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Geese for Breakfast

NW Indiana in September.

“There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot.”
– Aldo Leopold

#NWIndiana #SeptemberMorn 1

I’m visiting the parentals in Chicago-land. Keeping up with my mamala who can actually, truly, for real talk to the animals (and they talk back to her) is a hoot. This morning she insisted I snap a couple of pics of the morning sun while we were enjoying our coffee. I got this one.

#NWIndiana #SeptemberMorn 2

And this one.

#NWIndiana #SeptemberMorn 3

Of course she made over them, how I’d captured the changing leaves and the light just right. Even though all I did was point, then shoot. She gives me credit for capturing the beauty.  And she assures me I could become a high-paid photographer if I wanted to.

She believes in me. *sniff

#SeptemberMorn #NWIndiana geese and mom 1

Then she noticed, as we were gawking at the morning sun through her back door, about 60 or so geese out on her back lawn, just in from the woods, where the trees meet the grass (“the line” as she calls it). She grabbed her camera and out she went to take pictures of them.

#SeptemberMorn #NWIndiana geese and mom 2 #SeptemberMorn #NWIndiana geese and mom 3

So I grabbed mine and out I went to get pictures of her.

#SeptemberMorn #NWIndiana geese and mom 4 #SeptemberMOrn #NWIndiana geese and mom 5

She circled around and whistled in their language while their leader squawked back at her.

a #Septembermorn #nwindiana

She’d get too close and the geese elders would quack out some instructions and the whole congregation of them would move a ways.

b #septembermorn #nwindiana

My mom got a little too bold so they meandered to the front yard complaining the entire way.

geese talking #septembermorn #nwindiana

geese #septembermorn #nwindiana geese mom talks #septembermorn #nwidiana

They continued feeding. And feeding. And feeding.

geese bossy #septembermorn #nwindiana

And I was thinking, I’d sure like to see them fly away.  But the difference between my mom and I is that she’ll just go enjoy them and watch and wait. However, my coffee was inside getting cold. I tried to communicate to my mom with wild arm swinging from across the lawn: Let’s charge this bunch and watch ’em fly!


The geese were not fans of my arm swinging and I think they even interpreted its’ meaning, as 2 or 3 of them started talking very badly about us loudly enough for us to hear. Shameless.

geese disdain

Finally the leader squeaked and squawked and barked some orders. The geese split into two perfectly orderly groups at the instruction.

september morn 1 september morn south geese

Except for two in the middle. They popped their heads up from their morning forage. “What? Are we leaving,” the first asked? “Im not sure,” the second answered as they both looked back and forth not sure what the big deal was.

what's happening

The two groups lined up like little soldiers and got very still, while the two stragglers waddled toward one group with befuddlement. They were facing opposite directions and once each of the birds was in place, the lead gave out the call and just like that – boom! They took off, one group heading north, one heading south.

But I knew the truth. They were meeting at the rendevouz point. What? Did they think I couldn’t hear their plans?

Anyway – soon enough they took off. Back to my coffee.   :)

take-off 1 take-off 2 take-off 3 take-off 4 take-off 5 take-off 6

Just being silly with my sweet mamala.

“It is warm behind the driftwood now, for the wind has gone with the geese. So would I–if I were the wind.”
-Aldo Leopold

take-off 7


“Like winds and sunsets, wild things were taken for granted until progress began to do away with them. Now we face the question whether a still higher ‘standard of living’ is worth its cost in things natural, wild and free. For us of the minority, the opportunity to see geese is more important than television.”
?-Aldo Leopold

September is just one of the nicest months, isn’t it? I shall miss my sweet September morns.

Heard on High

A large, loudly-squawking flock of geese flew over the backyard early this morning, heading south with a fury.  There is a snow moving in on us from the north today, I hear (even though it was nearly 70-degrees yesterday).  Apparently they had missed the announcement that 22 days before Christmas is kinda late for the travel plans they should have made.


Another “free gift” for you: fun times in December with the kiddos!


A downloadable book with teaching and cut-out decorations for creating a tree that teaches the true meaning of Christmas:


Crafts and fun times with the kids and advent activities:

http://www.amazingmoms.com/htm/christmas_crafts.htm, http://www.amazingmoms.com/htm/christmas_advent.htm

A cool teacher’s site:


This is one of the most fun websites ever: 

www.familyfun.go.com!  Check out the Christmas page and the Arts and Crafts page.  Great card-making ideas and how-to videos.

I don’t know how I ever raised my children without all these great resources.  Aren’t you excited about all the free gifts I am giving out? *smile…

Hope you’re having a holly jolly day…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Tomorrow is grandkid day…plan fun stuff!  And…this is post #400, odd as it is.

pictured: last year’s hand and foot prints (before Averi was born).  I may have to subject them to this annually, hehehehe…

Going South

At exactly 8:34 this morning, a large gaggle of geese flew right over my backyard from the north, heading due  south.    Flying low and loud on this  pleasantly cool, green, sunny morning, I wonder:  whatever do they find to clamor and chatter so raucously about as they fly over?

Thus, the end of the summer has been signaled…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:   When cold winds begin to threaten – make haste to the secret place where life and comfort are found.

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