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Happy Mother’s Day, Norma Jean

Happy Mother’s Day, Mamala!

I remember your belted, fit and flare house dresses while you mopped and ironed. I recall your pin curls and pony-tails and flats and when you first tried pantyhose, the revolutionary invention that saved you from a life of daily girdling.

mom and leaf

Last November. My mom was telling me how perfect that leaf was.

I recall huge family Sunday dinners and the one piece of chocolate cake always missing from the corner – the way you rewarded yourself for having to get up and cook at 5 am on Sundays, go to Sunday School, then church, then drive lots of people home, then come home and feed us, then get us all back to church for the YPE and Junior choir before Sunday night service. You deserved every crumb of that chocolate cake corner, mamala.

You followed pops from church to church and city to city and made a potato dish at every single meal until Louisiana when you finally learned the right way to make rice, too.

mamala and me

You combed our my tangles an helped me finish cleaning my room because I always thought it meant a total reorganization and in-depth re-do and  in my emotional collapse when the job took forever, you would start showing me how close I was to done – and I’d just sit there smiling, while you finished it. You saved me.

mom learning to take a selfie

Mom was learning the art of a selfie.

You played the piano and taught me all the important songs every child should know like, “Well, it’s a highway to heaven,” and “Jesus on the mainline-tell Him what you want.”

And when I started choosing my own music, you so lovingly learned each one by ear and playing it in my invariably low-voiced key and you’d add harmony and oh, I miss singing with you, mommiekins!

You’re such a nice person – everyone wanted you for a mom. So many people all over the nation and probably in the nations where you have traveled and loved on people, too, love the Norma! But you really are my mom. And after losing several babies before me and having the doctors say you may never be able to carry to term (boy, were they wrong!), I love knowing how very much you looked forward to my arrival and how very glad you were to have me, 23 hand-sewn dresses as proof awaiting me…and 8 boys outfits, just in case.

mom with grandpa allison

Not long before Grandpa died, you were there, loving him, brightening his final days with fun and songs

The one life’s regret you have shared with me, in a life you have loved and embraced with gusto, is your sadness at not understanding your own mom and not being there for her, not “having time.” And I really think you were a wonderful daughter and she thought so, too. But it has helped me reflect a little more on what matters and hanging out with you is a big deal to me. You have shown honor to your mom, your stepmom and your dad, all gone now, and I am set on repaying you for it, so grateful for the chance.

mom with grandma allison

Just a couple of years later, not long before she died, you were there, singing Grandma’s favorite songs to her. She was your stepmom, and you loved her for “stepping in” with so much love.

So many ways I love you and miss you, but my most recent memories are becoming my favorites. Because I laugh with you more than anyone else. You are hilarious and strong, and innocent and guileless, and silly and ornery and just plain lovely. You are the lasso queen and kick dad and me in the butt in corn-hole.  You are pretty cool, it turns out. Happy Mother’s Day to the BEST there ever was! Still is!

mom and me

And to the 4 lovelies who just amaze me

I have learned from each of you what grace under pressure looks like, what being great wives looks like. I see you each as such able, creative, successful business women and good-hearted ministers of grace. You please God, you wow others, you serve and love your families. And oh-my-goodness, you are just drop-dead-gorgeous, inside and out!

mothers day

That is why, I have no doubt, God entrusted the 9 grandbebes to you, because He knew he could count on you to be who He called you to be and do what he called you to do in their lives. No small order. But you all four, Tara, Stephie, Dessa and Jovan – you are all doing it with such beauty, energy, zealousness and panache! I am so proud of all of you, so inspired my your lives. REALLY!

Happy Mother’s Day!

my treasure quote

Isn’t May really truly the merriest merriest month?

I was strolling through the park one day

In the merry merry month of May

Amelie and her baby “Emily” in Estes Park, Memorial Day Weekend

True story: So, two little girls run in to see their Nonni~

A beautiful morning in May, two little darlings come bounding through the house and into the kitchen, breathless with excitement.

“I have something for you, Nonna.  I have money for you,” the big sister tells me.

“What?  You have money for me? What’s this?” I ask them with complete surprise and total awe at their cuteness.

“I have money for you, too,” the little one exclaims.

The first 5 grandbebes on the patio at a family celebration, mid-May

They both open their bags and pull out tiny coin purses, whereupon the older sister beamingly presents me with 10 pennies, lined up one by one, and tiny girl carefully adds her 4 pennies, as well.

“This money is for you, Nonna!”

They repack their bags and set off on their merry way.  They are so generous, so loving, so sweet.  And I am rich!  The interest is compounding daily.  I am loaded with benefits and treasure.  I have 8 grandbebes and I am made of this stuff.  :)

I love May.

Every May without fail, Tara has a birthday, Stephanie has a birthday and Gemma May does, too.  The grandbebes have lots of cute school programs, there is Mother’s Day and usually some one is pregnant (this year that is Tredessa). The final frost date finally arrives in May and you can go into a gardening frenzy.  The skies seem unusually blue this fifth month of each year and of course the green is that intoxicating shade of “spring” as new leaves unfurl and floofy, wildly-hued prom dresses get packed away while flowers in every dazzling color from here to heaven and back take their places and begin to bud and blossom with abandon.

May is sunny.  May is new leaves fluttering in gentle breezes, really enthusiastic rains washing away the meandering Colorado winters, rainbows, crazy-gorgeous clouds quickly moving by, colorful sunsets that rival Maui and the beginning of lemonade season.

Cornhole!  Happy Birthday, Tara! Amelie loves it!

May is a soft shade of yellow and a bright-sky blue.  It is lush, sky-watered grass and all the windows and doors flung wide.  It is kids counting the days until school is out and then wanting to go back to play in the school yard when it is out.  No rules!  It’s hearing the neighbors you didn’t hear all winter and graduations and weddings and baseball in full swing.

May is for expressing possibilities {I just may do that} and relishing long days that you thought had actually been swallowed up by long nights.  But here they are again, May days.

I was strolling through the park one day

In the merry-merry month of May

I was taken by surpise by a pair of roguish eyes

In that moment my heart was stolen away

Warning {roguish eye picture ahead}

The black eye is pretty much gone now.  I have lots more wrinkles there from all the swelling.  I hope they will go away.  Seriously.  But I shall always remember I had my first (hopefully last) real shiner in May 2013.


Oh, May, how I hate to see you go.  Thank-you for the the green, the new life, the sunshine, the rain, the hope, the promise and the lovely month, year after year.  Good-bye, merry-merry month of May.

Happy Mothers Day, mommies far & wide

ESPECIALLY-Happy Day to my own sweet mom

Oh, sweet mamala.  You make me laugh.  And cry, sometimes, too, from laughing so hard. But mostly you just make me smile, and feel loved!  My whole lifelong I have had a most amazing mom, but I only really-really got to know her deeply after my kids were older and she was my current age (too busy in life).  Then I finally got to see her heart and understand her soul and mind and how much I really finally began to hope-hope-hope to grow up to be just like her.  It is my aim and deepest wish to somehow attain to become as wonderful as my mom, if that is even ever possible.

Happy Day to all MOMS far and wide

I fear I’ll forget some important acknowledgements, but if I could just say to a FEW women I know…

Happy Mother’s Day to Heather, Amy Jo, Patrice, Candi, Pearly-Q and Marilyn.  Your kids range from newborn to fully grown and I learn so much from you, time and again.  But especially today, to my Marilyn.  You raised 2 lovely, lovely children, who gave you more babies.  A couple of months ago, you lost one – except that he isn’t lost, we know this.  He has just gone on ahead.  And today on Mother’s Day, since Jason isn’t here to join Kori in saying it, I know he knew and so I will say, You are one of the best moms on the planet and I know your children never ever have doubted your love and affection for them.  So happy Mother’s Day, sweet Marilyn.

Dana, my sweet, you look at your children with such deep affection and reverence.  I am inspired by your love for them and your capacity to love the children around the world.  Your heart is big enough to do all God is calling you to, this is evident.  So many children to come…

I also wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day to my little sister.  Tami has not birthed any babies in the physical sense, but no one can deny the place she has held in the hearts of teenagers and kids everywhere as she and her husband have led youth groups and churches across the country.  Everybody loves Tami and if anything had ever happened to us when my kids were little, she was going to have all 5 of mine!  :)  As an aunt, she is superb, and she’s carried my mommying burdens with me many times.  So on this day, I recognize the nurturing gift and godly woman and mother figure she holds to many, many people looking for a spiritual mom.  You are wonderful, Tami.

Stef – what an honor I have had to get to watch you become a mom when Sawyer was born, and to get to walk the halls with you for Wryder’s birth.  The care and details you pour into these babies, how you invest in giving them a loving home and a wonderful life is amazing.  I hope you can see that God trusts you with them – that you are the one He knew could do this.  You are a lovely mama.

And my friend Stephanie, I have to say Happy Mother’s Day to her!  Steph, you have proven that even though it is hard and there are battle wounds, you can blend and watch a family thrive.  I love that you and your son joined yourselves to your handsome love and his children and are beating all odds.  Yesterday to see the joy, the happiness, the this IS working for us, we are family: priceless!  Well done, Stephanie!

Plus TWO nieces:  My niece, Lori because she has LOTS of kids and never loses track of them or faith in them.  And recently-lots of extra-mommying has been happening.  Happy Mother’s Day, Lori.  AND Elise-the-Niece gave birth to her baby boy, Blake Matthew, at 00:04 this morning.  HAPPY Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to My Daughters, Tara, Stephanie and Jovan

Tara was born just before Mother’s Day in 1979.  I took her to church that morning, just 4 days old.  I heard the Mother’s Day sermon and felt the awe of what had just been delivered to me.  By God Himself! Beauty.  These women – are so good at what they do, so far beyond what I ever was.  I am constantly amazed as I watch them  raise their own {8} lovely children.

And Happy Day to the ones who made me a mom: Tara, Stephanie, Dessa-Poo, Rocky and Stormie-kins~

Every Mother’s Day I think I should be thanking my 5 kids.  Plus the ones who call me mom, now, the ones I did not have to labor over (blessed!).

To the 5: You are my trophies and my reward – heritage {!}, not for anything I could have or would have thought to do or be as a mom, but because God can only give amazing gifts, and oh, so He did!  But you’re testaments to Him, He is so faithful and good and He knew I needed the ways each of you challenge me.  I love watching your lives and seeing you become the glory of all God had in mind when he reached into my womb and created your little beings there. I love watching your families grow and seeing His faithfulness poured out over you, too.

dave and jeanie rhoades familyJust recently got this  photo in some of Dad Rhoades’s belongings after his death.  I had never seen it.

Please give me all the way to the end to become the mom God has in mind and I promise I shall keep trying with all my might to get there. You are the proof that God is able to use feet of clay and everyday vessels.  He is just so faithful.  I am just so blessed.

Tara + Dave = Hunter and now Malakai, too (Doesn’t he just make this Mother’s Day all the more special?). Three men and a beautiful woman!  Adoption, so amazing, so sweet.  Our firstborn is blessed with a lovely family.  I love you so.

Stephanie, you started the growing-family thing by marrying Tristan, then giving us our very first grandbebe, plus two more darlings: Gavin, Guinivere, and Gemma May.  The Kelley family, head-turners and beautiful.  I love you deeply.

Tredessa loves Ryan and we love him, too.  And they are a family (we pray for many children for them in the future!). You are a joy and delight as you have always been.  Love you lots!

Rocky and Jovan and all their little women, Averi-J, Amelie Belle and baby-Bailey fill the world with frills and fun.  Rock-bo, you’re blessed and surrounded by love and respect, including mine.

Stormie, our sweet baby girl ~ favorite auntie and love of our lives.  You are the final flourish, the grand finale, the ‘ta-da.’ Love you like crazy, baby girl.

Oh, and one more thing~

Ryan and Tredessa are pregnant!  They told us a few weeks ago and were going to make us stay silent for another month but they couldn’t wait either!  Bebe is due in mid- December and we are so happy. :)  So, Happy Mother’s Day to you, too, Tre-Tre!

It IS a Happy Mother’s Day!

Sometimes a girl just needs her mom

I love my mom.

The mamala…the older my kids got, the more of my best-friend-ever she became.

I was the one who turned her into a mom.  Every year she gives me kudos for that.  :)  As the years go on, I am trying to figure out how to honor her more.  I SO wanna be more like her when I grow up!  I doubt I can ever hope to attain it, but her love (in spite of anything I ever put her through) just remains.  “And when the day is done, my mama’s still my biggest fan...”  -from a song that makes me cry every-time.

I love the children who made me a mom.

I may have mentioned it before on this very blog.  But I am crazy about my kids.  Honestly, when I go to their blogs or check out their Facebook pages, but especially when I get to be in a room with them – I just cannot get over what cool people they are.

The Kelley Fam has the most creative photographs.  Captures my grandbebes!  :)

Omygoodness.  These kids, well, they have turned out.  And I find it amazing and I am filled with gratefulness for them, for a loving God who created them right there in my womb.  That is crazy grace!

A forever fav photo of Ryan and Tredessa, even though you can’t see her face – it was all pure joy!

Tara, Stephanie, Tredessa and Stormie: each so unique, each ravishing in beauty, each creative and passionate and successful and interesting.  They are just so interesting as human beings.  They are colorful and talented across so many boards it is crazy.  And the boy, Rocky.  Well, he is the most handsome, zealous, straightforward, protective young man ever.  These five.  My universe.  My past, my future.  My pride.  My joy.  I am so pleased that God was somehow able to make these…from me.  Like: speechless awe.

The Powers fam=fun always!

But if I have to add speech, like Buddy-the-Elf in the department store when he hears Santa is coming and starts screaming: “Saaaaaaaaaa-anta!!  I know him!”  I could do the same of mine, Tara!  Stephanie!!  Tredessa!!!  Rocky!!!!  Stormie Dae!!!!  I know them!

Stormie posted this on FB this morning.  Awww.

I love that the children I birthed have brought along their loves and I get to be the {dreaded} mother-in-love to them.

My kids have chosen well – just the right people for the family.  I am so blessed.  The main thing I love about Tristan, Dave, Jovan and Ryan is how they love my children.  They are all familia.  They were born to be one of us.  I am so lucky to just get that role by legal default.  But also by the ordination of God, favored, blessed!  I don’t take it lightly.

Rocky and his girls.

I love that God has made me a spiritual mom to his Bride.

I cherish the people He surrounds me with.  His word says He puts the lonely in families.  I know this is true.  For when my physical family is so far away and when life gets hectic for the growing families my own are raising, no matter where I go, I find myself surrounded by family – and am honored more than I deserved, and received with love.

I love that I got to be the mom to Dave’s children.

Because he said that when he proposed: that he was choosing me to be the mother of his children.  What an honor.

He wanted to buy me some crazy-great camera to replace my lost one today.  And I would not let him.  Although I did allow him to get me the next step up from my last one since it was on clearance at Target (Kodak Easyshare Z5010).  I just wasn’t ready to spend the time figuring out a real-live wonderful camera.  That is a life investment and Stephanie and Stormie have that covered for me.

From the new cam, a peony after a morning rain

And I asked for a new carpet cleaner.  With the same operator {Dave}.  He complied.

Dave would buy me flowers and jewelry.  He wants to do that.  He would bring me breakfast in bed.  He would give me the moon as a thanks for the kids we share.  But they are the reward.  Having them with him is the reward of my life.

Still much to learn about mothering.  So glad God trusted me to be a mom.


Happy Mother’s Day to my friends and family far and wide.  May your husband praise you today and may your children go all out to call you blessed!

The 5 Who Made Me…

…a mom

You don’t just get to be a mom without the help of some pretty incredible people to help you out.  On Mother’s Day, I always think tribute should be given to the people who made you a mom.  I have never been one to need breakfast in bed or a dozen roses of thanks with a Hallmark card, really, though those are sweet things.  But I sure like being with the people who afforded me the privilege and title of “mom.”  Time.  Yes.  Loved them way back when (before I could even know who they would be but I just knew God had entrusted their tiny to-be-discovered little lives to me).  Love them more, and o-so-proud-of-them all, today.

I loved having babies, which is why I kept at it so vigorously for those, ya know, almost 7 years.  There was honestly something so regal in carrying a child within.  I sensed, very keenly, during pregnancy, the unbridled blessing of the Lord, the trust He had placed in me to carry destiny, to harbor safely within:  some one, a person, my heritage from Him – a baby who would grow up to be His.  At each child’s dedication, I solemnly renewed in my heart to honor the Lord by giving my babies to Him.  Write Your Name on their hearts, Lord, I would pray, knowing that more than they were mine, they were His.

It is a sobering realization

With the way I failed so many times, at being everything a good mom should be, the kind they speak of in songs and greeting cards, it amazes me still, that I was entrusted with so many and such an above-average group, at that.  I think I got points for making sure they had such a great daddy, or something?  Nonetheless, I was blessed, so blessed beyond deserving.

And I have often heard it said that God gives you the parents you needed, which, except in the case of parents who choose cruelty, who abandoned without thought the preciousness of the child placed in their care, this may be true.  But it seems more true that God gives you the child you need (with 5, I must have been very needy).  For they bring a piece of your heart, a part of everything you were born to be – when you didn’t even know it was missing.  And suddenly, you’re a mommy.  And though they grew there, nurtured in your womb, and then became their own, leaving that safe place, they somehow left you more whole than before.

So, on Mother’s Day, thank-you to Tara & Stephie, Dessa & Rocky and the baby, Storm-kins for making me a mom and for turning out so darn great in spite of me and maybe a little because of me.  I hope my deep love covers anything that needs it and will last in your heart way past the days I here to remind you of it – all the way to the end.

Tara – you taught me that God loved me and believed in me even when and especially when I did not deserve His mercy.  You were a gift straight from heaven for my heart, joy that I had never had, and a stamp of approval I was almost too embarrassed to receive.  Having you was my yes to God.  Yes to You for all times and all ways. This is when I knew I was in for keeps (I am my beloveds and He is mine) and not just because of who my parents were.  This is when I met the same God Hagar had discovered in a desolate place: the God who sees.  I saw Him.  And He saw me and placed love in my arms.  Joy-in-the-morning!

Stephanie –you taught me that God is a healer and that he hears us when we pray.  You were not just the only baby we actually “planned” to have ~ all the rest were delightful surprises and unexpected-but-cherished gifts.  But you, you were the one I had to fight the enemy for.  You were the baby that caused me to grow up and stand my ground against the thief. You were the one that introduced me to agonizing like Hannah before the Lord “For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted my petition made to him.”  And He did, oh yes He did.  And you were worth it, Stephanie.  You are worth it…

Tredessa – everything about you, from your conception to your even-in-toddler-hood deep love for the Word and things of God when you could barely walk or talk caused awe and wonder in us.  You have challenged me to know Him more, to press in  no matter what.  Where I had been a strong-willed, hard-headed, bull-dozer of a kid to try to be heard, you came quietly, but with such a deep dignity and strength of spirit. Your reliance on the Lord has taken you around the world and keeps you close to home.  You are the wit and wisdom of your grandparents, the brains and ability of all who have come before you and deep treasure of the strong love of your parents for each other, for you.  You are all this and so much more…

Rocky –to us a child was born, a son was given.  You were such a surprise after 3 girls.  You carry the name of our family, of all we have been and yet are to be.  You got your dad’s good looks and my fire-y personality.  You carry your grandpa’s zeal and your great-grandpa’s strength of character.  You embody the strong work ethic from which you come and make us proud, so proud to call you son.  But you carry a song from the Holy Spirit, and a heart to give God praise and you are called by the One who has shared you with us for paths all your own, yet to be discovered, exciting for us to watch.  You are my beloved son, in whom I am so so so well pleased.

Stormie –you came in gentleness.  You are the heart of your daddy and you remind me so much of Jesus in John 13 when he was ina room full of disciples and no one would serve.  And because He knew who He was and where He had come from and where he was headed, He just tied the towel around His waist and washed their feet.  And baby girl, you have served the Lord and the people you love in selflessness and rich beauty and you are all the more ravishing for it.  It is your honor, your bejewelment, it is the dazzling beauty of who you are in the room.  You were the icing on my cake, the cherry on top, the greatest (the servant of all) for last…

The past couple of weeks

These are some photos and video from 2 or 3 “family times” these past couple of weeks.  This song and these images are a tiny, delicious slice of the great smile-pie of my life!  This is Dave + me + the five + their loves + 6 chubby-cheeked sweetie-pie honey-bunches-of-oats grandbebes.  Mi familia.  Because of a blessing-giving God…



1 Samuel 1   “Oh, my lord! As your soul lives, my lord, I am the woman who stood by you here praying to the Lord.

For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted my petition made to Him.

Therefore I have given him to the Lord; as long as he lives he is given to the Lord. And they worshiped the Lord there.

Best thing I ever did as a mommy?

Give you back to the One who gave you to me.  As long as you live, you are in my heart, but you are His.

So Much of a Good Thing

Family is awesome (and sometimes scary) .

from-stormies-cam-028 from-stormies-cam-139 from-stormies-cam-029

Sometimes I look at Dave across the room and wonder if he is feeling as overwhelmed with awe and wonder as I am.  There is noise and mess and laughter and teasing and general uproariousness – and we did this – on purpose.  Dave and I created this crazy, wonderful mess.  This is the fruit of hot passion and true love.  This is the grace of God.

(pictured above, l to r: Stormie’s thoughtfully-wrapped gift for Tara; Averi pretending to be drawing on the chalkboard so she can get a taste of the chalk; deep fried pickles!  Yes.  Deep-fried pickles…and some homemade onion rings)

Bowling for Tara.

Saturday: Tara is not a birthday-cake-and-ice-cream-and-let’s-open-presents kind of birthday girl.  No, no.  She wants activity.  Physical activity.   And if there can be competition in there, all the better.  Her birthday dreams are made of beach-ball volleyball tournaments or tetherball challenges or something with tennis racquets.

from-stormies-cam-049 from-stormies-cam-055

Because the forecast said “rain,” (which, btw – God, seeing on His calendar “Tara’s birthday,” sent a brilliantly dazzling and sunny day – the rain came after dark very beautifully), we opted to bowl for Tara’s birthday.  We gathered for an early lunch.  We bowled a couple of games.  I found out Gemma (almost 2) is a better bowler than me and Hunter-the-informative (4),  gave me tips to bowling better, along with a demonstration of how I was turning my wrist all wrong. 

from-stormies-cam-094 from-stormies-cam-095 from-stormies-cam-117

We came back to the house for strawberry shortcake and presents and blessings.  Dave and I read our love letters to Tara out loud and we cried.  That is hard to do, but it is good for your children to hear your love straight from your own mouth.  It will keep them long after we are gone.

It was hours and hours of love and celebration.  In the evening, DP pulled out the romance ticket and whisked Tara off to the Melting Pot where he had flowers delivered to the same booth they sat in 6 years ago on her birthday as they were madly falling in love.  One of the gifts he is giving her is time in a recording studio to do some of their songs.  Then, while we hung out with Hunter, they went to the new Star Trek movie (a must-see in our family!). 

A couple of months ago I was worried about Tara turning 30 because she seemed so alarmed by it.  But she ended up actually enjoying it.  She felt honored and loved.  She is THE most gorgeous (inside and out) 30-year old I know!

5 kids + their 3 loves + 5 grandkids (throw in a niece and nephew) = a blessed Mother’s Day!

may-006 may-012-copy2 may-015 from-stormies-cam-165

Sunday evening: I had these 2 bamboo/cane stools for the breakfast bar we bought at Gordman’s when we moved in almost 7 years ago.  The grand-bebes love sitting there during big family meals.  But we have 5 of bebes now.  We have been using an extra stool we have had for years, but still-it has become a scramble to see who will get to sit where.  A few weeks ago I spotted some sturdy wooden stools at a very-very nice reduced price* at Target.  I tossed the idea out to Dave and Stormie: Hmmm…maybe we should get these and just paint them black?  They were very nonchalent and less-than-enthusiastic about the response.  “Oh, yeah.  Maybe.”

After the kids had fixed a great big BLT (the lettuce is welcome to come along, but the stars are the bacon and the Tomatoesswine flu be darned!), fruit and veggies-with-dip meal for me, I was asked to leave the room momentarily.  I came back in to my 5 little grand-bebes seated, with big, colorful bows atop their heads, on 5 matching (recently painted black) breakfast-bar stools.  Oh yes!  Less work for me!  More space for my joys.  I LOVE it!

I have now been informed that there is plenty of room for one more stool there should I get a 2010 grand-bebe, but after that I will have to move to have a bigger breakfast bar.

 mothers-day-0472 mothers-day-0511 mothers-day-0481 

There was some very crazy card-playing (Pitch) where Rocky aggressively won by bull-crapping his entire way through.  How we have not broken the Rocky code all these years, I do not know.  He keeps us laughing!

SIDE NOTE: I stopped by youtube to re-watch my Mother’s Day present from last year (my kids singing my favorite Patridge Family song) and it seems the public wants more.  There are comments saying they should sing and post some more and one person even suggested getting in on a family singing contest on an early morning news show where David Cassidy himself is one of the judges! Haha!  Just in case you missed it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpDzazacUEw

Weekend over.  Heart Full.

Stormie painted me a representation of the original 5 who made me a mom (and wow-three of those have brought me amazing “new” kids!).  It is hard to see in the photo, but all of their names are on there with 3-d lettering.  Stephanie bought me a gorgeous “little black dress” and the house, thanks to all the kiddos (including niece-Elise),  looks like a flower shop – for all the flowers they brought me and each other to celebrate mommyhood.  Loving the fragrant lilacs!

may-020 from-stormies-cam-179

We are real people.  We do NOT do everything right.  We’re not even always that nice.  In fact, we struggle, and fail and do it wrong at times, crying out to God for mercy,  just like any other family…But we are a zealous bunch. We are loud.  We are committed.   And there is love.  And you can’t get too much of that.

Until next time…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  I am so glad Dave chose me to be the mother of his children and that he is the father of mine.  It is working for us.

*$15.89 each…told you it was a nice price!

I Love My Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing-sweet-godly-warm-









I wanna be just like you when I grow up, Mama.   I love you!  Happy Day!

*Norma Jean (Allison) Moslander, currently residing in Springfield, Mo.  Everyone should have some one like her in their lives!  Truly.  “Then the world would be a better place!…”  Pictured: my mom beside my dad – where she has been for 51+ years, faithfully and with great love and devotion.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mamala!


Happy, joyous day to you, Norma Jean Moslander, my sweet mom!

Oh, my mamala! This is me…rising up…calling you blessed, calling on the world to festoon you with garlands of celebration, for you have exceled them all.  You did it – you raised us: Jeanie, Joey, Timmy, Tami and Danny – and we all probably think that you like us best, for that is your gift (but of course, in my case – we know it’s true, but fear not, mamala – shan’t tell the others!).

A Happy Mother’s Day to my good friends and the MOPS mommies I love so dearly.

Remember this: where God has called you – He has equipped you.  YOU are the woman for the job.  All the seeds planted, all the tears that fall and water those little seeds – you will see the fruit.  they will rise up and call you blessed!


And Happy Mother’s Day to me

For I am blessed beyond measure.  God, You gave me gifts for which I can never repay You: Tara, Stephanie, Tredessa, Rocky & Stormie – mine all mine.  And then You added on and I got Dave and Tristan and my newest daughter, Jovan.  And then Steph & Tris gave me my first grandson and first granddaughter: Gavin and Guinivere.  And then Dave & Tara blessed me with Hunter Magoo (who greeted me in church today with a big Bible under his arm – exactly the way I was carrying mine), and…and…and…the gift goes on

Thank-You ,Lord.  I am grateful that You trusted me with these people, I am truly grateful.


Blessings on you today, all the moms I know and the people who love a mom or have one… Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Enjoy the ones who are already here today – and keep a lid on the excitement for the new granddaughter due any moment now…

PICTURED: my mom and me when I was about 9,
me and the Rhoades kids, 1998 or so
the whole fam, 4.15.07