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Tristan + Mozart + Arnold + Hills that are Alive = {what country?}

Tristan went to Austria to play drums for a missions worship team recently.

Austria has chocolate and really good pastry (and tafelspitz, and germkenodel). and is where Arnold Schwarzenegger came from.  Julie Andrews made their hills famous as she twirled and sang.  Lots o’ composers were from this little nation (Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Brahms and more).  It is mainly Catholic, but mostly in a traditional, religious way.  And it is a great mission field.


Tris and the worship team take on the castle.

Got to see pictures and hear his experience last night.  The missionaries throw country music into the worship set list because people are drawn to that.  A little Keith Urban here, a little Brad Paisley there.  But they did not “get” Brad’s song, “I’m Gonna Miss Her,” about a guy whose wife gives him  an ultimatum.  They thought they were misunderstanding the translation and asked, “Why would a man choose fishing over his wife?”  Perplexed, they were.  


And it turns out they are NOT fans of “The Sound of Music.”  Tris said they find it campy and believe it paints them in a bad light, to which my husband speculated sarcastically, “You mean because they sided with the Germans?!”    Never-mind him, Tris.  You went.  You played.  You ministered!

And everytime one of Tristan’s photos did show some beautiful hills, it was hard for me not to break into song.  They did get that right!


I doubt this Austrian street drummer knew he was no match for our Tristan.  Ahem.

When my kids go, I stay and pray.  My honor to do so, to share my kiddos with the nations!  And  Tristan is wonderful.  He brought us Mozart’s Balls (chocolate truffles, people) from the land of “singing hills” and coffee, too.  Yum! 


Stormie got baking chocolate.  Mmmm…what loveliness awaits us this holiday season, I wonder?  NOTE:  Careers with McDonalds are available there, it seems.

Wanna hear some awesome Holy-Spirit-anointed drumming by Tristan Kelley?  Right HERE!  Click on “Freedom” (also down-loadable) for 34 minutes of his playing with scriptures on the topic read by Pastor Lewis Brown and Lewis Brown Junior (Proxy).  Very cool!

In other family-missionary travels news…

Mary Jean just returned from 6 weeks Scotland, England, Estonia, and Norway~

That woman travels and teaches!  AND she brought me ART!  A signed and numbered piece called Heart Garden in a series of paintings about the heart (from Proverbs 4.23)…isn’t it beautiful?   There is actually so much to look at in all the details!

Check out the website by clicking here!  You’ll find English translations by scrolling on down.