My prayer

My most recent creation.

Dave and I picked up some cathedral prints in these 27″ square, very traditional frames from a hotel liquidator’s store.  They were nice enough and fit with my “sanctuary” art, but I had an idea. 


I have wanted to have a part of the Lord’s Prayer in my living room/sanctuary since I moved in.  I have really come to understand and appreciate the beauty  of how Jesus taught us to pray and am bowled over by the simple power of the words “on earth – as it is – in heaven.”  I sometimes wonder if I should quit praying anything else but “The Lord’s Prayer” until I really get it, that it is THE prayer.

Anyway – I decided to paint over the cathedrals.  I forgot to do a “before” picture. :[

So, I watered down some black acrylic to give it more of an “inky” consistency and just sort of wiped it over the prints in a pretty casual manner.  Because I am hanging them near my religious iconic art (which are really pretty primitive), I figured the sort of “folk-style” lettering would work well.


I traced the lettering on using graphite paper (from a Publisher document I’d made) and then just painted the letters with quick swipes, not worrying about coverage or staying in the lines.


I wish I’d been more courageous and made my letters bigger and bolder.  As is, I probably could have had the entire prayer, but I was afraid it wasn’t all going to fit.

I had been thinking about painting or replacing the mats, which were very faded, but after they were done, they seemed right.

On earth.  As it is.  In heaven. 

I am praying that with You, Jesus.  Keep teaching me…J

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