How did we get here?


I got the coolest e-mail (well, I was one of 4 recipients which included DP and Tara and Tredessa):

I’m sitting here reflecting on everything right now. We’re 12 days away. Things are really starting to come together. We have an amazing team we nearly had to kick out last night because it was getting late! We’re on a crash course to have [more than 35,000] people. This year we did better on our vendors, our sponsorships, our donations, our materials, our volunteers. Tickes sales are through the roof and climbing…

I guess I’m just grateful to be in this with you guys. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine getting to this place. Love you guys!


The thing is?  Luke painted a picture we could see.  He was a young guy (DP’s lifelong friend) who came weekly to eat leftovers at my kitchen table and would tell us the story of what Heaven Fest could be.  And believe me – getting on board that dream was a defined and specific call of God.  I had no desire to fund and produce a festival for the masses, but somehow there, in those summer days of 2007, we decided to say yes.

Dave, Tara, Luke and I “went public” in September of 2007 (Tredessa joined in the spring) and Heaven Fest was born July 26, 2008.  Oh, but conceived so much earlier.

The 2010 Leadership Team at the final training July 18, 2010.  Crazy visionary, Jesus-loving, self-sacrificing, mission-minded, giving, praying, worshipping, enemy-defeating, gifted, talented, called and appointed people!  Oh, I am in awe! {By the way – do you see how Luke is trying to self-promote  and be seen in this picture?  Yeah.  I didn’t think so.  Because he doesn’t.}

And I never could have imagined what God would do or the people He would send who are just so unbelievably a-ma-zing!  But I feel especially honored to get to work with Luke.  He is one unique individual, a true-hearted, authentic visionary and I am so glad I got to hitch my wagon to his star.  It is a crazy fun ride.

Totally love you back, Luka.

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