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Heather’s Heaven Fest

Heather Cramer is one of my great friends and a Heaven Fest photographer!  She is a creative woman  of God and I happen to own an original watercolor Heather created just for me a few years ago.  So, I am very fond of her!  

You can book Heather for a photo session: bittersweetpics@gmail.com

Love her work, her heart and her take on life.  And on HF 3.0! 

Enjoy Heather’s photography and unique view of Heaven Fest 2010 AND more stories from Heaven Fest!


We attended HeavenFest 2009 as a family (to scope it out) and returned [this year] with our youth group.  We had bought 10 tickets and at the last minute a youth pulled out due to a death in the family…we were adamant that God had a plan for that last ticket and prayed about it.  When we went to the little grocery in town on Friday night,  to pack the cooler with food for the trip, we ran across a young man whose parents divorced and divides his time between here and Pueblo (he was on a visit with his mom) anyhow my husband and I just looked at each other…and chased down his moms car in the parking lot.  He got to go and with the other 7 kids had a blast (so did we) and during the Sacred Assembly God just touched him and he broke down – the Holy Spirit was dealing with all of us – He accepted Christ in the hotel room later that night.  What a BLESSING you are and again we are just amazed at the way the Lord works – He knew who that ticket needed to go to.  Thank you for your hard work and ministry it truly was a Great day!   

R and K M.  

Las Animas, Colorado 


I gave my boss and his family free tickets to Heaven Fest and I was actually surprised at how excited he was to have the tickets because he is not a Christian and had previously made comments about that he might come but he didn’t want anyone to try and convert him because he would only be there to have a fun day out in the sun.  He is extremely opinionated and does NOT hand out compliments very often so when he came to me yesterday and said that upon arriving at the festival [he and his family were treated very well by all the volunteers and had several special requests fulfilled right off the bat.]  He said,  “I have a feeling I could have asked for anything and I would have been accommodated.”  

He went on to talk for the next 20 minutes about how wonderful the festival was and how nice everyone was and that it was great he didn’t need to worry about anything happening to his kids like he would have to worry if he were somewhere else.  He had a GREAT time and had nothing but good things to say! 

I cannot express to you guys how grateful I am for the experience he and his family were able to have at HF because of you and when you try to set a Godly example and minister to a non-believer for 6 years, it is definitely a slightly frightening experience to bring them into a Christian event, hoping and praying that everyone represents Christ well.  I just wanted to tell you that your teams were AWESOME and such a great example not only to the body of Christ but to a non-believer and I am so thankful that he came and was treated so well! 

THANK-YOU for your work and your service and for your teams!  I seriously am in awe and feel so grateful for you guys and all your volunteers, you and they have truly shown the love of Christ to my boss and to so many others and I can say with complete confidence that my boss would come back next year so thank-you!!  -S  


I loved everything about Heaven Fest 3.0, look forward to next year and wish there was no gap between the two. I am a little over one year old in the “Christian” faith…There are two main reason that HF3 was one of the greatest experiences of my life: 

1. This was the first concert, or set of them, that I have been to where there was no alcohol involved. It delighted me in ways unimaginable to be around such happy, loving, caring, and sober people. I love everyone who helped to make the event possible and all who attended. 

2. I loved the chance to go out and volunteer for a cause I truly believed in. The time I spent volunteering was almost more rewarding than the AMAZING music and overall experience of HF3… I just want to say THANK YOU so much for making all of this possible. Thank you all and God BLESS!  -S.M.B.  


On behalf of Petra, I’d like to thank you for bringing the guys to your wonderful festival! I’ve heard nothing but GOOD things about your fest, the setup and the treatment they received from your people. 

I know it was pretty hot, but I’ve heard many comments by fans who were there – and they didn’t seem to mind too much, because they got to see “their band” once again. 

Thank you for a great fest and the chance for Petra to reunite one more time.  ~Sue (management company)


Would like to send you a story that will stay with me for a long time. At the 9 p.m. interactive service, the leader was asking everyone who was feeling burdened or weak to raise their hands. Then said if there were some who felt led to go pray over those people to do so, I was in prayer at the time, but looked up and saw these 3 teenage girls go over and pray for those with their hands up. I knew that was the spirit of God moving in a mighty way. Praise God for each person who gave of themselves to set up this wonderful event and to pray for their brothers and sisters. I thank God that we have the freedom in this country to praise God!! Thanks for letting me share that Luke and God bless you and your efforts. Donna 


At Heavenfest backstage of the Techno Dome, a few teenagers came to the back of the stage and wanted to talk a bit.  In the course of the conversation DJ Josiah and another DJ were able to share Christ with them and they trusted Christ as their Savior.  One rededicated and 2 trusted Christ as their Savior for the first time.  We let them know it was important to tell someone what had happened.  2 of them ended up professing publically from the microphone in the Techno dome. = Jon Burgess


Camping was a cool new feature at this year’s Heaven Fest!

I was brought to tears and able to give a testimony to many about the FULL rainbow that “camped out” with us for like an hour on Friday eve!!  I am sure you saw it too but I was so amazed by it and felt like God was sayin…”here I am, hangin out with ya’ll…this is my remembrance of my promise to you…I am here waiting for you.”  I think the significance was how the entire rainbow was there for sooo long!  It gives me chills just thinkin about it.  I was curious if you had lots of others comment on it too?

Thanks for such an awesome production!  Your staff and volunteers are pretty special to put in that much work to bring sooo many people to God.  I will for sure help out again next year…count me in!  God Bless you all!  B. N.


From one of our HF Camping Leadership Team members:

I just wanted to share the story of one of our gracious campers that attended our blessed HF event . . . 

As he was leaving on Sunday morning he jumped out of his truck and came over to me full of joy and
happiness and just beaming about what WE put together.  He grabbed my hands and just started praying
for me – and for US that “put” this event together and volunteered to make it happen.  

Upon the completion of his prayer, he began telling me that his nephew (only 21 years old) had passed
away and they were not yet sure of all the details.  I was just speechless he was praying for ME and US when
he had just suffered a tragic family loss just hours before . . .  But how blessed was I by his personal FAITH
and TRUST in our precious Lord even during his time of grief and his belief as he drove off was that ALL
things work for good through our precious Lord.  My total WOW moment as I watched him drive out the exit. 

How grateful I am that our event touched this man’s life and he was still able to leave that day filled with joy and happiness . . . OUR GOD IS GREAT!!  Many blessings to you always!!  ~Leann 


Hey Luke, I am from kansas and came to the heavenfest and I am very appreciative of this production that you put on. I felt the spirit of God all over the whole place and it makes me tear up right now as I am typing this to you.  I will try and make it appointment next year to stay over so I can walk right along side of you and [clean up afterwards]. Thank you so much for the awsome time that my family and I had. I want to be honest and let you know that I only paid one dollar per ticket for this show next year I hope to have a better work situation so I can give back to you. God bless you so much for allowing us to come and worship in colorado with you. Very well thought out good job to you and your staff.  J. E.

These people?  Mi familia!

See thousands more pictures at www.heavenfest.com

Lilac Photography covered Heaven Fest!

Ellie is just one of my favorites!



I don’t know anything about photography, except that I love good photographs and especially when you are allowed to SEE something in a way you’d have neglected to look.  I love the photos that arrest me, cause my heart to beat faster, make me shake my head in wonder.  Uh-huh.  I do.  And Ellie does those.  I have some of the BEST photos of my family members from her work.

So, she roamed around and took pictures at HF this summer.  I wanted to share them and I have also included a few of the stories of Heaven Fest.  People have emailed us and Facebooked us and shared a little of their hearts.   There are hundreds of stories, these are exceprts from a few…

Some Photos from Heaven Fest www.heavenfest.com & some great stories, too!

Hello to the HF Team,
I’m sorry I had to work & was unable to hel and volunteerp.  However, want to thank you for the whatever you can afford tickets. My wife got hurt on her job and has been out of work for about 7 months now. I have a 15 year old son who wouldn’t have been able to go if it were not for this. My gratitude and thanks go out to ALL of you for what you do. Hopefully, next year, we will be doing better and I will be able to give more. I truly appreciate it!  Thanks Again!
B. E.  (& son)


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­JESUS! JESUS! JESUS!  The might name of Jesus was all  my family heard all day!!!!
I got the Whatever You Can Afford tickets because I have been jobless for 1yr and 8mo and I am going through a bankruptcy.
My 5-year old son made a friend in the ticket line and they shared a bag of chips, as they talked about how they were both (black and white) formed from the dirt that they were walking in. Jesus!
…I prayed with a father that was reaffirming his belief in Christ and prepared to baptize his son. My children joined me at the table (under the shade) and asked what they were doing and I explained what was being done, why it was being done and how it was done. My youngest said, “Alright Mom… lets go… I know Jesus… He died on the cross for me and you and brother.” I look at my oldest son, and he looked back at me. I was a little hesitant because we didn’t have extra clothes or towels… we didn’t have anything. The hesitation subsided and I signed all three of us up.   I told the volunteer that we had been through a lot in the last two years: homelessness, no employment, no money…And to the water we went… !!!!  I REAFFIRMED MY BELIEF IN CHRIST THROUGH BAPTISM, I BAPTIZED MY OLDEST SON AND MY YOUNGEST SON!!!
After the plunge in the lake my children and I were truly grateful and call it an added benefit because we were soaked from head to toe and no longer hot.  We were definitely comforted by the water and the wet clothes!

Thank you Heaven Fest!!!!  Thank you Jesus!!!


This was my first year volunteering and I can truly say it was a blessing.  Lifebridge Christian Church, leading up to Heavenfes,t had been preaching about 1 body 1 Christ and that is all I was thinking about on Saturday.  It doesn’t matter what church you attend but to come together for one day as brothers and sisters of Christ and serve together and make Heavenfest a success was an unbelieveable experience I will never forget.  God willing I will be there next year to help again.  ~Ana


 Thank God for your ministry and all the many people that worked so hard to make it happen.  My wife and I were blessed beyond words to be able to volenteer to help with the prayer team.  We live 150 miles away and had 23 from the church here in Yuma Colorado so we had limited ability to help.  We were assigned to a team to pray in stations all around the campus for 4 hours.  We took a couple of breaks to worship in the 24/7 worhsip and prayer tent.  We finished with a half hour prayer in the tower.  My wife is deathly afraid of heights and I was shocked that she would go up.  It was the most wonderful day of prayer my wife and I ever experienced.  I can not wait to come back and serve again.  I was so amazed at the mulitiudes of servants that were willing to give their all so that God could minister to so many.  A God work this awsome can not happen without prayer, great leadership and humble servents.  Our part was so small compared to so many but It meant so much to our lives.  D and L Smith


I decided to get my church, my youth group, and friends excited to go Heavenfest 2010. We all came out including two of my friends that really didn’t know about God one way or the other, but were excited to go to a massive concert with friends. We all had a great time… I convinced them to stay for the Sacred Assembly, and so we all settled down on the grass and waited for the sevice to begin. Not long into the service, both girls who didn’t know Jesus started crying and both looked and me and said “I didn’t know… I didn’t know that there was Someone out there that cared so much.” I smiled held them and said, well now you know. Both said afterward that for the first time they wanted to go to church, and they now understood why people got so ‘into’ worship services. They felt the power of Jesus. Thank you, thank you so much for this. I have tried for some time to get these girls to even want to talk about God, and in one night, they not only wanted to talk about God, they were believing in Him!”  S.V.

heaven fest was awesome.  at the hardcore stage…Chad Johnson of Come and Live (great guy get him for next year) asked us to raise our hands if we were dealing with depression so that we could be prayed over.  i did this and found everyone around me had laid there hands on me and was praying for me.  i had never felt this touched in my life i found myself weeping for joy.  It ranks as one of the most life changing experiences of my life.


Hi everyone!
Just wanted to say what a blessing it was to serve at heavenfest! 
I personally was the recipient of a miracle during heavenfest:  I hadn’t felt well since the birth of my 6th child almost 2 years ago.  I think that I have a calcium deficiency as a result of having a baby so late in life and I have a hernia, were my abdominal wall is weakened and tearing due to heavy lifting and childbirth .   I had extreme weakness and pain in my joints and I was unable to lift or bend without experiencing a painfull tearing sensation in my stomach.

 I  felt exhausted and weak and had barely been able to function from day to day which had made me very irritable and hard to live with. When heavenfest contacted me and asked me to be a retail manager this year, I started praying for the strength to serve. 

At the leadership meetings, which -by the way -were unlike any meeting I had ever attended, I felt the Lord strengthening my spirit and preparing me to be his hands and feet!  I felt an energy welling up inside of me and a calming peace and confidence overwhelming me.  During heavenfest I was completely pain free!!!!  I carried heavy boxes, cases of water, and equipment up hills   and painted and drilled signs in the hot sun and was on my feet for 19 hours and never felt stronger or more energetic!! I prayed for strangers and co-workers boldly and felt the presence of God all around us!  I felt love toward all those I came into contact with and found myself praising and thanking God continually throughout the day.  At about midnight I realized that I had been using my left arm all day without any pain!! God is so awesome and I know that he equipped me to serve him in a way and with a strength that was supernatural!! 
“Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord Almighty” Zechariah 4:6
Annie Baker

I got healed at Heaven Fest last year in much the same way, Annie!  Praising God with you!  What an honor to serve alongside you.

How perfect is this for today?!  God rocks!!   Encouraging Word  For I am doing something in your own day, something you wouldn’t believe even if someone told you about it.  ~ Habakkuk 1:5, NLT 

Here’s some thoughts for you! Thank you and God bless you! Another amazing year….

Three years of Heavenfest, and three years of being in the presence of God surrounded by thousands. This year was no different. I think our Lord marks this day on his calendar just as we do now. We bring them together for his glory, and it makes him glad. [boldened by Jeanie…love this!] I saw God baptizing people in the lake, I saw God dancing to techno music, I saw God pumping his fist to hard rock, I saw God beating on drums, strumming on guitars, and walking through the front gates holding peoples hands. I saw God smudging chalk with his fingertips, telling jokes and reading psalms. He sat beside me and whispered words into my ear as I prayed at the front gates for all those who passed through. God was everywhere.

The best moment for me was as we knelt with thousands listening to his word during the Sacred Assembly. As we stood at one point with our hands raised and eyes closed hand were placed upon one another in ~ The body of Christ was united. That feeling of having the hands of others on your shoulders was only surpassed when after, bowed down in the dust I felt God’s arms around me in the most gentle and purest of love. It was at that moment that we were asked to raise our eyes to heaven and smile. I did so with tears streaming down. When you seek him – he is there. When you are with him- you know his love. I have been so blessed over the years to only begin a relationship with my father I knew never was possible. Each year at Heavenfest I pray for that for others, and I have seen the seeds be planted in the fields each year. Yes the music makes us rock out, and sometimes cry, the people you meet are amazing, but the time with God surrounded by the body of Christ is like no other.

This event has changed our lives and continues to help us grow in faith each year. Both of my sons made their decision to be baptized after the time they spent with God at Heavenfest. (’08 and ‘09)  We have all grown in our convictions and calling to bring others to know Christ. Prayers and promises made in these fields each year have brought our family closer, helped us to forgive each other, ourselves and others we know, reach out to others, and to be better children of God. We were on Holy Ground in Longmont this year. We will never know the extend of all the miracles that happened there that day- but there is no doubt that they happened. One happened to me. I felt God touch me- something that has only happened several times in my life- and because of it, I am humbly and joyfully one step closer to him.

In his Grace,  Let’s share our miracles!!!!!   Smiles and blessings~ Alison

*Thanks for letting my boys help with clean-up!…. Can’t wait to help next year!!!!!!!!

This?  Is my family!

Westword’s Heaven Fest Slide Show

THE T-SHIRTS OF HEAVEN FEST: Actually one of the coolest bunch of photos I saw.

CLICK HERE to view 42 slides


Photographer, Eric Gruneisen for Westword, took these at Heaven Fest and I loved what he captured this way.  These are the people who came: real, everyday people.  Some normal, some maybe not-so-much.  Some came for just the music and fellowship and fun.  Some came to make the Name of Jesus glorious. 


I smile at some of these t-shirt sentiments because I love the truth and the creative ways they found to share it and I cringe at others because, though this is my “family” – the whole, big crazy bunch of Jesus followers from every possible denomination and set of values, some of those shirts just won’t play well to others, they won’t know the wearer’s personality or what, in life and experience,  has made them choose the shirt they wear.  Like any fam, there are some crazy opinions and thoughts out there.  You get 30,000 people together and  there is bound to be some hilarious differences along with the familial similarities.  But they are mine – these people, part of the household of faith. 

Love IS the movement

Heaven Fest: Mostly Jesus lover/followers and passionate crusaders.  They are people who are willing to live their lives for something other than themselves.  And they don’t mind letting you know what they think.  And it is too bad that often Christians are the only ones people want to censor.

Definitely register at the site and leave some comments for the slideshow.  Tell them your favorites and support the fam, the Body!  Someday we may have to do the same for you!

Galatians 6.10

“Therefore as we have opportunity,

let us do good to all,

especially those who are of

the household of faith.”

Heaven Fest 2010 – The DAY is just hours away

This is HF Week.


It is wild, crazy fun and tiring.  In a reeeeeeeaaaalllly good way.  Volunteers start showing up to help build stages.  Tent companies start setting up.  The port-o-potties arrive by the truckfull.  The interns order mountains of food and water the workers.  Newspapers show up to take pictures and a bald eagle sat watch from a tree backstage today!  Nice people everywhere!


Omygoodness: THANK-YOU to everyone who helped build stages yesterday and today.  And to people in the office stuffing packets and answering hundreds of phone calls and running errands and keeping us in chocolate!


L O V E all over the place!

How did we get here?


I got the coolest e-mail (well, I was one of 4 recipients which included DP and Tara and Tredessa):

I’m sitting here reflecting on everything right now. We’re 12 days away. Things are really starting to come together. We have an amazing team we nearly had to kick out last night because it was getting late! We’re on a crash course to have [more than 35,000] people. This year we did better on our vendors, our sponsorships, our donations, our materials, our volunteers. Tickes sales are through the roof and climbing…

I guess I’m just grateful to be in this with you guys. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine getting to this place. Love you guys!


The thing is?  Luke painted a picture we could see.  He was a young guy (DP’s lifelong friend) who came weekly to eat leftovers at my kitchen table and would tell us the story of what Heaven Fest could be.  And believe me – getting on board that dream was a defined and specific call of God.  I had no desire to fund and produce a festival for the masses, but somehow there, in those summer days of 2007, we decided to say yes.

Dave, Tara, Luke and I “went public” in September of 2007 (Tredessa joined in the spring) and Heaven Fest was born July 26, 2008.  Oh, but conceived so much earlier.

The 2010 Leadership Team at the final training July 18, 2010.  Crazy visionary, Jesus-loving, self-sacrificing, mission-minded, giving, praying, worshipping, enemy-defeating, gifted, talented, called and appointed people!  Oh, I am in awe! {By the way – do you see how Luke is trying to self-promote  and be seen in this picture?  Yeah.  I didn’t think so.  Because he doesn’t.}

And I never could have imagined what God would do or the people He would send who are just so unbelievably a-ma-zing!  But I feel especially honored to get to work with Luke.  He is one unique individual, a true-hearted, authentic visionary and I am so glad I got to hitch my wagon to his star.  It is a crazy fun ride.

Totally love you back, Luka.