Early Bird

You know it is going to be an exquisite day, a day of sunshine and fruitfulness when the birds wake you up at half past four in the morning, already in full song, trumpeting God’s greatness.

  1. I have finished planting the straw bales (3 are dedicated to zucchini and summer squash; one has a paste tomato and a tomatillo; one is the holder of the watermelon seeds – getting a late start, but they are on the south side of the house, so hopefully the bale and the sun will help me out.  And the final two hold 4 unique and beautiful tomatoe plants.  I sunk them in on Monday and I have never seen such happy tomatoes.  Truly.  They are just plum delighted.)  Even the seeds I plopped in 6 days ago are sprouting very happily. 
  2. Dave is filling the pool.
  3. I have completed almost all of my potted plants (still have a few things to buy).
  4. I have planted more radishes and lettuce and peppers and beets (beets because of Dwight on The Office – more of a joke…hopefully we’ll actually find something good to do with them).
  5. I painted numbers 1-5 in white on the little black grand-bebe breakfast bar stools.  So cute.
  6. I painted my cherry end table black (which I have wanted to do forever!).
  7. I had lunch in the cool breezy shade with my amazing husband (who is tanning up nicely). 
  8. I sewed four new cushion covers for the patio chairs.
  9. I got sidetracked a lot.  And watched part of a crime show.
  10. I helped Dave a little with the swingset/play thing he is building the grand-bebes.
  11. Now I am off to birthday and celebration meal shop for Tredessa, who arrives home from vacation tomorrow.

Oh, that all days were as abundant…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Hang the “Our Father” prints, sew more cushion covers – tonight…??

Pretty good day so far…Jeanie

2 thoughts on “Early Bird

  1. Getting ready for company? Hows that pool workin for ya? Cant wait to see all your painted projects!xxoo

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