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Perfect for My Project

A Christmas present I shall be making for 2 young grandbebes, who shall remain nameless, but may or may not be pictured in this blog post (thank-you, Martha Stewart, for the idea) sent me to Michael’s…where I bought a bag of something I’ll need (which I can’t tell you in case said grandbebes read this! ;p ), which is usually $5.99, however was on a clearance table for $2.99, but when in fact, I went through the check-out, was only 1-cent.  That is right!  One red penny.


I sense God’s smile on this project.  I’ll give you a sneak peek later.  Shhhhhh…..

Designed by Vistaprint
Hmmmm….Dear Vista Print – I think that should say days-HOURS-minutes-seconds?


Heard on High

A large, loudly-squawking flock of geese flew over the backyard early this morning, heading south with a fury.  There is a snow moving in on us from the north today, I hear (even though it was nearly 70-degrees yesterday).  Apparently they had missed the announcement that 22 days before Christmas is kinda late for the travel plans they should have made.


Another “free gift” for you: fun times in December with the kiddos!


A downloadable book with teaching and cut-out decorations for creating a tree that teaches the true meaning of Christmas:


Crafts and fun times with the kids and advent activities:

http://www.amazingmoms.com/htm/christmas_crafts.htm, http://www.amazingmoms.com/htm/christmas_advent.htm

A cool teacher’s site:


This is one of the most fun websites ever: 

www.familyfun.go.com!  Check out the Christmas page and the Arts and Crafts page.  Great card-making ideas and how-to videos.

I don’t know how I ever raised my children without all these great resources.  Aren’t you excited about all the free gifts I am giving out? *smile…

Hope you’re having a holly jolly day…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Tomorrow is grandkid day…plan fun stuff!  And…this is post #400, odd as it is.

pictured: last year’s hand and foot prints (before Averi was born).  I may have to subject them to this annually, hehehehe…