Scenes from a Good Summer or “Reunited and it Feels So Good”


Ode to the Family of my Summer, for I shan’t and mustn’t acknowledge an autumn which does not truly begin until the September (or Autumnal) Equinox, on the 22nd day of this month ~ yes, just a couple of days from now, but still.  Despite the fact that my sweet daughters, Stephanie first and then Stormie, have brought me a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks each (how sweet are they??),  I won’t purchase my first until it is truly autumn.  I must sing of my love for the summer until the last verse fades softly…
Ross and Norma with grandkids and great-grandkids
Dad and the brothers visit

Press close, bare-bosomed Night! Press close, magnetic,
nourishing Night!
Night of south winds!  Night of the large, few stars!
Still, nodding Night!  Mad, naked, Summer Night!
~Walt Whitman

stormies-reunion-1-154 stormiereunion2-049

 Joe’s wife, Robin with my dad; hanging on “Moslander Mountain”


Ross the Boss, Mrs. Moss, and all the Little Landers (Jeanie, Joey, Timmy, Tami and Danny)…except Tim didn’t come this year, but the rest did – with their spouses and children.

It was a divine time, full of remembering and creating new memories.  Cousins kidded and cajoled.  Siblings sought to reconnect.  Dad told us where we came from and gave us insight for our futures.  Mom cheered us all on and hugged the stuffing out of us.  Love was in the air and in our hearts.
Gerron, Jordan and Austin being dudes
Tredessa, Grandma Moslandr and Uncle Joe

Sister-in-Law, Dawn.

Dawn and Dan Moslander of Hobart, Indiana

Dawn and Dan share family secrets

Just the other morning my sister-in-law, Dawn, whom I have known and loved since she was 14, emailed me these beautiful sentiments about The Moslander Family Reunion:
“I took you all in during our time spent together. Kinda like a wonderful meal!  I feel full, but want to take in some more. Good memories, but missing everyone.”


Cousins Rocky and Corbin having fun at the Phipps farm


Riding horses at the farm.


Brothers telling fish stories, no doubt

So blessed.

stormiereunion2-164 stormiereunion2-152

Me with little sister Tami and her husband, Gerron; Jordan and Rocky-best cousins forever!

I love my family.  I am so blessed by wonderful parents and amazing siblings who have married so well.  They have gifted me with extraordinary nephews and nieces.  And everytime we are together, all is right with the world.
tamis-reunion-pics-555 tamis-reunion-pics-546
Aunt Tami with her nieces; Aunt Tami pulling me into silliness.

“In every conceiveable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.”  Alex Haley


 finalreunionthepartyisover09-008 finalreunionthepartyisover09-003 finalreunionthepartyisover09-012

Mom and Dad. 

Whom I have also sometimes (with great affection) called “Mammogram” and “Pap Smear.”  Not sure how they feel about that!  This is the result of these two people. 


All my love to family, both near and far, both born to us and joined by love. 

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