How WOULD Jesus Get to Heaven Fest?



And there has been a little bit of a stir about that.  I can understand because being green is important these days and if you live nearby, you hate to have to get the car out when you could normally just walk in the the reservoir.  And for anyone from Longmont who was planning to walk in, I am truly sorry for the inconvenience (though most of the commenters seem to have such negative opinions I don’t think they were coming anyway). So an editorial in the Longmont Times-Call (see above) actually proposed we HF organizers think about what Jesus might do to get there.  And I have.

And, respectfully –  if Jesus were coming to Heaven Fest physically this year,  with 11 or 12 disciples in tow (or 35,000), I think He’d be driving in.  Because He’d know that after months of meetings, a concensus between us (the organizers) and the Longmont Police, the Weld County Sheriffs, and the Colorado State Patrol, has been reached.  It has been deemed a huge risk to think of anyone crossing the kind of traffic that 35,000 additional people coming in tot he city will create on highway 119 and the surrounding roads.  I am pretty certain Jesus would follow the legal mandates and safety plan decided upon by the many officials who made this decision and who work daily with the community’s best interests in mind.   He’d so understand that the safety of everyone attending was important.  So He’d drive in.  And He’d pay the $5 parking fee (all of which will go to orphans and ministries saving children from sex slavery), in fact – I think He’d overpay because He knows where that koney is going and He’d probably hang out a lot in the children’s area, laughing and eating ice cream and generally forgiving us all for being so ungracious to one another.

We have invited Him to be there.  And I hope the people of Longmont and the surrounding areas will see Him, through me, through you, through thousands of other people who come to worship Him that day.

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DISCLAIMER:  These are my personal views and do not reflect the viewpoint or opinion of the Heaven Fest staff or volunteers or the ministry of Worship and the Word Movement.  They are just thoughts I had.  Stuff I actually DO think!


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