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Westword’s Heaven Fest Slide Show

THE T-SHIRTS OF HEAVEN FEST: Actually one of the coolest bunch of photos I saw.

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Photographer, Eric Gruneisen for Westword, took these at Heaven Fest and I loved what he captured this way.  These are the people who came: real, everyday people.  Some normal, some maybe not-so-much.  Some came for just the music and fellowship and fun.  Some came to make the Name of Jesus glorious. 


I smile at some of these t-shirt sentiments because I love the truth and the creative ways they found to share it and I cringe at others because, though this is my “family” – the whole, big crazy bunch of Jesus followers from every possible denomination and set of values, some of those shirts just won’t play well to others, they won’t know the wearer’s personality or what, in life and experience,  has made them choose the shirt they wear.  Like any fam, there are some crazy opinions and thoughts out there.  You get 30,000 people together and  there is bound to be some hilarious differences along with the familial similarities.  But they are mine – these people, part of the household of faith. 

Love IS the movement

Heaven Fest: Mostly Jesus lover/followers and passionate crusaders.  They are people who are willing to live their lives for something other than themselves.  And they don’t mind letting you know what they think.  And it is too bad that often Christians are the only ones people want to censor.

Definitely register at the site and leave some comments for the slideshow.  Tell them your favorites and support the fam, the Body!  Someday we may have to do the same for you!

Galatians 6.10

“Therefore as we have opportunity,

let us do good to all,

especially those who are of

the household of faith.”