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Good-bye, Mr. Kincaid

Dave Madden played Reuben Kincaid on the Partridge Family 1970s TV Show

dave madden

If you have been around this blog much, you know I loved my Partridge Family when I was a pre-teen/barely-teen.

So my sister actually texted me words of comfort about the passing of Dave Madden yesterday, the actor who played the Partridge family’s longsuffering manager on the TV sitcom from 1970-1974.  He died the same day as the Professor from the 1960s show I loved to hate,  Gilligan’s Island (Russell Johnson-he was a gorgeous man).


Oh my goodness.  Reuben Kincaid up against the impish, red-headed 10-year-old Danny Partridge just made the show so funny.  I was hoping to find a short clip of one of their conversations and this was the shortest I could find.  And yes, it still does actually make me smile, probably even laugh.

I really think this musical-family show was his best-known role, but for many years following the end of The Partridge Family I recall hearing Dave Madden’s distinctive voice in commercials and voice-overs.   Here is a Partridge Family song featuring Mr. Kincaid.  I really want to own that orange, floral-print dress.  I do!

Farewell, Reuben Kincaid.  Thank-you for all the laughter.  Rest in Peace, Dave Madden.  Rest in peace.

Did you hear that?

The neighbor’s dogs barking and barking – while the cats go gliding by with that smug look on their faces.

My dog barking for the same reason.

Power tools.

The ice cream truck.

Kids on skateboards.

The humming Vornado because we are not turning the air on yet.  Doggone it.

Birds.  Lots and lots of birds are heard through wide open windows.  Cars chugging by, too.  But mostly birds.

Oh – one more sound of spring:  Billy Blackwood.  BILLY BLACKWOOD!

Billy (the drummer) Blackwood, “Gospel Drums,” to be exact.  Found on Youtube.  Ohmygoodness – a blast from my past.  Cousin Tony gave the 45 to little brother, Joe (the aspiring drummer) in 1970 and I am telling you, we played and played and played that little record.  I really hope I can find the flipside song, too.  I would LOVE to get my hands on one of the original 45s.  Because he was a drummer.

And yes, Billy Blackwood is part of those Blackwoods, the famous gospel singing family, THE Blackwood Broothers?!  And, did I mention – he was a drummer!  :)


When Christmas specials were really special

Ah, the 1960s and 70s…

Andy Williams churned out Christmas specials regularly. They are part of the background noise of my growing up years, an easy-listening soundtrack to my life and times.

Obviously at some point I became too sophisticated and cool for Andy’s shows (she says rolling her eyes at her posturing silly-determined-girl phase, before real maturity set in).  Apparently the whole world got over him, too.  For the Christmas specials ceased.

He died a few months ago and I wrote about it {HERE}, but I happened across this yesterday on YouTube (thanks for the suggestion You-tube-robots – you really do get me, it seems) and how delightful!  59 minutes and 17 seconds of  pure, unadulterated red-and-green-over-the-top-joy-to-the-world-sacred-and-silly CHRISTMAS.  Yes, CHRISTMAS in all caps!

There are appearances by the Williams Brothers Singers (Andy’s sibs) and the Osmonds started with Andy, ya know.  Claudette Longet, Andy’s French and oh so very modern and extremely cool wife is a treasure.  She sings.  Lovely!

Hook it up to your giant flat-screen TV and get some hot chocolate and cookies and I promise you will have a Christmas experience like never before…unless you were watching in the 1960s and 70s…in which case you will do it because you KNOW it was wonderful and the best of Christmas times!  A little hokey?  Well, heck yes!  That is why I LOVE it.

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year!  Just ask Andy!!!

My TV-movie Family

Let’s Cast My Childhood, 1964-1971

The MOSLANDERS::Who could play us in a made-for-TV movie about Ross-the-boss, Mrs Moss, and all the Little Landers??

My dad

James Garner

Is there really any actor who is more beautiful than James Garner?  I mean, he stayed good looking,too.  And he is a man’s man.  And when he had his show The Rockford Files, my dad loved it because he had a similiar swagger.  And I always thought of my dad as very handsome and put together, too, and definitly full of self-assured attitude.  So, yes, James Garner could have played the role of my dad.

My mom

Barbara Stanwick

My mamala never wore one stitch of make-up in her life until retirement and barely now, so this younger, slightly less-than-ultra-glamorous version of Barbara Stanwick would work, more innocent.  Barbara was always a little feisty, and my mom was and is just plain SWEET!  She is a loving, forgiving,  guile-less woman.  She is truly beautiful, really gorgeous features, but never capitalized on them.  To this day, she has a jawline women pay big money to try to get.

Little brother, Joey

Ernie from My Three Sons.

Joe.  He had to get glasses in the 4th grade, I think.  He was a cutie, really, always a fav with the girls.  He had coarse, naturally wavy (a little bit curly) dark hair he tried to keep under control.  He still has all his hair, though it is silvery with wisdom now.  He was like-able and nice, a good friend and sweet brother who just had that awkward glasses stage for a time.  But oh, I love him.  Yes, Ernie from My Three Sons could be Joe in the TV version.

Little brother, Timmy

Little Ricky Nelson from Ozzie and Harriet

Irrepressible.  Cute.  And asked mom to shave his head on a couple of occasions, oddly.

Little sister, Tami

Buffy from Family Affair

Remember that show?  Buffy was a twin to Jonny Whitaker?  And she had a doll names Mrs. Beasley?  Tami had that doll, too and was cute as a button, 6 years younger than me.

Baby brother, Danny

Timmy from Lassie.

Danny was the cute little cuddler.  The baby.  Mom’s little fella.

Finally ME, the firstborn!

Jodie Foster.

She played Danny Partridge’s girlfriend, Gloria, in an episode or two of my fav show.  Her teeth, like mine, were a little big for her head and her hair was fine, like mine.  And if she weren’t an actress with  a make-up crew, I bet it would have been as stringy as mine, too.    She was blonder, but yes, Jodies could play the role of Jeanie, I think.

The Real Moslanders, 1964

And in 1971