Happy Mother’s Day, Mamala!


Happy, joyous day to you, Norma Jean Moslander, my sweet mom!

Oh, my mamala! This is me…rising up…calling you blessed, calling on the world to festoon you with garlands of celebration, for you have exceled them all.  You did it – you raised us: Jeanie, Joey, Timmy, Tami and Danny – and we all probably think that you like us best, for that is your gift (but of course, in my case – we know it’s true, but fear not, mamala – shan’t tell the others!).

A Happy Mother’s Day to my good friends and the MOPS mommies I love so dearly.

Remember this: where God has called you – He has equipped you.  YOU are the woman for the job.  All the seeds planted, all the tears that fall and water those little seeds – you will see the fruit.  they will rise up and call you blessed!


And Happy Mother’s Day to me

For I am blessed beyond measure.  God, You gave me gifts for which I can never repay You: Tara, Stephanie, Tredessa, Rocky & Stormie – mine all mine.  And then You added on and I got Dave and Tristan and my newest daughter, Jovan.  And then Steph & Tris gave me my first grandson and first granddaughter: Gavin and Guinivere.  And then Dave & Tara blessed me with Hunter Magoo (who greeted me in church today with a big Bible under his arm – exactly the way I was carrying mine), and…and…and…the gift goes on

Thank-You ,Lord.  I am grateful that You trusted me with these people, I am truly grateful.


Blessings on you today, all the moms I know and the people who love a mom or have one… Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Enjoy the ones who are already here today – and keep a lid on the excitement for the new granddaughter due any moment now…

PICTURED: my mom and me when I was about 9,
me and the Rhoades kids, 1998 or so
the whole fam, 4.15.07

3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day, Mamala!

  1. I am surrounded by mothers! My quiver is ful and my cup runs over…with mothers! What does motherhood mean to me? Sacrifice. Mothers do without in order for their children to have what they need. Food, clothing, money. I thought of this: NO CHARGE As recorded by Melba Montgomery Writer: Harlan Howard Recitation: My little boy came up to me In the kitchen this evening While I was fixing supper And he handed me a piece of paper He'd been writing on And after wiping my hands on my apron I read it and this is what it said: For mowing the yard – five dollars For making my own bed this week – one dollar Going to the store – fifty cents Playing with little brother While you went to the store – twenty-five cents Taking out the trash – one dollar Getting a good report card – five dollars And for raking the yard – two dollars Total owed – fourteen seventy-five Well, I looked at him standing there expectantly And a thousand memories flashed through my mind And so I picked up the pen and turning the paper over This is what I wrote: For nine months I carried you Growing inside me – NO CHARGE For the nights I've sat up with you Doctored you, prayed for you – NO CHARGE For the time and the tears That you cost through the years There's NO CHARGE When you add It all up The full cost of my love is NO CHARGE For the nights filled with dread And the worries ahead, NO CHARGE For the advice and knowledge And the cost of your college – NO CHARGE For the toys, food and clothes And for wiping your nose There's NO CHARGE When you add It all up The full cost of my love is NO CHARGE Recitation: Well, when he finished reading He had great big old tears in his eyes And he looked up at me and said "Mom, I sure do love you." Then he took the pen And in great big letters he wrote: "Paid In full" xxxooo me

  2. Ah, yes – I remember that old country tear-jerker well.  You're funny.  I hope you weren't crying when you typed that!  Ha!

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