How to Marry a Millionaire {The Apartment}

I LOVE old movies

As they go, however, this one isn’t on any of my top lists or anything (not much of a story), other than the fact that the cast is amazing – Lauren Bacall (gorgeous, smart), Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable (who was already a little old for this role) as gold-diggers in one of the first-ever wide-screen CinemaScope films in 1953.  So it is beautiful to watch.

Naturally, the women are after money (men with money, specifically), but end up falling in love.   Oops.  I just spoiled it for you, didn’t I?

But in their pursuit of sugar-daddies, they lease this magnificent New York apartment.  The furnishings are pure mid-century-classic-dreamy.


Over the course of the film, they sell and re-buy the furnishings repeatedly as money is needed to keep up their charade.  But the lamp…the lamp stays.  And I am in love with that lamp.  If I could get my hands on it, I’d build a house around it.

Colors-so-lovely: Yellow-orange bench seating and throw pillows. Buttercup yellow couches, cool blue-gray floors and walls, beige and plum-brown throw-pillows.

Everything else was easy-come, easy-go, but the lamp always stayed!  I totally understand why.  :)

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