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Color Theory

I am working from home.  I take a break to get something to eat.  I am walking back in toward the coffee table which is pulled up to the couch (where I have been sitting cross-legged as I plug away on the minutia),  carrying my 12 Kalamata olives (only for the very brave because they pack a powerful flavor sensation) and my 1/2 avocado which has been sprinkled with torn cilantro leaves, crushed-between-my-fingers Kosher salt and had lime juice squeezed over the top (I mean, seriously – your mouth should be watering right now!).

I smile when I see this:

Because ~ this is what Luke Bodley (genius boy) sees across the table when we are in meetings.  What a happy  (and pretty darn well-coordinated) pile of stuff!

My theory? 

Oh yeah, baby.  Luke doesn’t just get his color and design inspiration out of the air!  He sees my computer, my pen bag and pens, my Sea & Ski lip stuff, my meeting notebooks, my coffee mug and my planner.  And we all see the finished product!  I truly don’t TRY to make this happen…these colors just show up in my life these days.

I’m just kidding. He doesn’t need my help. Luke is a genius designer/marketing/festival-producing kid and we just happen to be in sync on retro-modern, flower-child colors right now.  Plus he loves that Colorado-blue sky and I love spring-green grass and those things just cause an exuberantly colorful explosion inside…which then appears! I really LOVE his designs!

By the way:  The planner is opened to July and there is only one thing on it:  Heaven Fest on July 31st!

Do you know why?…Because           Heaven Fest is all there is in July! 

Heaven Fest website (www.heavenfest.com).  Click here for more.

Re-purposed artificial trees, some cereal boxes and fence posts, and a few thousand twinkling lights


Two years ago I was sitting in the “Garage” at church (the “edgier” venue at Northern Hills) and suddenly envisioned a very cool silhouette, “crystally” bright Bethlehem scene with a giant star hanging from the middle of the 30-some-feet-high ceiling.  Didn’t have the time nor $$ to do anything with it, but filed it away into my thinking.  Couldn’t work it out last year, either, but this year, Scott, the Worship Arts pastor asked me to decorate both venues, The Garage and The Celebration Center.


Last week we decorated the Celebration Center.  We put out a call for old, artificial trees in the church bulletin to be recycled.  I got some there and picked up a few via Craigslist.  With 8 old trees in hand, we cut the branches off and created, on wooden fence-post 1 x 6s, 3 large wreath forms and wired on the tree branches.  The middle wreath is actually over 7 feet in diameter.  The two flanking wreaths are 5 1/2 feet.  There are about 4000 lights on the three wreaths combined.

Three red damask tablecloths sewn together for a combined size of 5 feet x 25 1/2 feet were draped over the wreaths.

The rest of the tree beanches were wired to create 50 feet of “garland” across the front of the stage.  We wrapped it with over-sized 24″ wide sparkly red floral wrap and lit it up.  Next, we placed foil-wrapped and beribboned cereal and pop-tart boxes into the garland as “gift ornaments.”

The 9-foot pre-lit tree was lit some more (seriously, people: lights are key!) and a giant bow placed at the top, swirling down the branches in a carefree manner, tucked in here and there amongst giant glittery ornaments.

One of my “helpers” loaned me a beautiful 2-ft Nativity set to display at the baptistry opening, which is stone-lined and just looked “Bethlehem” to me and voila!  Done.  Simple.  To the point.  Well-there will be a couple of new touches this next Sunday….

Think large bank or mall-sized stuff.  Simple lines, giant ornaments, basic Christmas shapes, twinkling lights-everything way over-sized, but not looking over-sized because they are in such a large room.  They just fit.

And it turned out nice.  It turned out festive and maybe even a bit elegant, but if nothing else: green!  Everything was recycled! 

Now all the women’s teas and homeschool kids programs and packed-out Christmas Eve services will have a beautiful backdrop.

On to The Garage!  Just wait!!…Jeanie

MY DEEPEST THANKS TO: my long-suffering, and very talented husband, Dave; Stormie, Rocky & Jovan, Tredessa, Laura Frye, Pearl and Bryan-the amazings!; my nephew Zach; the patient and helpful maintenance staff (Mike, Sebastian and Charles) and all the people who donated their old trees for the celebration!

pictured-Dave got a few shots Sunday…I’ll be adding more!  Click on thumbnails for bigger image.  Obviously, btw, the sermon series changes this week!  Ha!