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Happy Birthday to Dessy

June 13, 1983 was this amazing day…

So, this may be the latest I have ever been in posting a birthday blog, but the added days have only made me ever more grateful for you, the day you were born and all the days since…

dessa at tea

I know, I know – I am always reminiscing about the days you kiddos were born and how those sacred, over-the-top-amazing moments changed my life forever. Maybe I see them through rose-colored glasses, but your arrivals were, to me, so monumental, so divinely, lightening-bolt powerful. Well, I mean they were like day six in the garden of Eden, the day God made man in His image. That’s a pretty big deal, I’d say.

And you own June, Tre-Tre. You own June days and purple irises and rose bushes in full bloom. You are the sound of cheering at church ball games and yellow layettes and a handmade diaper bag in dotted-swiss, Easter green, embroidered by Grandma with love. You are a hot summer and a headful of black hair with big, lacy barrettes that had plenty to hang on to. You are the baby girl who arrived to two of the sweetest, giggliest big sisters who mentioned you in their nightly prayers, calling you Twe-dessa-Christina (even though it should have been Tredessa Christine).

Dessa studio 818

You were born in to love, a mommy and daddy who were still newlyweds, madly in love with each other and church life and our three little girls and afternoons splashing in the backyard wading pool while the radio played, “Never gonna let you go...”

You just slipped in unobtrusively and cuddled into a little corner of our lives and hearts and then we were 5, our little tribe.  And 1983 is so special in my heart for your arrival. And June became a month I revere and romanticize for your birth. And you, my little mystery, were heaven-sent, without a doubt.

dessa and ryan

Happy Birthday to Tredessa Christine, my 3rd baby and the centerpiece of the little Rhoades familia.

Hey, Dessy-Pooh, you are an extraordinary woman, you are! I am still thanking God He sent you to us, He formed you and fashioned you in very interesting and distinct ways. You possess such strength, such deep-rooted fortitude, I’d put money on you over a tornado any day. Best of luck to the winds and waves that try to defy you, one who so deeply understands her place in God’s heart. They’d just as soon die down and whimper away than try to quench the fiery wall that is Dessa. Seriously.

Dessa and Eva right after birth

Intrigue and espionage, power and war

You, my sweet (hasn’t the whole family always known?), could run America with your brain and mighty valorous heart, the wisdom of God and your anointed insight! The FBI or the CIA would be in good hands with you at the helm, if you decided against a bid for the White House, that is. :)  I leave nothing outside the realm of possibility, for you, an Esther, a Rebekah, a Deborah, for sure – you are a viable leadership option for the healing of this nation in the hands of God. I for sure BELIVE that! Now if you can somehow miraculously do it without becoming a politician…

But that is the thing. You could and you will do amazing things in your life (because you have already started and accomplished so much), but your strength is that you are willing and always content to wait on God’s timing in your life, for your life.  So few of us have mastered that or want to. The vision that speaks of the end (Habakkuk 2.3): Give it to me now, we demand. But not you, Dessy, you wait with a twinkle in your eye, a knowing in your heart, a calm spirit and determination in your step.

“For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.” Hab. 2.2-3

And you have a wisdom beyond your years and haven’t you used it to challenge my imprisonments, to bring enlightenment and yes, even some correction to your ol’ momma? You have. I will answer that for you, you little booger.  ;)  And I take it from you.

But what else could I do from a daughter who has repeatedly, intentionally received the counsel of her mom and chosen to accept all God had for her through even me for her own life? I love that you know we were paired by God on purpose and that you have searched for the treasure in it, even when it has been hard to find at times! I appreciate you giving me credit for many of your wonderful attributes even though I know you far surpass me in most everything you put your hand to…perhaps just – everything!

I love that you still look for the things you can learn from me and call for baby advice when, like your sisters, you are a completely incredible mommy, so much smarter and better equipped at it than  I ever was, but still, you ask me, “What did you do when...” and “How did you handle..?” And the years roll back – back – back and I am in 1983 again and just so grateful to God for the blessing of you that June day you were presented to me from Creator and for the blessing of you now.

Dessa and Stormie

So, let me speak this blessing and prayer over you as we celebrate the day you came and the life you are leading, woman of God, devoted daughter, admirable human being:

God make you righteous and strong and able. May your Creator deal with you as He does with the Daughter of Zion in His Word. His patience and loving care for His people is sure and He considers it an affront to Himself when the enemy threatens His royal offspring. And so I remind Him daily to guard and protect you the same way.

May God bless you and watch over you and keep you.

I pray that not only will He see you and notice you and hear you, but that you will know He does. I pray that not only will He hear your prayers and hear your heart’s cry and answer you in days of trouble, but that you will never forget to call out to Him.

You are quiet and not given to voicing every little thing, but at the faintest whisper from your lips, I pray God is watching and will attend to you, as He promised. May He bless you, spirit, soul, body, in fruitfulness, mothering, love and marriage, may He bless you.

I pray that you will prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers. I bless you on the occasion of the celebration of your birth and life with the blessing of God and His watchfulness over you.

May God shine His face toward you and show you favor and great grace.

I know your light and life make God smile. They make me smile. So, I pray that the warmth and power of His outrageous love for you and Ryan and Evangeline and all the little Faalands-to-come will just radiate like fire in you, through you, around you and for you.

Write words that will change everything, Dess. Soak in the Word of God for all you’re worth and love it and live it and stand on it for your home and marriage and life and mommying and calling and walk worthy because you are {in Him}. Bring order to chaos,  spread numbers on sheets and make accounts whole and holy (those things you do so very well) . Speak out what God tells you because your words bring life to the lifeless, hope to the hopeless, and courage for the battle.

May God be favorably disposed towards you, and may He grant you peace.

I pray God just face-to-face, eyeball-to-eyeball gives you His absolute approval and you have the courage and grace to just receive it and soak it in. So that all those dreams you and Ryan have –  dreaming of ways you can support the things of the Kingdom, all the plans and aspirations that are bubbling up in both of you to change the world and make a place for the Presence – may you be courageous and bold and strong and take hold of them.

{Remember the little girl whose favorite worship song for many years was “Be bold, be strong, for the Lord thy God is with you! I am not afraid, I am not dismayed, for I’m walking in faith and victory, yes…”? I do! I believe her battle cry took root!}

And may you live in peace, peace with God and with man and may your household be a place of rest and joy, refreshment and grace.

Dessa, steampunk photo shoot for work

Beloved daughter, treasured friend~

I couldn’t have dreamed you up. You are beyond anything I could have asked for or even thought a daughter should be. You have been a delight since I first laid eyes on you in Kokomo 31 years ago. You’re a peacemaker, a thoughtful friend and an honoring daughter. May you receive and reap the full benefit of all you have given and sown to be so. I love you truly, madly, deeply, my darling daughter, my girl-child.  {With love from your oh-so-thankful mom}   

Not in Minnesota anymore…

Tredessa took a vacation. 

We were all surprised and happy because, to put it mildly-she is a bit of an over-worker-super-achiever at times.  But she is choosing to let God do a new thing in her life and it is good.


IKEA virgin no more.

So- a week in Minnesota with good, lifelong friends (The Bierers – people we adore!!)  included lounging by the pool and shopping (she has heretofore been a somewhat militant non-shopper) at The Mall of America.  She is no longer an IKEA virgin!  Quite the vacation for Tre-Tre!

4406_91544473814_811738814_1884956_6629441_n n811738814_1884962_7902706

Tredessa comes back in spite of a tornado.

7 days later it was time to come home.  Her plane was due to land at DIA at the exact same time a tornado was barreling through.  They put them in a holding pattern for so long their fuel got low.  They ended up landing at Colorado Springs to re-fuel and wait in line to be able to get back to DIA.

june-stormies-088 june-stormies-097

She finally got back – just in the nick-of-time for a family dinner to celebrate her life (as she will be out of town again on her actual birthday this weekend).

june-stormies-113 june-stormies-121

We got together.  There were hugs and kisses and flowers and presents.  There was laughter and a few tears of love.  There were 5 energetic grandkids (who played dress-up all night) and grilled chicken.  We ate corn on the cob and strawberry cheesecake.  Edward was invited to be adored.  A hot competitve Twilight game was played way into the night.  It was the fam and a few friends.

june-stormies-138 june-stormies-142

june-stormies-127 s811738814_1885135_5165642  june-stormies-104 june-stormies-091

june-stormies-094 june-stormies-103 june-stormies-095 june-stormies-128

Stef and Wrex, who had been out of town, rushed back to “crash the party” for Tredessa.  They wore orange so well.  That is one of the reasons we love them so.  We did a mini-birthday-celebration for Wrex, too.

Tredessa in Transition

Besides her birthday, Tredessa is in transition in her life right now.  There are lots of things changing and things she just doesn’t know some details of her future right now.  But I hope she knows, at the very least, how much we all cherish her (especially becuase of that awesome poem I wrote for her)!

Welcome home, TreTre.  Love ya!…mom

Early Bird

You know it is going to be an exquisite day, a day of sunshine and fruitfulness when the birds wake you up at half past four in the morning, already in full song, trumpeting God’s greatness.

  1. I have finished planting the straw bales (3 are dedicated to zucchini and summer squash; one has a paste tomato and a tomatillo; one is the holder of the watermelon seeds – getting a late start, but they are on the south side of the house, so hopefully the bale and the sun will help me out.  And the final two hold 4 unique and beautiful tomatoe plants.  I sunk them in on Monday and I have never seen such happy tomatoes.  Truly.  They are just plum delighted.)  Even the seeds I plopped in 6 days ago are sprouting very happily. 
  2. Dave is filling the pool.
  3. I have completed almost all of my potted plants (still have a few things to buy).
  4. I have planted more radishes and lettuce and peppers and beets (beets because of Dwight on The Office – more of a joke…hopefully we’ll actually find something good to do with them).
  5. I painted numbers 1-5 in white on the little black grand-bebe breakfast bar stools.  So cute.
  6. I painted my cherry end table black (which I have wanted to do forever!).
  7. I had lunch in the cool breezy shade with my amazing husband (who is tanning up nicely). 
  8. I sewed four new cushion covers for the patio chairs.
  9. I got sidetracked a lot.  And watched part of a crime show.
  10. I helped Dave a little with the swingset/play thing he is building the grand-bebes.
  11. Now I am off to birthday and celebration meal shop for Tredessa, who arrives home from vacation tomorrow.

Oh, that all days were as abundant…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Hang the “Our Father” prints, sew more cushion covers – tonight…??

Pretty good day so far…Jeanie

Home of Refuge – Honduras

Tredessa and Stormie, Niece-Elise and Mary Jean, plus the rest, left for Honduras today.  They go.  I pray.  If they cross your mind, will you pray, too?  While they pour out, I am praying they will get filled!

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”  John 14.18

Father, heal both the children who reside at the Home of Refuge and the ones who have gone to minister to them from the orphan spirit.  Reveal Your love and do a deep work in their hearts.  May the team return renewed, hearts healed, and energized by Your grace.”

All in the Family


Just got back from 3 days in the mountains (beautiful!!!) where we kicked off Leaving a Legacy (an arm of Get the Word Out! Intensives). 

The teaching team was Mary Jean Powers (my co-mother-in-law-co-Nonnas-we-share-Hunter),  Joy McGinnis of Seattle, our daughter Tredessa, Dave & Tara, our daughter and son-in-law and Dave and I.

It was wonderful and difficult.  I exposed myself and got honest.  Dave and I both told on ourselves, about the places we have failed in raising children who have come to know and seek after God for themselves.  

I told them that:

  • It is never too late to become the family you might have been.  Don’t give up.  Get the Word into your home and family and serve God fearfully with all your might.
  • I am still learning to parent in this new season.  I still have to apologize for things as the Holy Spirit reminds me – from both years ago and a few days ago.
  • Raising kids who’ll love the Lord?  It’s gonna take at least Forty-Thousand Days of Purpose!  Sorry, Rick Warren.
  • And-we have all have dirt under our fingernails.  We’re sowing something into our children’s lives.  We may as well be sowing the incorruptible seed of the Word of God to get the spiritual harvest that God’s Word promises in Gal. 6.  Is your family at a crossroads or troubling time?  Stand on the promises: read ’em, speak ’em, believe ’em, bury them deep in the soil of your heart in faith.  Then?  Eat the fruit!  The harvest WILL come!

Dave taught on journaling as a way to leave your written legacy and not only taught about the blessing (learning to verbally speak blessing over your children), but prayed a bessing over the fathers and fatherless young men who were there.

I wondered aloud, at one point, if there was anyone who could possibly have messed up parenting more than I had.?  Even though Mary Jean and Joy claimed they could have (and maybe we all had that potential), I am so grateful to be living to see the faithful hand of God in our lives, as a family.  We’re still living it and tripping along the way sometimes, but I am so glad for the opportunity to encourage other families that God is faithful.  He promises – and He will keep those promises!  I was honored to get to pass that message along!

Blessed to be a blessing…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Keep living the legacy.  You have to live it before you can give it away.

pictured: the view just outside our cabin door – if you look very closely, you can see some snow on the rocks from a few days before…we had 70+degrees; my husband praying for our son-in-law Dave just before he (s-i-l) reciprocated.