Top 10 Reasons I’m Blogging

I am blogging now!  My amazing son-in-law, Tristan Kelley, got me set up, so with a nod to David Letterman for the use of his format, I’ll tell you why.  Here goes:

Top Ten Reasons I’m Blogging Now

10. This is a way to record what is happening in my life in all different areas.  I stunk at keeping diaries when I was young (always lost the key), and my journaling has been sporadic, but if I think some one will discover I’ve been neglectful, I am motivated to do it!

9. Bad memory.  This shall be a record of my journey for everything I may forget as the days and weeks go by.  And the kids can tell you, that could be a lot!

8. Because I said so…and I’m the mom! :)  This is a chance to speak into the lives of my children (I hope to inspire and encourage them) and other friends and family and tell them things I want to make sure they know.  And they can even talk back (through the use of “comments”).  It’s your chance, kiddos!

7. I LOVE the site Tris set up for me!  My girls found this stock image of the red-head and Tristan made the fall leaves swirl.  It makes me laugh every time I see it.  So, for that reason, I will be here blogging! [update: this was in reference to original header gif]

6. It’ll help me process what I am thinking and learning and, as I write,  help me figure out who God intended me to be.  “I think, therefore, I blog.”

i think therefore i blog jeanierhoadesdotcom

5. Because I just know everyone will adore all my grandkid-stories and pictures!

4. You’re so far away: hopefully, I’ll get comments from friends old and new, near and far. And those letters that never seemed to have been mailed will morph into shorter, but more steady contact! HOPE-hope-hope!

3. I have soooooo much to say!  Ask any of my childhood school teachers! But I hate talking on the phone. So. Blog.

2. Really cool, intelligent people seem to have blogs.  I am hoping to become one of those.

And the number one reason I am now blogging:  1.  My mother will like it!

Blessings! Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Ask Tristan where spellcheck is on this thing???

0 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons I’m Blogging

  1. Wow!!! I love it and will visit often. so great to be able to hear more about my friend and all that's happening in her blessed life. I am even slightly more motivated to do my own bloggy thing…(whatever that really means!) Jeanie I love ya and will consider this one of many ways to keep in touch and in friendship with ya…. Deep warm fuzzies for you this chilly day, -h

  2. Hey Sis, Growing up I always knew you were a blogger…but I was almost sure they spelled that b-o-o-g-e-r?!  Maybe I was wrong.  Looks fabulous, darling, just makes me want to rip off a celebratory poem… Your mind may be going- mine seems already gone, time seems much shorter-and so much undone; so set your fingers to typing and your blue-eyes to the breeze- may your days be filled with love and your evening with bloggin-ease. Love ya (…to the tune of Penny Candy) Joe

  3. Hey Momma, the site looks AMAZING! I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts often!

    (set to the tune of Highway to Hell)

  4. Ahh, Mom this is great! Im really excited to hear more about what the Lord is doing in your life and which grandson throws rocks and tools in the pond!! I will be reading up on you all the time!! Love you lots!! Jovan

  5. It's been over 27 years since I laid eyes on this beauty and over 25 that we've been married and she still never ceases to amaze me. The creativity and revelation that flows from her heart to her mind and then down to her fingertips is unparalleled. From ministry to the hurting, to her family, to her designs and color schemes; even to font styles and snatching sparks of inspiration as they swirl around the atmosphere, I love it that we are one. Even now, as I hear the rise and fall of her breath in sleep, I wonder what insight she is receiving and how she will implement it. My wife, an inspirator, a revelator, a woman, a mom, a grand-mom, a wife, a lover and my best friend.    I leave you this time with a quote of note- I think Elf said it best: "Oh, I'm crazy in love and I don't care who knows it!" I love you dave

  6. Hey Jeanie! Welcom to Blogland!  I am looking forward to the stories and hope you enjoy this new outlet to express your thoughts.  Looks great, too!  :-( Carol Ann Kelly

  7. Highway to hell?…that's a little b 4 your time isn't it?  The whistling tune of the original Andy Griffith show- now there's a tune you can really drag your head on the ground about!  JM

  8. It is a curse and a blessing to be up at this time of morning but what can I say, when the need arises, someone has to answer the Bat Signal! This website is so, you. It amazes me, and I know I am being amazed a lot these days, how much the cartoon Jeanie resembles…well, you! It's almost frightening. Are you a twin and someone out there decided to do a caricature of a person that they know and it turned out to be you?…I think I just blew my own mind! Anyway, you are my beauty and I love you deeply…   I guess I have to insert one of these little guys in order to separate my name from the comment because the blog engages in its own sense of twisted, troubled and sometimes perverted formatting that drives writers crazy! If I want a paragraph break, then why shant I have it by gum?! So instead of a space and then my name, it is one of these guys  and my name, otherwise it's…I love you deeply me!

  9. Jeanie, This is so great.  I look forward to visiting here often and hearing about your family, your life and your journey with our Heavenly Father.  Your a wonderful friend whom I will treasure forever. Love ya, Marilyn

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