As the sun breaks into the day, but before the wetness of night has been lifted (when the scent of youth camps past seem to run barefoot by almost unnoticed), the question is: whatever shall I do about the zucchini?  Yes.  That is the question.

Shall I allow them to procreate madly, growing ounces by the hour (pounds by the day, don’t go there people) during this lush time of their season?   Shall I nightly pick baby zuchs and slice them into long, thick chunks?  And then should I drizzle them in olive oil and top them with Kosher salt and juices from crushed garlic and maybe some dill or Mrs. Dash right before I place them on a ready-sizzling grill where they will just start to carmalize before I enjoy their hot succulence?  For a grilled slice of zucchini is, indeed, one of life’s most glorious pleasures, though as yet so undiscovered by the masses.  It is a part of achieving true happiness in life.


Yet, the quandry arises while taking the early-morning count of the fruit.  For one cannot help but notice the explosive, welcoming bright yellow flora that rise up to greet.  Bees happily visiting flower to flower pay me no mind and have no idea that I am wondering if I should forego the zucchini soon to be birthed from this floral friend?  For the flower of the jade squash is edible too and in this fashion, dipping and bathing it in a light, frothy tempura batter, then deep frying in to a crsipy blossom…why, this also is a gourmet delight, delectible in every way.

One cannot overstate the stress a gardener faces every day.  So many decisions.

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