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Good-bye, Mr. Kincaid

Dave Madden played Reuben Kincaid on the Partridge Family 1970s TV Show

dave madden

If you have been around this blog much, you know I loved my Partridge Family when I was a pre-teen/barely-teen.

So my sister actually texted me words of comfort about the passing of Dave Madden yesterday, the actor who played the Partridge family’s longsuffering manager on the TV sitcom from 1970-1974.  He died the same day as the Professor from the 1960s show I loved to hate,  Gilligan’s Island (Russell Johnson-he was a gorgeous man).


Oh my goodness.  Reuben Kincaid up against the impish, red-headed 10-year-old Danny Partridge just made the show so funny.  I was hoping to find a short clip of one of their conversations and this was the shortest I could find.  And yes, it still does actually make me smile, probably even laugh.

I really think this musical-family show was his best-known role, but for many years following the end of The Partridge Family I recall hearing Dave Madden’s distinctive voice in commercials and voice-overs.   Here is a Partridge Family song featuring Mr. Kincaid.  I really want to own that orange, floral-print dress.  I do!

Farewell, Reuben Kincaid.  Thank-you for all the laughter.  Rest in Peace, Dave Madden.  Rest in peace.