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Happy Mother’s Day, Mamala!


Happy, joyous day to you, Norma Jean Moslander, my sweet mom!

Oh, my mamala! This is me…rising up…calling you blessed, calling on the world to festoon you with garlands of celebration, for you have exceled them all.  You did it – you raised us: Jeanie, Joey, Timmy, Tami and Danny – and we all probably think that you like us best, for that is your gift (but of course, in my case – we know it’s true, but fear not, mamala – shan’t tell the others!).

A Happy Mother’s Day to my good friends and the MOPS mommies I love so dearly.

Remember this: where God has called you – He has equipped you.  YOU are the woman for the job.  All the seeds planted, all the tears that fall and water those little seeds – you will see the fruit.  they will rise up and call you blessed!


And Happy Mother’s Day to me

For I am blessed beyond measure.  God, You gave me gifts for which I can never repay You: Tara, Stephanie, Tredessa, Rocky & Stormie – mine all mine.  And then You added on and I got Dave and Tristan and my newest daughter, Jovan.  And then Steph & Tris gave me my first grandson and first granddaughter: Gavin and Guinivere.  And then Dave & Tara blessed me with Hunter Magoo (who greeted me in church today with a big Bible under his arm – exactly the way I was carrying mine), and…and…and…the gift goes on

Thank-You ,Lord.  I am grateful that You trusted me with these people, I am truly grateful.


Blessings on you today, all the moms I know and the people who love a mom or have one… Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Enjoy the ones who are already here today – and keep a lid on the excitement for the new granddaughter due any moment now…

PICTURED: my mom and me when I was about 9,
me and the Rhoades kids, 1998 or so
the whole fam, 4.15.07

Top 10 Reasons I’m Blogging

I am blogging now!  My amazing son-in-law, Tristan Kelley, got me set up, so with a nod to David Letterman for the use of his format, I’ll tell you why.  Here goes:

Top Ten Reasons I’m Blogging Now

10. This is a way to record what is happening in my life in all different areas.  I stunk at keeping diaries when I was young (always lost the key), and my journaling has been sporadic, but if I think some one will discover I’ve been neglectful, I am motivated to do it!

9. Bad memory.  This shall be a record of my journey for everything I may forget as the days and weeks go by.  And the kids can tell you, that could be a lot!

8. Because I said so…and I’m the mom! :)  This is a chance to speak into the lives of my children (I hope to inspire and encourage them) and other friends and family and tell them things I want to make sure they know.  And they can even talk back (through the use of “comments”).  It’s your chance, kiddos!

7. I LOVE the site Tris set up for me!  My girls found this stock image of the red-head and Tristan made the fall leaves swirl.  It makes me laugh every time I see it.  So, for that reason, I will be here blogging! [update: this was in reference to original header gif]

6. It’ll help me process what I am thinking and learning and, as I write,  help me figure out who God intended me to be.  “I think, therefore, I blog.”

i think therefore i blog jeanierhoadesdotcom

5. Because I just know everyone will adore all my grandkid-stories and pictures!

4. You’re so far away: hopefully, I’ll get comments from friends old and new, near and far. And those letters that never seemed to have been mailed will morph into shorter, but more steady contact! HOPE-hope-hope!

3. I have soooooo much to say!  Ask any of my childhood school teachers! But I hate talking on the phone. So. Blog.

2. Really cool, intelligent people seem to have blogs.  I am hoping to become one of those.

And the number one reason I am now blogging:  1.  My mother will like it!

Blessings! Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Ask Tristan where spellcheck is on this thing???