5, 25, 50

Hunter and I were doing the math today.

It’s 3 days until his 5th birthday.  It’s been 1 week since his Uncle Rocky turned 25 (and Rocky is 5 times older than Hunter).  It is 2 days until my birthday and it has now been determined I am 10. times. older. than Hunter.  “Do you know why?” he asked me.  “Because you were born before me.”  Yes.  it is true.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before you, Hunter.

{sigh}  Simon Cowell turns 50 this week, too.

My “adopted-love-that-girl-like-a-daughter” Stef  (2nd from the left) just had a birthday last week.  We did a girly night at The Lonestar “Don’t Mess with Texas” Steakhouse in honor of her Texas roots.  Her birthday number did not include a “5,” unless you take 2 away from 7 (she’s 27 now).  That does equal 5.  Hmmm….something is in the air and the background tune is from The Twilight Zone: do-do-do-do  do-do-do-do…


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  1. Happy Birthday to Steph…love that girl! She was so generous with us during our family reuinon. What great memories she helped us make on her farm and on the river!!!

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