday, I want to tell you what a good son you are.   I want you to know that we see the spirit of sonship in you toward your earthly fathers, spiritual fathers.   And we see that you have submitted your heart to the Father as a son who welcomes the training and discipline that comes with that.   That is why, today and all your days, you will walk in the inheritance of the Father.   All He has is yours.   And I wonder if your anointing might not pull some earthly fathers back from the brink, out of bondage?

2007 – reflecting on what you brought

You walked in and re-ignited some lost passions and time-weakened dreams and became one of us, as if we’d never known a time before you.  You consecrated our new home with worship and your voice from those early days continues to echo in my memory – the many weekends you’d spend here, your time off from the ministerial internship, guitar in hand…We could see God’s hand and blessing on you so clearly, we felt honored to offer this man of God our couch and a blanket.  You did drive me a little crazy with all the questions and inquisitiveness, but you drew me back out of a self-imposed exile and honored me by receiving what little I had to offer.

Happy Birthday, Dave.  You have brought a lifetime of joy and love and adventure and vision to our lives – in just 10 years!!  So many years to go.  Soon, for a baby of {as yet}mysterious origin, you will be a daddy again.  And for this child, known well by God, planned and protected by His hand, you will be the  miracle so needed.  And you will do it well.  I know this, because you have done it for us.  For me.

You make us happy.  We think you are wonderful to watch, to know, to love.  Happy, blessed day!  Love you SO much.


Dave & Tara – tonight at Rez in Loveland (4 pm and 6 pm) and tomorrow at both services (8:30 am and 10:30 am.  With Kim Walker.  Dave is speaking.  It will be amazing!

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  1. Happy birthday, big bro! You have blessed our family more than you know and I’m honored to call you brother. I pray that this year brings a newness and freshness that is unparalleled in your life to date. I pray for fun and crazy adventures and that you will be the father of two. I pray that you will occasionally find a secret place, away from crowds, where time stops and you’re hidden away where you can experience complete freedom to be the Lord’s lover where no one can claim pieces of you but Him. A place to be Dave – stripped down of everything, completely naked of accomplishment, insecurity, drive, burdens and weariness – free to just BE. I love you! Happy birthday!

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