Summer Bible Reading Plan…NOW I am woefully behind…

I am NOT throwing in the towel for anything!

Gritted teeth determination.

Neither life nor busyness nor a “massive music festivalshall cause me to miss the best meal of everyday:  The Word of God!

Your words came and I ate them.

Summer Bible Reading PLAN: read through the New Testament and the Psalms over the 14 weeks of summer.  Ideally, about 4 chapters or 20 unhurried minutes a day.  Meditate on them, internalize them, live them and be renewed and restored by them.


Reality and true confessions:  I have “skipped” a few days and then can’t catch up on my-self-imposed “catch-up days,” AND I have zoomed through chapters, realizing later, I have no idea what they even said.  So then, how could I possibly meditate on them???  Couldn’t.  So, I must re-read…Am I supposed to confess this publicly?  Well, I did.

colossians 3.16

Pray for me, friends and fellow-sojourners.  And catch me when I slack.

I wish to be diamond-dripping RICH with the indwelling word by summer’s end.  You, too, I hope!

As Kent Henry sings (and we sing along!)
Lord, I live by Your Word
Lord, I live by every word from Your mouth
And I’m like a tree by a stream
I’m bearing fruit, my leaf is green
All that I do is prospering
O, Lord, I live by Your Word.

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