The Little Prince

Hunter has been hanging out with me for 4 days while his parents have been in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (a place I lived and attended school for 8th and 9th grade and about 2 months of 10th grade, Hi Sherri and Lorri!).  Dave and Tara were doing ministry there and having a great time, like they always do when they travel.

The Hunter conversation yesterday.

Me: Be careful on that ledge, Little Prince.  I don’t want you to get hurt.

Hunter:  If I’m the Little Prince, what’s your name, Nonna?

Me:  Well, I guess that makes me the Queen Mother.

Hunter:  You’re not my mother.

O, don’t I know it.

Me: I know, but I think I am the Queen Mother, nonetheless.


Me:  Be careful, Little Prince, tumbling head first over the back of that chair.  I don’t want you to crack your noggin.

Hunter (to Stormie): Nonna calls me the Little Prince.

Me:  Tell Stormie what you call me.

Hunter: She’s The Queen Nonna!


I find this title quite fitting.

Today, Hunter had gone upstairs and I could hear him rooting around in my closet.  I have yet to find out how he scaled the heights to make his find, but he came downstairs with these:


Then this conversation.

The Little Prince: Nonna, when did you have these?

Me (laughing and somewhat embarrassed):  Oh, for about 10 years.

The Little Prince:  Ten years??!

{A pause.}

The Little Prince: What are these?

Well, you know…Queen Nonna shoes.

That was supposed to be THE END of this blog post.  Seriously.  But then…

The little Kelley kids were on their way over and I just put the shoes on the stairs in case Guini wanted to klop about in them.  Stormie was playing the piano when Guini spied the shoes, picked them up and asked, “What are these?”  To which Stormie loudly and flippantly replied, “Those are Nonna’s naughty shoes.”  Guini very carefully and quietly put them back down and backed away.  Hahhhahahha!

What on earth?  A woman cannot have slippers for her bedchamber anymore?

10 thoughts on “The Little Prince

  1. Oh you made me LAUGH this morning….I love kids, they are such joy! Have a great day Queen Nonna, I love those shoes!

  2. Wait a couple of weeks and then when you have your next family get together….
    And then please blog the entire conversation.
    What a hoot!!! I love your family!

  3. ahhhhhh yes.! When I am having a bad day~~~~all I need is jeanie’s blog.! I, once again, snickered all the way through it…..[especially when Stormie said—“Those …are …Nonna’s ‘naughty shoes.” Still don’t know exactly what that’s all about.! tee hee.
    The conversations between you and your little one’s, are most remarkable.! ~~~~~Mom

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