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My current soapbox:

I would like to submit this suggestion to people everywhere:  walk the 12 feet to place your shopping cart in the cart-corral when you are finished with it, pul-eeeeeze.  Seriously?  The corrals are everywhere.  It isn’t hard.

Cart Corrals-Here is what they look like:

Be polite.  Be moral.  Be thoughtful.  And especially if you have that plastic stick-on fish-thing on the back of your vehicle?  Be an example since you are advertising that you are, indeed, a Jesus-representative.


If Jesus and the 12 Disciples came out of WalMart with 3-days worth of groceries and living supplies, sure.  Peter would be too zoned in on his stuff to think about placing the cart in the right place and Judas would probably just give it a shove and let it hit your car.  But Jesus?…

4 thoughts on “Shopping Carts

  1. Ha! I just love you Jeanie, one of my pet peeves too! I look at is as a little extra “exercise” and hope for one less dent in my car when others do the same. Thanks I needed this, this morning!

  2. Is there room on the soapbox for one more?

    I was at the local grocery/superstore the other day, the family inside, the dogs and I outside. I was parked next to the cart corral and the lady parked next to me pulls her cart up, unloads climbs in the car and left.

    I got out of the car to correct the issue by putting the cart into it’s proper place in the corral…

    The amazing thing is if there were a lot of wind (in Colorado? Never!) those carts become great unmanned bumper cars… Without bumpers.

  3. I just did that today at my favorite place, WalMart.
    Of course, I do think that those WalMart cart people should earn their pay, in another life, I was a Target cart fetcher, at least when we got busy and I know some that have made it their life’s dream to pursue a career in cart rustling and some, not all, don’t earn their keep by any other means except lasoing the doagies…

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