Volunteer at Heaven Fest

Click here: http://www.heavenfest.com/involved/volunteers.php through Friday.  Only 168 volunteer spots left!

Our HR team is unbeatable.  Seriously.  They got requests from HF leadership for something like 1800-1900 volunteers to run a festival to welcome 35,000 people to Union Reservoir at Longmont this year.  And they have been out to churches all over the metro area and along the Front Range telling the Heaven Fest story and making the vision plain.  And people are answering the call!  How cool is that?

The volunteer link is only up for a few more days and only 168 positions to fill.


Volunteers are already hard at work

Volunteer already, will you?  You’ll help promote a culture of honor, you’ll make the Name of Jesus glorious and you’ll sweat and work hard and get to serve some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet anywhere!  Plus?  Because we didn’t have to pay some one to do what you’re doing?  There will be money for orphans and resources to help end child sex slavery through www.love146.com.  There’ll be offerings for the poor and the homeless and Jesus wells dug in India.  THAT is what YOU volunteering will do.

Kristie Allbritten and Stephanie Morgan?  I am humbled and blown over by you.  Thank you.  thank you.  Thank you.  You leave me speechless…

VOLUNTEER, says Tredessa

WHY HF, Dave Powers explains

A Look Back at The Sacred Assembly

The lightening show was straight from the heavens – not some effect added later.  An incoming storm stopped dead in its tracks and we just had the coolest worship time at the end of the night!  Volunteers help soooooo much!  PRAY ABOUT IT THEN SAY YES!


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  1. And I? Am humbled and blown over by you, beautiful lady. By the whole lot of you people, actually. What an honor, what a priviledge, what a crazy, mind-blowing, awesome, inspiring, incredible, reeee-diculous ride of a lifetime. I am already filled to overflowing with the miracles and wonders (internal and external) that have happened. I feel like I might be completely overtaken by what the amazing God we serve brings the day of and the day after. I can feel it in the air! Thanks for just letting me tag along.

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