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Tristan + Mozart + Arnold + Hills that are Alive = {what country?}

Tristan went to Austria to play drums for a missions worship team recently.

Austria has chocolate and really good pastry (and tafelspitz, and germkenodel). and is where Arnold Schwarzenegger came from.  Julie Andrews made their hills famous as she twirled and sang.  Lots o’ composers were from this little nation (Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Brahms and more).  It is mainly Catholic, but mostly in a traditional, religious way.  And it is a great mission field.


Tris and the worship team take on the castle.

Got to see pictures and hear his experience last night.  The missionaries throw country music into the worship set list because people are drawn to that.  A little Keith Urban here, a little Brad Paisley there.  But they did not “get” Brad’s song, “I’m Gonna Miss Her,” about a guy whose wife gives him  an ultimatum.  They thought they were misunderstanding the translation and asked, “Why would a man choose fishing over his wife?”  Perplexed, they were.  


And it turns out they are NOT fans of “The Sound of Music.”  Tris said they find it campy and believe it paints them in a bad light, to which my husband speculated sarcastically, “You mean because they sided with the Germans?!”    Never-mind him, Tris.  You went.  You played.  You ministered!

And everytime one of Tristan’s photos did show some beautiful hills, it was hard for me not to break into song.  They did get that right!


I doubt this Austrian street drummer knew he was no match for our Tristan.  Ahem.

When my kids go, I stay and pray.  My honor to do so, to share my kiddos with the nations!  And  Tristan is wonderful.  He brought us Mozart’s Balls (chocolate truffles, people) from the land of “singing hills” and coffee, too.  Yum! 


Stormie got baking chocolate.  Mmmm…what loveliness awaits us this holiday season, I wonder?  NOTE:  Careers with McDonalds are available there, it seems.

Wanna hear some awesome Holy-Spirit-anointed drumming by Tristan Kelley?  Right HERE!  Click on “Freedom” (also down-loadable) for 34 minutes of his playing with scriptures on the topic read by Pastor Lewis Brown and Lewis Brown Junior (Proxy).  Very cool!

In other family-missionary travels news…

Mary Jean just returned from 6 weeks Scotland, England, Estonia, and Norway~

That woman travels and teaches!  AND she brought me ART!  A signed and numbered piece called Heart Garden in a series of paintings about the heart (from Proverbs 4.23)…isn’t it beautiful?   There is actually so much to look at in all the details!

Check out the website by clicking here!  You’ll find English translations by scrolling on down.

Cry for the Children

My family (children and MJP) has been going to The Home of Refuge for several years.  The kids have raised countless dollars and helped teach, preach and build playgrounds and remodel kitchens and have just carrried the torch for this particular orphange.  Heaven Fest and WWM has made the Homes of Refuge a major focus in ministry and giving.

A few days ago, the government took the property over and bussed the children off.  We have been praying for the children.  It has become clear that there is an enemy assignment against the leaders of the ministry and the orphange there.  The government has threatened this for years, but is finally carrying some things out.

Below is an e-mail from Mary Jean Powers  that I just got today with the most recent news of Tony and Rosa and The Home of Refuge in Venezuela.  We have been weeping over the children.  Join us in prayer, please.

Hey Everyone ~ I realize that this is the first news some of you have received regarding the recent attack on Home of Refuge in Venezuela. I will make this as brief as possible because I cannot include all the details that I just got from Rosa by phone. I will be sharing everything at a prayer meeting tonight (Monday December 15) specifically for HOR and Tony and Rosa. The prayer meeting will be held at  611 Pheasant View Dr. in Frederick, CO at 7 pm.

Here are some details and a correction: First of all, the orphanage in Honduras WAS NOT ROBBED. HOR Honduras is doing great.

 It was Home of Refuge in Venezuela that was robbed at gunpoint last Monday, by 4 men who were hired to kill Tony. Tony was not there. 

Three government agencies came to the orphanage the following Thursday to take over. They have taken possession of the property, and sent almost all of the children away on a bus – we do not know where they are. They have forbidden Tony to come to the property, at the risk of being imprisoned.

Four of the most severely handicapped children were left behind at the facility. Big Luis and Yesica were at school; they are safe. Gabriel, Lillie and Carla, Edixon and a 5 yr. old new kid are safe, as well.

Right now, Tony is at the airport in Caracas, trying to fly back to Miami. He went to the Ven. National Guard for protection, and they advised him to leave the country asap because there is a price on his head.

As I said, I will give all the details tonight. Please do your best to keep these details accurate as you pass them along to other intercessors. I was able to pray with Rosa today, and I believe that God is raising up an army of intercessors on behalf of these orphans. One intercessor said that she had a dream of Jesus praying for our kids at HOR! Please pray what Jesus is praying!

OK, here is the most important thing to pray about (besides the obvious protection, etc. for the children):

  • PRAY DIVINE PROTECTION FOR TONY’S LIFE. These hired murderers will stop at nothing.


Peace on Earth,  Mary Jean

pictured: Tony & Rosa

All in the Family


Just got back from 3 days in the mountains (beautiful!!!) where we kicked off Leaving a Legacy (an arm of Get the Word Out! Intensives). 

The teaching team was Mary Jean Powers (my co-mother-in-law-co-Nonnas-we-share-Hunter),  Joy McGinnis of Seattle, our daughter Tredessa, Dave & Tara, our daughter and son-in-law and Dave and I.

It was wonderful and difficult.  I exposed myself and got honest.  Dave and I both told on ourselves, about the places we have failed in raising children who have come to know and seek after God for themselves.  

I told them that:

  • It is never too late to become the family you might have been.  Don’t give up.  Get the Word into your home and family and serve God fearfully with all your might.
  • I am still learning to parent in this new season.  I still have to apologize for things as the Holy Spirit reminds me – from both years ago and a few days ago.
  • Raising kids who’ll love the Lord?  It’s gonna take at least Forty-Thousand Days of Purpose!  Sorry, Rick Warren.
  • And-we have all have dirt under our fingernails.  We’re sowing something into our children’s lives.  We may as well be sowing the incorruptible seed of the Word of God to get the spiritual harvest that God’s Word promises in Gal. 6.  Is your family at a crossroads or troubling time?  Stand on the promises: read ’em, speak ’em, believe ’em, bury them deep in the soil of your heart in faith.  Then?  Eat the fruit!  The harvest WILL come!

Dave taught on journaling as a way to leave your written legacy and not only taught about the blessing (learning to verbally speak blessing over your children), but prayed a bessing over the fathers and fatherless young men who were there.

I wondered aloud, at one point, if there was anyone who could possibly have messed up parenting more than I had.?  Even though Mary Jean and Joy claimed they could have (and maybe we all had that potential), I am so grateful to be living to see the faithful hand of God in our lives, as a family.  We’re still living it and tripping along the way sometimes, but I am so glad for the opportunity to encourage other families that God is faithful.  He promises – and He will keep those promises!  I was honored to get to pass that message along!

Blessed to be a blessing…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Keep living the legacy.  You have to live it before you can give it away.

pictured: the view just outside our cabin door – if you look very closely, you can see some snow on the rocks from a few days before…we had 70+degrees; my husband praying for our son-in-law Dave just before he (s-i-l) reciprocated.