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 I {actually}  have plans for Saturday night!

Patrick’s Vimeo page…couldn’t keep hold of the embed, for some reason?

Guess where I’ll be?  I am directing the first-ever fundraising dinner for SkateMinistry led by Uriel Leubcke.  It has turned in to quite the event, almost double in attendance to our projections.  My bestie, Patrice of Patrice’s Pantry is serving Beef Wellington (I’m in!), Chicken Cordon Bleu and Gluten-free Vegetarian Lasagne.  This cool video by my friend Patricko (I added the “o”) will kick off the program.  The evening’s festivities will end with a professional Skate Demo and Uriel preaching it up in case any of the guests don’t know Jesus.  The music will be Christian reggae and the vibe?  Nothing less than super cool.

CLICK FOR VIDEO:  Skate Ministry:: The Story of Uriel Luebcke from J Patrick Kennedy on Vimeo.

Running a fundraiser is kind of like doing a wedding (I did 5 last spring).  There’ll be 200 at this one.  There is venue, vendors, music, decor.  You have to make seating arrangements, hound people about RSVPs, print prgrams and fill packets.  There are catering issues (like we are double what we thought so we need more ovens) and rentals and making sure the parties involved are dressed correctly.  The PowerPoint loop during dinner to inspire, and a video that will cause chills…Lighting and candles and pens that work are big deals in a fundraiser.  Making sure to thank everyone appropriately and give gifts is important, too.  Weeks of prep com down to one crazy-event-filled evening.  There just isn’t an emotional bride given to teary outbursts with a fundraiser.  Oh, wait…that is me in this scenario.  *sniff, sniff

Can’t wait to spend a Saturday night with my new bunch of great friends {a lot of whom have crazy-amazing balance and unbelieveable endurance…AND love Jesus!}.