Street Team for Phillips, Craig and Dean Concert

I get to go pass out HF flyers tonight!


Phillips, Craig & Dean supports Denver area church in spreading the gospel through their upcoming movie “The Prophet’s Son”.


Film Project

This film is rich in music, politics, and drama. It dares to reopen the wounds of Columbine, expose the heartache of homeless, runaway youth, and demonstrate the bold faith and love of Christian believers. In the ever-present longing of the main characters for each other, The Prophet’s Son models purity in the kind of love that lays down its life for others. The movie is at once romantic and prophetic, demonstrating the power of God to conquer in every imaginable situation, while preparing His people for impending judgment. July 30 at The Ranch in Loveland!


Southeast Christian in Parker!


UPDATE:  7.17.11  It was a fun night, hanging with intern, Gwen!

A little humid and muggy for my tatste, but fun!

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