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Not in Minnesota anymore…

Tredessa took a vacation. 

We were all surprised and happy because, to put it mildly-she is a bit of an over-worker-super-achiever at times.  But she is choosing to let God do a new thing in her life and it is good.


IKEA virgin no more.

So- a week in Minnesota with good, lifelong friends (The Bierers – people we adore!!)  included lounging by the pool and shopping (she has heretofore been a somewhat militant non-shopper) at The Mall of America.  She is no longer an IKEA virgin!  Quite the vacation for Tre-Tre!

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Tredessa comes back in spite of a tornado.

7 days later it was time to come home.  Her plane was due to land at DIA at the exact same time a tornado was barreling through.  They put them in a holding pattern for so long their fuel got low.  They ended up landing at Colorado Springs to re-fuel and wait in line to be able to get back to DIA.

june-stormies-088 june-stormies-097

She finally got back – just in the nick-of-time for a family dinner to celebrate her life (as she will be out of town again on her actual birthday this weekend).

june-stormies-113 june-stormies-121

We got together.  There were hugs and kisses and flowers and presents.  There was laughter and a few tears of love.  There were 5 energetic grandkids (who played dress-up all night) and grilled chicken.  We ate corn on the cob and strawberry cheesecake.  Edward was invited to be adored.  A hot competitve Twilight game was played way into the night.  It was the fam and a few friends.

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june-stormies-094 june-stormies-103 june-stormies-095 june-stormies-128

Stef and Wrex, who had been out of town, rushed back to “crash the party” for Tredessa.  They wore orange so well.  That is one of the reasons we love them so.  We did a mini-birthday-celebration for Wrex, too.

Tredessa in Transition

Besides her birthday, Tredessa is in transition in her life right now.  There are lots of things changing and things she just doesn’t know some details of her future right now.  But I hope she knows, at the very least, how much we all cherish her (especially becuase of that awesome poem I wrote for her)!

Welcome home, TreTre.  Love ya!…mom