I Love My Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing-sweet-godly-warm-









I wanna be just like you when I grow up, Mama.   I love you!  Happy Day!

*Norma Jean (Allison) Moslander, currently residing in Springfield, Mo.  Everyone should have some one like her in their lives!  Truly.  “Then the world would be a better place!…”  Pictured: my mom beside my dad – where she has been for 51+ years, faithfully and with great love and devotion.

6 thoughts on “I Love My Mom!

  1. Grandmama, I love you! Thank-you for being who you are so my mom can be who she is! Happy Mother’s Day…you are truly amazing!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day, grandma! Thank you for raising a most wonderful mother of ours…she gets it from you. I hope you had a blessed day yesterday! I love you!

  3. I was so blessed by your blog my my Daughter~~~as I “always” am. You said so many nice things….I hardly even recognized who it was you were talking about. When you came to …”Animal lover…dog whisperer…” etc. I realized you were talking about me. Ha!

    Thank you babe for saying so many sweet things…….undeserved but accepted from my first born. My very first “Mother’s Day Celebration”….was October the 8th 1959. I’ll never forget it as long as I live. ~~~~ When god wrapped his answer to my prayer…and laid you tenderly in my arms. I love you my Sweet. ~~~~Mom

  4. Happy Mother’s Day Grandma! You’ve given us all so much, but most importantly, you given us our family!
    I love you!

  5. Look at her! Isn’t she adorable??? Can’t you just see love & joy shooting straight out of her? I love my Mommy!

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