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My TV-movie Family

Let’s Cast My Childhood, 1964-1971

The MOSLANDERS::Who could play us in a made-for-TV movie about Ross-the-boss, Mrs Moss, and all the Little Landers??

My dad

James Garner

Is there really any actor who is more beautiful than James Garner?  I mean, he stayed good looking,too.  And he is a man’s man.  And when he had his show The Rockford Files, my dad loved it because he had a similiar swagger.  And I always thought of my dad as very handsome and put together, too, and definitly full of self-assured attitude.  So, yes, James Garner could have played the role of my dad.

My mom

Barbara Stanwick

My mamala never wore one stitch of make-up in her life until retirement and barely now, so this younger, slightly less-than-ultra-glamorous version of Barbara Stanwick would work, more innocent.  Barbara was always a little feisty, and my mom was and is just plain SWEET!  She is a loving, forgiving,  guile-less woman.  She is truly beautiful, really gorgeous features, but never capitalized on them.  To this day, she has a jawline women pay big money to try to get.

Little brother, Joey

Ernie from My Three Sons.

Joe.  He had to get glasses in the 4th grade, I think.  He was a cutie, really, always a fav with the girls.  He had coarse, naturally wavy (a little bit curly) dark hair he tried to keep under control.  He still has all his hair, though it is silvery with wisdom now.  He was like-able and nice, a good friend and sweet brother who just had that awkward glasses stage for a time.  But oh, I love him.  Yes, Ernie from My Three Sons could be Joe in the TV version.

Little brother, Timmy

Little Ricky Nelson from Ozzie and Harriet

Irrepressible.  Cute.  And asked mom to shave his head on a couple of occasions, oddly.

Little sister, Tami

Buffy from Family Affair

Remember that show?  Buffy was a twin to Jonny Whitaker?  And she had a doll names Mrs. Beasley?  Tami had that doll, too and was cute as a button, 6 years younger than me.

Baby brother, Danny

Timmy from Lassie.

Danny was the cute little cuddler.  The baby.  Mom’s little fella.

Finally ME, the firstborn!

Jodie Foster.

She played Danny Partridge’s girlfriend, Gloria, in an episode or two of my fav show.  Her teeth, like mine, were a little big for her head and her hair was fine, like mine.  And if she weren’t an actress with  a make-up crew, I bet it would have been as stringy as mine, too.    She was blonder, but yes, Jodies could play the role of Jeanie, I think.

The Real Moslanders, 1964

And in 1971