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How did we get here?


I got the coolest e-mail (well, I was one of 4 recipients which included DP and Tara and Tredessa):

I’m sitting here reflecting on everything right now. We’re 12 days away. Things are really starting to come together. We have an amazing team we nearly had to kick out last night because it was getting late! We’re on a crash course to have [more than 35,000] people. This year we did better on our vendors, our sponsorships, our donations, our materials, our volunteers. Tickes sales are through the roof and climbing…

I guess I’m just grateful to be in this with you guys. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine getting to this place. Love you guys!


The thing is?  Luke painted a picture we could see.  He was a young guy (DP’s lifelong friend) who came weekly to eat leftovers at my kitchen table and would tell us the story of what Heaven Fest could be.  And believe me – getting on board that dream was a defined and specific call of God.  I had no desire to fund and produce a festival for the masses, but somehow there, in those summer days of 2007, we decided to say yes.

Dave, Tara, Luke and I “went public” in September of 2007 (Tredessa joined in the spring) and Heaven Fest was born July 26, 2008.  Oh, but conceived so much earlier.

The 2010 Leadership Team at the final training July 18, 2010.  Crazy visionary, Jesus-loving, self-sacrificing, mission-minded, giving, praying, worshipping, enemy-defeating, gifted, talented, called and appointed people!  Oh, I am in awe! {By the way – do you see how Luke is trying to self-promote  and be seen in this picture?  Yeah.  I didn’t think so.  Because he doesn’t.}

And I never could have imagined what God would do or the people He would send who are just so unbelievably a-ma-zing!  But I feel especially honored to get to work with Luke.  He is one unique individual, a true-hearted, authentic visionary and I am so glad I got to hitch my wagon to his star.  It is a crazy fun ride.

Totally love you back, Luka.


Color Theory

I am working from home.  I take a break to get something to eat.  I am walking back in toward the coffee table which is pulled up to the couch (where I have been sitting cross-legged as I plug away on the minutia),  carrying my 12 Kalamata olives (only for the very brave because they pack a powerful flavor sensation) and my 1/2 avocado which has been sprinkled with torn cilantro leaves, crushed-between-my-fingers Kosher salt and had lime juice squeezed over the top (I mean, seriously – your mouth should be watering right now!).

I smile when I see this:

Because ~ this is what Luke Bodley (genius boy) sees across the table when we are in meetings.  What a happy  (and pretty darn well-coordinated) pile of stuff!

My theory? 

Oh yeah, baby.  Luke doesn’t just get his color and design inspiration out of the air!  He sees my computer, my pen bag and pens, my Sea & Ski lip stuff, my meeting notebooks, my coffee mug and my planner.  And we all see the finished product!  I truly don’t TRY to make this happen…these colors just show up in my life these days.

I’m just kidding. He doesn’t need my help. Luke is a genius designer/marketing/festival-producing kid and we just happen to be in sync on retro-modern, flower-child colors right now.  Plus he loves that Colorado-blue sky and I love spring-green grass and those things just cause an exuberantly colorful explosion inside…which then appears! I really LOVE his designs!

By the way:  The planner is opened to July and there is only one thing on it:  Heaven Fest on July 31st!

Do you know why?…Because           Heaven Fest is all there is in July! 

Heaven Fest website (www.heavenfest.com).  Click here for more.

Heaven Fest 2010: July 31st!


We just announced the official Heaven Fest ’10 date today in a middle-of-the-night e-blast.  Because that is when Luke does his best work. Luke Bodley, btw, is a genius!   www.heavenfest.com

We were on the front page of the Longmont Times-Call for the 2nd time in less than 2 weeks (small city, readership maybe 80,000 – but the website comments going on—yowzers!).

I did an interview for that paper last summer and somehow me talking about “God’s Presence” got turned into “God’s presents.”  But it was nice overall (and the Presence is such a gift).

 image swiped from Joe Vasquez’s Facebook.  Thanks, Joe.

Misc. information

The artist line-up is looking good.  I’ll let you in on a little secret:  Casting Crowns has already confirmed and there is going to be a PETRA reunion!  Yes!  Can you believe it??  The Lord is opening really interesting doors in some intriguing places.

We are dreaming of huge, creative, generous ways we can give – give – give to orphans and ministries and God’s work around the world.  And listening for how and what God is calling us to…

New Look

Heaven Fest 2010 promo

Luke has unveiled the new groovy and much greener look (affectionately referred to by my sweet friends as “Jeanie green”) and things are unfolding in a beautiful God-loves-Colorado fashion!  Woo-hoo!  And the countdown clock is ticking away at the website.  YIKES!

 image captured moments ago from the website

Wanna help?  You know where to find me!