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Heather’s Heaven Fest

Heather Cramer is one of my great friends and a Heaven Fest photographer!  She is a creative woman  of God and I happen to own an original watercolor Heather created just for me a few years ago.  So, I am very fond of her!  

You can book Heather for a photo session: bittersweetpics@gmail.com

Love her work, her heart and her take on life.  And on HF 3.0! 

Enjoy Heather’s photography and unique view of Heaven Fest 2010 AND more stories from Heaven Fest!


We attended HeavenFest 2009 as a family (to scope it out) and returned [this year] with our youth group.  We had bought 10 tickets and at the last minute a youth pulled out due to a death in the family…we were adamant that God had a plan for that last ticket and prayed about it.  When we went to the little grocery in town on Friday night,  to pack the cooler with food for the trip, we ran across a young man whose parents divorced and divides his time between here and Pueblo (he was on a visit with his mom) anyhow my husband and I just looked at each other…and chased down his moms car in the parking lot.  He got to go and with the other 7 kids had a blast (so did we) and during the Sacred Assembly God just touched him and he broke down – the Holy Spirit was dealing with all of us – He accepted Christ in the hotel room later that night.  What a BLESSING you are and again we are just amazed at the way the Lord works – He knew who that ticket needed to go to.  Thank you for your hard work and ministry it truly was a Great day!   

R and K M.  

Las Animas, Colorado 


I gave my boss and his family free tickets to Heaven Fest and I was actually surprised at how excited he was to have the tickets because he is not a Christian and had previously made comments about that he might come but he didn’t want anyone to try and convert him because he would only be there to have a fun day out in the sun.  He is extremely opinionated and does NOT hand out compliments very often so when he came to me yesterday and said that upon arriving at the festival [he and his family were treated very well by all the volunteers and had several special requests fulfilled right off the bat.]  He said,  “I have a feeling I could have asked for anything and I would have been accommodated.”  

He went on to talk for the next 20 minutes about how wonderful the festival was and how nice everyone was and that it was great he didn’t need to worry about anything happening to his kids like he would have to worry if he were somewhere else.  He had a GREAT time and had nothing but good things to say! 

I cannot express to you guys how grateful I am for the experience he and his family were able to have at HF because of you and when you try to set a Godly example and minister to a non-believer for 6 years, it is definitely a slightly frightening experience to bring them into a Christian event, hoping and praying that everyone represents Christ well.  I just wanted to tell you that your teams were AWESOME and such a great example not only to the body of Christ but to a non-believer and I am so thankful that he came and was treated so well! 

THANK-YOU for your work and your service and for your teams!  I seriously am in awe and feel so grateful for you guys and all your volunteers, you and they have truly shown the love of Christ to my boss and to so many others and I can say with complete confidence that my boss would come back next year so thank-you!!  -S  


I loved everything about Heaven Fest 3.0, look forward to next year and wish there was no gap between the two. I am a little over one year old in the “Christian” faith…There are two main reason that HF3 was one of the greatest experiences of my life: 

1. This was the first concert, or set of them, that I have been to where there was no alcohol involved. It delighted me in ways unimaginable to be around such happy, loving, caring, and sober people. I love everyone who helped to make the event possible and all who attended. 

2. I loved the chance to go out and volunteer for a cause I truly believed in. The time I spent volunteering was almost more rewarding than the AMAZING music and overall experience of HF3… I just want to say THANK YOU so much for making all of this possible. Thank you all and God BLESS!  -S.M.B.  


On behalf of Petra, I’d like to thank you for bringing the guys to your wonderful festival! I’ve heard nothing but GOOD things about your fest, the setup and the treatment they received from your people. 

I know it was pretty hot, but I’ve heard many comments by fans who were there – and they didn’t seem to mind too much, because they got to see “their band” once again. 

Thank you for a great fest and the chance for Petra to reunite one more time.  ~Sue (management company)


Would like to send you a story that will stay with me for a long time. At the 9 p.m. interactive service, the leader was asking everyone who was feeling burdened or weak to raise their hands. Then said if there were some who felt led to go pray over those people to do so, I was in prayer at the time, but looked up and saw these 3 teenage girls go over and pray for those with their hands up. I knew that was the spirit of God moving in a mighty way. Praise God for each person who gave of themselves to set up this wonderful event and to pray for their brothers and sisters. I thank God that we have the freedom in this country to praise God!! Thanks for letting me share that Luke and God bless you and your efforts. Donna 


At Heavenfest backstage of the Techno Dome, a few teenagers came to the back of the stage and wanted to talk a bit.  In the course of the conversation DJ Josiah and another DJ were able to share Christ with them and they trusted Christ as their Savior.  One rededicated and 2 trusted Christ as their Savior for the first time.  We let them know it was important to tell someone what had happened.  2 of them ended up professing publically from the microphone in the Techno dome. = Jon Burgess


Camping was a cool new feature at this year’s Heaven Fest!

I was brought to tears and able to give a testimony to many about the FULL rainbow that “camped out” with us for like an hour on Friday eve!!  I am sure you saw it too but I was so amazed by it and felt like God was sayin…”here I am, hangin out with ya’ll…this is my remembrance of my promise to you…I am here waiting for you.”  I think the significance was how the entire rainbow was there for sooo long!  It gives me chills just thinkin about it.  I was curious if you had lots of others comment on it too?

Thanks for such an awesome production!  Your staff and volunteers are pretty special to put in that much work to bring sooo many people to God.  I will for sure help out again next year…count me in!  God Bless you all!  B. N.


From one of our HF Camping Leadership Team members:

I just wanted to share the story of one of our gracious campers that attended our blessed HF event . . . 

As he was leaving on Sunday morning he jumped out of his truck and came over to me full of joy and
happiness and just beaming about what WE put together.  He grabbed my hands and just started praying
for me – and for US that “put” this event together and volunteered to make it happen.  

Upon the completion of his prayer, he began telling me that his nephew (only 21 years old) had passed
away and they were not yet sure of all the details.  I was just speechless he was praying for ME and US when
he had just suffered a tragic family loss just hours before . . .  But how blessed was I by his personal FAITH
and TRUST in our precious Lord even during his time of grief and his belief as he drove off was that ALL
things work for good through our precious Lord.  My total WOW moment as I watched him drive out the exit. 

How grateful I am that our event touched this man’s life and he was still able to leave that day filled with joy and happiness . . . OUR GOD IS GREAT!!  Many blessings to you always!!  ~Leann 


Hey Luke, I am from kansas and came to the heavenfest and I am very appreciative of this production that you put on. I felt the spirit of God all over the whole place and it makes me tear up right now as I am typing this to you.  I will try and make it appointment next year to stay over so I can walk right along side of you and [clean up afterwards]. Thank you so much for the awsome time that my family and I had. I want to be honest and let you know that I only paid one dollar per ticket for this show next year I hope to have a better work situation so I can give back to you. God bless you so much for allowing us to come and worship in colorado with you. Very well thought out good job to you and your staff.  J. E.

These people?  Mi familia!

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