What do you see here?

NOTE:  I am having trouble getting comments and the thumbnails aren’t working since “the crash” a few days ago…will try to get it corrected asap!

My son-in-law Dave knew instantly!  What do YOU see?


What about one of these views?

pearls-painted-branches-copy-2 pearls-painted-branches-copy-3

Answer ~ ta-da!:  these are pale-blue painted branches (glittered) which are on top of a blue tarp.  Soon, they will be part of the centerpieces for the Vision-casting Fundraising Dinners for Worship and the Word Movement and Heaven Fest.  Pearl and Bryan are creating the ambience or the two nights, to held at The Stonebrook Manor (we love Bill & Candi!) and Pearl took the pictures of the branches you see above after Bry had been hard at work.  I thought it was the coolest image and almost unidentifiable, even though I knew what it was.  But the son-in-law immediately saw “a tarp.”  he’s good.

See also a hand-sewn and painted “backdrop” Pearl has been hard at work on.  It isn’t finished yet, but you can see how cool it will be.

backdroptake2-copy invite-almost-final-copy invite-almost-final

And the invites Stormie created for us (these were the almost-finished drafts, and they match perfectly-front and back, 6″ x 9″).  They were mailed out in translucent blue envelopes, THE invitation of the year to receive!


And hey, if you’d like to hear about Heaven Fest and how you can be a part, I happen to be (*ahem) the Dinner Director.  Though seating is very limited, I could get you in! :)

I am surrounded by creative people and the beautiful!…Jeanie

really-interested in attending?  jeanie@worshipandtheword.com

5 thoughts on “What do you see here?

  1. That backdrop is AMAZING…Bryan and Pearl, you guys cease to amaze me! Thank you for blessing the Kingdom with your gifts. These dinners are gonna be incredible…

  2. And to think I was worried about how the branches would look. Now that the flowers are on them the look amazing. Just as I had envisioned them. I don’t think I could have finished them without Anna, Audrey and your help. Thanks! But I had always planed and knew I could count on the three of you for help. Anna and Audrey just love to craft and they always ask if I need help when I tell them I doing something big.

    I should be finishing up the backdrop here in the next few days. Can’t believe I was worried about that too. I must have more confidence in myself. tisk, tisk. :)

  3. AWESOME job on the invitation Stormie! You have a true gift there. I must remember you when it comes to creating an outstanding announcement, invitation or just anything fun.

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