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Hunter is 9 on the 9th!

hunter nativity 2007

Hi-ya, Hunter-Magoo!  Happy Birthday today to a boy who has been surprising me and making me smile since that Saturday morning you were born 9 years ago.  You absolutely messed up my work day – because back then, I never took one off, and when I emerged from a meeting and was told: Uh, you have a grandson, I thought I was being punked or something!

But I wasn’t.  I was deliriously excited and shaky rushing to buy flowers for your mommy and trying to get to the hospital.  And oh-so-tiny you were.  And so mysterious, too – born to two gorgeous blond-haired, blue-eyed people, there you were with that shock of black hair – THREE weeks early!  See?  **Surprise!**

Hunter at three months

WARNING: Lots and lots of pictures that make your Nonna go “Aaaaaawwwwwwwwww


I know I get all gooey on you and it makes you a little crazy.    But it is because I just adore you with my whole, entire heart, ya know?  You’ve been The Little Prince and my “widdle guy.”  I have tickled your little M & M toes and watched them graduate to being ‘Tootsie Rolls’ haha.  You’ve gone from this short, tiny kid with the big-thinking brain to become my almost-double-digits man-child, a boy who thinks like he’s grown, a boy cut out for important things.


So, on the occasion of your 9th birthday, Hunter-Magoo, I just wanted to tell you that I love you.  I respect your insight into he things of God and I love how much you love and care for your baby brother.  I praise God for giving you a brother because you soooooo wanted a brother and that makes me happy that He saw that and blessed you.  I admire what a good son you have grown up to be, how honoring you are of your parents and it makes me so happy to see what a great fun-making, playmate you are with your younger cousins.  They always have so much fun following you with all your great ideas!  Your are handsome on the outside because of all the goodness and love on the inside.

hunter summer 2007

Now that you’re old enough, I can tell you all the secrets of our family universe and answer any questions you have.  I can give you grown-up advice and still cuddle you in the mornings when you stay over.  I love your gentleness, I admire your attention to making sure I get plenty of love and affection when you’re around and having you in the room always always always makes me happy.  I am so proud of you, HP.  You’re a good boy and becoming an amazing young man.

I guess I should share a picture of you as my big-guy.

hunter 1970s costume

Spirit Week at Hunter’s school.  He got to be “70s.”  Makes me smile!  :)

Happy Birthday, my man-child.  Your Nonna loves you to infinity and beyond!

Oh, and in other fun news, Hunter is not only 9 on the 9th, but his baby brother, Kai, is 9 months today, too.  On the 9th!  How cool is that?

hunter and malakai october 9 2013

 UPDATE 10-10-13:  Today his mommy blogged this, it is amazing!  http://www.powersadoptionstory.blogspot.com/2013/10/hunter-adopted-brother.html

My Funny Valentines

NOTE:  To be able to view and pause photos a little more slowly, click on “View All Images.”  You can control it from there.


I love you my little Grandbébes. 

Happy days and love and kisses from your Nonna! 

You light up my life.  You are my sunshine.  All I ever need is you. 

Why do stars fall down from the sky everytime you walk by? 

Just like me they long to be close to you. 

I need you like the flowers need the rain. 

You made me love you and I’d be lost without your love. 

I can’t stop loving you.  I will always love you and I won’t last a day without you. 

Unforgettable-that’s what you are.  It’s impossible, I wish I had more than words to tell you…

And I love you so.  I don’t want to miss a thing. 

Somewhere out there, I must have done something good. 

I believe in you, my little grandbebes.  God only knows where I’d be without you. 

Don’t make me go on…because I could!





(There are 89 images in the slide show…I can’t help it.  My grandbebes are soooo cute!)

Crazy 8 Days before Christmas

Hunter had a pre-school Christmas program.


See Hunter?  He is fourth from the right on the back row, his little blond head bowed-praying for all he is worth!

It was truly apparent, and not just because the Little Prince belongs to me, but because it is true: the kid has the market on musical talent at his pre-school.  And when they did “The Little Drummer Boy,” Hunter led out on that coffee can “drum,” never ever missing that first beat.  Truly, all the other little kids followed his lead.  He told me, “I drummed “pa-rum pum pum pum,’ but the other kids drummed pa-rum-a-do-do,’ like that.”  He knew he was good.

The grandbebes make ornaments for the keepsake tree.


Cardboard hats and felt, glue and glitter, and voila!  Note to Averi: Though quite pretty, it is actually not a cookie.

girls-on-stairs1 gavin-and-glitter kids-shoot-066

Gavin is a dedicated artiste.  He loves the Martha Stewart super-fine glitter as much as I do (90% off the last week of January 09…jealous?).

Bad news/good tidings of comfort and great, great joy!


Dave’s book didn’t make the top three in the competition (we now find 10 more votes would have put him there!!), but we got good news that outshone some silly competition.  It is kind of private, but suffice it to say, we are rejoicing and dancing merrily because of a health scare one of us had that is now not as scary and looking really good, in fact.  Thank-You, God for mercy, for healing…

The grandbebes will not stand still for pictures.  Will not. C’est impossible.


We tried sitting, standing, and stacking, we clapped our hands and said their names as brightly and joyously as possible.  We threatened, cajoled, bribed and shrugged our shoulders in hopelessness.  These five are in charge of the universe and all the best-laid plans are a fantasy, because they are a combined, insurmountable energy-force and you best just get out of the way.  And certainly don’t believe they will all behave as requested.  Goodness, no.  Just line them up, let them go crazy and hope for the best. (I wasn’t supposed to be in this shot, but Guini wouldn’t let go and when Guini wants to give love, that is when you will receive it – it is all on her timetable!)

God willing and the creek don’t rise, I will get my Christmas cards out say…next Tuesday???

23 Day Countdown and Ho Ho Ho with Hunter

Hunter’s parents are out of town

He walked in Monday, dropped his bags, adjusted his red super-hero cape and asked me, “So Nonna, are you really happy to see me here for 2 days?”  Naturally!  I am.

I took Hunter to pre-school Tuesday afternoon.  It is in an older home in a slightly rural setting and all the mommies gather to visit on the front porch before the teacher unlocks the door.  

taras-015 taras-024 taras-062

On Santa Claus.

I am visiting with the young mommies and rather flattered that I was mistaken for one of them briefly, though as I expressed to them quite candidly, “If I had a 5 year old at my age, I’d shoot myself,” (though the morning cuddling is divine).  When suddenly I become aware that the very black-and-white-no-gray-area, pragmatic grandson, Hunter, is causing terror in the heart of a darling little long-haired girl with this announcement: “There is no Santa Claus.  He is not real, he is a fake.  My mommy and daddy told me the truth.” 

“He is real.  There is a Santa Claus – he comes to my house,” she countered, then to her mommy, “He is saying Santa Claus isn’t real.”

I tried to get him to stop…several times.  Several. Times.  But he just would not.  He terrorized the little girl and any other child who would listen with his no-Santa declaration.

When I tried explaining to him later that it is not up to him to tell other children what he knows about Santa, but that he should allow their own parents  to explain that, he countered incredulously with, “Well, her mom was the one who told her there is a real Santa Claus.” 

My own kids were also the dashers of Santa dreams during their public school years, with Stormie being the greatest offender.  You know the joy many families get from perpetuating the Santa Claus story during Christmas?  Well, apparently our family finds that joy through shooting it down.  YIKES!  Mea culpa…I really did feel bad.  Touchy subject.

taras-055 taras-069

Other Hunterisms:

He and I were watching cute internet animal videos and I was oohing and aahing over the mini-pigs that are only the size of newborn babies full-grown.  When it showed a woman cuddling with one while she was watching TV I asked him, “Don’t you want a little mini-pig, Hunter?  You could cuddle with it.  How cute?”  He gave me the what-is-wrong-with-your-logic look, took a deep breath and informed me, “Nonna.  My house is not a farm.”

Hunter, after seeing Stormie’s jar of pennies:  “Why do you have all this money? You need to be giving it and not keeping it all to yourself.”

On the way to the airport the other day, DP and Tara in the front seat, Hunter and Tredessa in the back, they were singing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” joyfully anticipating the Christmas season ahead and Hunter got pretty agitated when his dad sang silly or changed the words or tune.  He wanted a straight-up version apparently.  Because on the next run-through, when Dessa started shouting out those little phrases that many people like to add: “Like a lightbulb,” and “Like Monopoly” to fill in the Rudolph story, Hunter stopped them cold.  “We have to sing this right!  Tredessa back here is being all funny.”  But Hunter was not amused.  Hunter does not want humor added to something as serious as Christmas!

Hunter loves to wrestle and engaged his Auntie Stormie in a battle.
In the name of Jesus! (runs over and karate chops the Aunt.  The Aunt grabs his wrists, immobilizing him)
Hunter: I said ‘IN THE NAME OF JESUS!’
(Stormie giggling, still holding his wrists, Hunter gets quiet)
Hunter: (whispering VERY quietly): God, help me.
(Stormie begins laughing so hard she lets go of his wrists)
Hunter: See? God told you to let go!

Stormie and Hunter were looking at pictures from his birthday party.                                                                                 Stormie: Do you remember you were sick at your party?   (Hunter nods)  That was pretty stinky huh?  {30 second pause}
Hunter: You could smell my illness?

You might imagine that an an actual argument about the proper use of the word “stink” ensued.  He is literal.  That keeps us laughing.  Ho!  Ho!  Ho!

images: Hunter around the time he turned 5 in October…does anyone doubt that he was actually piloting that plane?  I don’t!

The Convivial Occasions of October

Last year I said October is Orange.  And it still is.  My church turned orange last fall, too.  I do love my house-of-worship-advertising sweatshirt with the bum logo (thank-you, sweet Katie!).

This October is craaaaaazy-busy-fun and occasion-filled!

Like, we have three family birthdays in October (mine, Hunter’s and still-to-come: Jovan’s!).  I turned 50 (shhh…there is no need to think about this, nor mention it aloud) with dinner at Cinzzetti’s~

outside Cinzzetti’s

entrance flambe2

october-a-031 october-a-032

Pictured: Me and my baby, Stormie;  Patrice is telling me right at this very second that she is pregnant with their 3rd child!  Me, Pearl and Marilyn.  I screamed immediately following

october-a-052 october-a-037

DP nearly ate Cinzzetti’s out of mussels; me and the 5 grandbebes who were well-contained in our private room.

I have sweet friends (almost every single one of whom is younger than me, I noticed), and a lovely family.  Thank-you, everybody for celebrating my life even if I could have gone without noticing the new decade.  I am blessed.

Hunter and the wheels-in-motion cake and fun-on-wheels party for himself and 25 of his closest friends:

october-a-091 october-a-1101

Hunter turned “The Garage” into a speedway.  There were trikes and bikes and skateboards and more.  Kids zoomed one way and then the next.  It was crazy loud and speedy.  Hunter got the chocolate fudge cake he wanted in the shape of a “5” and when, the other day, he reminded he really, really, really wanted some lightening bolts, too, in honor of his current favorite movie, Bolt, I whipped up a strawberry cake at the last second to cut out and ice some lightening bolt shapes for flanking the main cake.

But, oh my goodness, it is what I did with the cut-off-cake crumbs that needs to be mentioned.  Into a bowl:  leftover chocolate-fudge cake, the rest of the fudge filling, a block of cream cheese, a can of cherry pie filling.  Mixed well.  Cookie-scooped onto baking sheets and thrown into the freezer until they were just firm enough to coat with melted white chocolate.  Chocolate-Cherry Cake Bites, o yeah!  To. die. for.  Yum.  Seriously!

october-a-103 october-a-134


Poor Magoo ended up very, very sick at his own party.  He conked out, but the fun held up.

There was a Worship and the Word Movement PSTeam (prayer-support team) potluck at the MadCap Theater (a great  improv place-you should totally go!)

october-a-003 http://www.madcapimprov.com/


Last night there was a Seek and Soak with TOM EWING (a man DP called a general in worship ministry).  Here is the kick-off song featuring Tom, Sing to the King

In the video, left to right: Rocky Rhoades on guitar, Tom Ewing, Tristan on drums, Stormie on bass, DP on lead guitar (and leading the whole Seek and Soak), Lewis Brown (a.k.a. Proxy), and Lewis Brown, Sr. on sax.  It was an amazing night.  Musical worship, the Word of God, 3+ hours of encounter-worship, about 100 people entering the Presence, even Baptists! :)  Smile, Emily!  That was for you!

Let’s see…what else?

Jovan and Rocky will find out if it is a boy or a girl at their next appointment.   Goody!

There is the celebration of Amy Jo’s baby-to-be this Thursday night.

And Saturday night I get to go see the final Delirious concert in Colorado ever as they are on their farewell tour.  This band changed everything in the 90s and they are still such a class act, men of integrity who love Jesus and are soooo talented.  They changed the sound of worship and people around the world  go deeper worship via the songs of the Lord they introduced.  Got to see them at Ichthus and now here.  I love them and how they have influenced my own children to become History Makers.

Also ~ Dave will play the lead in the Platte Valley Player’s community theaters’ presentation of “Suspenders,” a musical comedy, as part of the grand opening celebration of Brighton’s newly restored/renovated armory as a community arts center/theater in Brighton’s “downtown.”  He’ll be performing in it over the next few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.  I’ll be attending the very first performance on Monday the 19th (an event for which I bought a dress!!).  I am somewhat divided in my joy about the fact that Dave is also painting the backdrop for the show and there are 6 giant 8′ x 4′ canvases in my living room at this time.

Family Time!

I will be going to spend a week with my mama et papa in Springfield, MO, where they wrongfully and stubbornly retired a year and a half ago and now wish to leave to be closer to any of us that they know (do you know of anyone house-hunting in Springfield??  Help!).  They will spoil me rotten and my brother Joe is meeting me there, too.  We will visit Branson, about a half hour from them, for the express purpose of giving my mother her dream-come-true in visiting the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Museum before it closes its’ doors for good this December.

harvest_fest_headerI am already working on church Christmas decor.  In October!

Upon my return, I will enjoy the grandbebes playing dress-up for the church’s annual Harvest Fest and then, as they have all requested (informing me that it is a tradition, one I must have started unknowingly), all will gather at our home for broccoli-cheese soup (because I make incredible zuppa).

Life.  It can wear you out!

Dave is sick and they are checking him for H1N1 tomorrow morning, though they have already started him on antibiotics.  What in the world??  Who has time for this?

Just trying to keep up…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Loosen up some time in November and December.  Right.

The Little Prince

Hunter has been hanging out with me for 4 days while his parents have been in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (a place I lived and attended school for 8th and 9th grade and about 2 months of 10th grade, Hi Sherri and Lorri!).  Dave and Tara were doing ministry there and having a great time, like they always do when they travel.

The Hunter conversation yesterday.

Me: Be careful on that ledge, Little Prince.  I don’t want you to get hurt.

Hunter:  If I’m the Little Prince, what’s your name, Nonna?

Me:  Well, I guess that makes me the Queen Mother.

Hunter:  You’re not my mother.

O, don’t I know it.

Me: I know, but I think I am the Queen Mother, nonetheless.


Me:  Be careful, Little Prince, tumbling head first over the back of that chair.  I don’t want you to crack your noggin.

Hunter (to Stormie): Nonna calls me the Little Prince.

Me:  Tell Stormie what you call me.

Hunter: She’s The Queen Nonna!


I find this title quite fitting.

Today, Hunter had gone upstairs and I could hear him rooting around in my closet.  I have yet to find out how he scaled the heights to make his find, but he came downstairs with these:


Then this conversation.

The Little Prince: Nonna, when did you have these?

Me (laughing and somewhat embarrassed):  Oh, for about 10 years.

The Little Prince:  Ten years??!

{A pause.}

The Little Prince: What are these?

Well, you know…Queen Nonna shoes.

That was supposed to be THE END of this blog post.  Seriously.  But then…

The little Kelley kids were on their way over and I just put the shoes on the stairs in case Guini wanted to klop about in them.  Stormie was playing the piano when Guini spied the shoes, picked them up and asked, “What are these?”  To which Stormie loudly and flippantly replied, “Those are Nonna’s naughty shoes.”  Guini very carefully and quietly put them back down and backed away.  Hahhhahahha!

What on earth?  A woman cannot have slippers for her bedchamber anymore?


My blog disappeared yesterday for at least 6 hours.  I got panicked, but the amazing Tristan got me back up and running.  I was thinking I would miss re-reading the things God has shown me that I have written here and even now go back to.  They are markers of His faithfulness, reminders of the things He has been teaching me over the past 2 years and a couple of months.  I would just really miss it if I lost them.

Dave says I need to save copies.  But I have truly used it as an online web-log=blog!



On a cuter note ~ this morning during our “school time,” as I watched Hunter coloring the crap out of his worksheet, I asked, with all true sincerity, because I was thinking perhaps he had just never thought about slowing it down and concentrating on what those lines were there for to begin with,  “Hunter, have you ever considered coloring inside the lines?” 

To which he actually replied, “No, I’m not a ‘line kind of guy.’  I’m an out of line kind of guy.”  And, he is.

Relieved and amused, all in one day!…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Back up writing.  Take a cue from Hunter about coloring outside the lines.

pictured: Hunter getting to do a back-flip, one week ago

School Days

One of the most important parts of my life right now is getting to pre-school 4 year old Hunter and 3 year old Guini (Gavin “graduated” to Kindergarten last fall).  Of all the amazing things in my life right now, and, wow, I am blessed, time with my grandbabies playing with shapes and colors and numbers and first words and crayons and markers and books and paint is like – the best!  They call it “school with Nonna.”  I call it time with the ones-of-my-heart.


pictured:  Guini on Tuesday, Hunter on Thursday