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Shopping Carts

My current soapbox:

I would like to submit this suggestion to people everywhere:  walk the 12 feet to place your shopping cart in the cart-corral when you are finished with it, pul-eeeeeze.  Seriously?  The corrals are everywhere.  It isn’t hard.

Cart Corrals-Here is what they look like:

Be polite.  Be moral.  Be thoughtful.  And especially if you have that plastic stick-on fish-thing on the back of your vehicle?  Be an example since you are advertising that you are, indeed, a Jesus-representative.


If Jesus and the 12 Disciples came out of WalMart with 3-days worth of groceries and living supplies, sure.  Peter would be too zoned in on his stuff to think about placing the cart in the right place and Judas would probably just give it a shove and let it hit your car.  But Jesus?…