I love you all the way to a million and back, Averikins!

Yet another pre-schooler will “graduate” to Kindergarten this year.   *sniff   Averi will be going to big-kid school in the fall.

I have been the most blessed Nonna ever because, so far, I have gotten to pre-school the first five of the 8 grandbebes.  First Gavin, then Hunter, then Guini, then, can you believe it, Gemma and this year: Averi-J.  Omygoodness, I am a lucky-lucky-lucky girl!  I imagine I will start with Amelie after Christmas, so I’ll get a school year and a half with her!.  :)

Averi and I loved that there was snow on the ground Wednesday morning, but on Thursday morning we got to go outside barefooted (as it should be!).  To count cards.  Because that is school.  Yes it is.

Look who we ran into at IKEA the other day:


We “schooled” a little there, too, because Averi followed the map with her pencil and matched words to signage.  Education!

Good times, no matter how you quantify it.

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  1. Awe!!!! They are very very blessed to have a Nonna that is willing to pour that time into them and knowledge into them!! Averi adores her Thursdays with Nonna!! And Amelie will be thrilled to start after Christmas!!! We love you!!

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