Did you hear that?

The neighbor’s dogs barking and barking – while the cats go gliding by with that smug look on their faces.

My dog barking for the same reason.

Power tools.

The ice cream truck.

Kids on skateboards.

The humming Vornado because we are not turning the air on yet.  Doggone it.

Birds.  Lots and lots of birds are heard through wide open windows.  Cars chugging by, too.  But mostly birds.

Oh – one more sound of spring:  Billy Blackwood.  BILLY BLACKWOOD!

Billy (the drummer) Blackwood, “Gospel Drums,” to be exact.  Found on Youtube.  Ohmygoodness – a blast from my past.  Cousin Tony gave the 45 to little brother, Joe (the aspiring drummer) in 1970 and I am telling you, we played and played and played that little record.  I really hope I can find the flipside song, too.  I would LOVE to get my hands on one of the original 45s.  Because he was a drummer.

And yes, Billy Blackwood is part of those Blackwoods, the famous gospel singing family, THE Blackwood Broothers?!  And, did I mention – he was a drummer!  :)


2 thoughts on “Did you hear that?

  1. I remember him! Saw him with the Speers several times. He always looked a little out of place with the rest of the family. I don’t think Ben let him play exactly the way he wanted!!

  2. I got to see him with Sherman, Andrus and Co. in the early 80s, I think, and of course I was an adult by then and had to temper my enthusiasm. But he was kind of a David Cassidy! Haha!!!

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