I’m a daughter

Happy Father’s Day, daddio.

I am a daughter to a very important man, a holy man.  He has been a pastor, boss, spiritual leader to hundreds, thousands of people.  But he is my dad.  Few share that honor.  I first made him a dad.  That is mine alone.

I don’t think anyone who knows me can doubt the power of the love between us.  My dad is above all dads in my heart.

Happy day for me, because of the Father-of-Light, the Maker of Heaven and earth who adopted ME!

I am a daughter of the Most High.

Don’t you love how Jesus spoke to the persistent woman, the tired, worn out, woman who pushed through just to touch His clothing?  I do.

“Daughter,” He said.  I can hear it, “Daughter…” because she needed to know the Father’s love (and if you have seen Jesus, you have seen the Father).  She needed to know, that even though she’d lost many resources because of her infirmities, maybe even her family and friends, that her Father, her real true Father (the One who’d fashioned her in the womb) – saw her, knew her name and would heal her disease.

His disciples thought for Jesus to try to see who had touched him was a ridiculous exercise in futility, but He continued to look around for her.  He looked for her.  He turned to look for her.  He called her ‘daughter.’  And by His word (a word from the Word) she was whole – everything she was created to be, able and healthy to do all she was created to do.

I am contemplating the daughter thing.  I am determined to be a daughter who pleases her Father.  Or even just a daughter…

Happy Father’s Day to my sons:

Rocky, DP and Tristan, you guys are just amazing fathers and daddies.  The proof is in the pudding.  The grandbebes tell the story of children who are secure in the love of their fathers: Gavin, Guini and Gemma, Hunter, and Averi and Amelie – loved.  Whole.  It is beautiful.

And then – to the man who fathered my children.  Happy Father’s Day, my lover and friend!

Tara wrote on FB today:  As I sit here thinking about my Dad this morning it really occurred to me that he is one of my greatest heroes. He chose me not even knowing what the future might hold. He protects, he encourages, he provides wisdom, he always reminds me of… his love, he thinks I’m beautiful, he makes sure I’m safe, and he actually wants relationship with me!! Wow, sounds like a true father’s heart to me. Happy Father’s Day to you, Dad. I’m so honored that I was the one to make you a “Daddy” first!!

Today you will tend to all sorts of details of having the whole family over.  You’ll make sure the grandbebes have toys and beverages and are safe in the pool with floaties.  You’ll cook and fill the dishwasher and beam with joy, surrounded by your babies, the 5 we grew together, and the ones God sent to join us (and how we love them, too, don’t we??).   You will have had this exhausting HF weekend and yet, you will not have wanted to trade the time and moments with the heritage God has given you.  You love them.  And they love you and honor you.  And you are worthy of that honor.  Happy day, babe!


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  1. Wow honey you’ve done it again. Tears. I love you and I do love all of my kiddos and grand kiddos I’m honored to call you all blessed.

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